Wolves Tell me?

dei-girl posted on Nov 05, 2008 at 04:37PM
Tell me what you think on wolves? why do you defend for their rights or whatever? why? what is your most favorite of all wolves? tell me anything about it.

i love timber wolves!

i don't think they should be killed for fur or trophies or whatever.maybe for food.

and if you would like to ask me anything just message me!

~bye!~ ^.^

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over a year ago cheeeese said…
big smile
I Love wolves! They are gorgeous animals :)
over a year ago 18wanda said…
over a year ago ShadowCodie1234 said…
Wolves are the smartest and coolest animals on the planet. if i could become a wolf forever i would.
over a year ago r-pattz said…
wolves are simply amazing. definatly the best animals out there.
over a year ago 11dogmad11 said…
maybe for food!!!!
last edited over a year ago
maybe for food!!!!
over a year ago 123cosmo4 said…
over a year ago jetfur said…
I love wolfves sooooooooooo much my last name means wolf! i have a site for wolves 2 so please join! www.shadowwolfs.webs.com !
over a year ago demon_wolf said…
Wolves are beautiful animals!
I think it is wrong to kill them for their fur and take away their home. How would we like it if wolves were the top dog and we were the under dogs, and they killed us for our "skins" and took away the land we called home? I bet we wouldn't like it very much. So why do it to them.
And I don't think wolves are killed for food.
I love the Timber wolf too.
over a year ago bellaroseswan said…
i love all wovles they are very
beautiful n wonderful animals n
r very starnt they rule
over a year ago Al3tiaa said…
i love wolves and they are so beautiful
over a year ago YugiMuto said…
I adore wolves, they are amazing animals,i love hearing them howl!
over a year ago holothewolf16 said…
i love wolves i respect them,i love them, i adore them.
heck i want to be one.
and i think the wolf is a very honerable creacher....i can't spell.
over a year ago SnapeOWNSedward said…
I <3 Wolves. We shouldn't kill such majestic creatures. If I were not a human I would've liked to have been born a wolf.
over a year ago dianacarr5678 said…
I like wolves and my fave wolf is the one in the photo (idk wat breed it is). I like wolves that sometimes I want a wolf and i have a Wolfquest account (a mmmorpg game where you can be a wolf look at the forum i mae for more info). I agree a little if you starved to death in the middle of the wood you need to kill wolves for food.
I like wolves and my fave wolf is the one in the photo (idk wat breed it is). I like wolves that some