Wolves Darkness of the Heart: Chapter Two, A Brightly Burning Love

InvadaMiz posted on Jan 29, 2012 at 07:57AM
After reading this, post in the comments if I should continue. :)

Raven squirmed under the weight of Lucky's paws on her back."Who are you and what have you done with Raven?!"Lucky snarled."Heh, heh, heh, I AM Raven you fool."Raven laughed.Lucky's eyes shot open, he heard that voice before."Why have you taken Raven's soul Shadow?!"Lucky snarled."Because she's innocent."Shadow snarled back.Lucky stepped off of her.Shadow stood up, she split into two, one of them being Raven."I only needed her body to form my own,"Shadow stepped out of the cave,"you can have her back."Shadow said slowly walking away.Raven was on thr floor breathing heavily.Her small blue eyes fixed on Lucky's.Raven stood up and balanced herself."Raven you need to lie down."Lucky said as he padded over."But-"Lucky interupted Raven."But nothing."Lucky disagreed, his dark brown eyes gleaming in the sunlit cave.Raven nodded and lied down, their stomachs growled."I guess I should go hunting, will you be okay by yourself?"Lucky asked."I heard a flock of moosen last night, maybe their still there!"Raven happily said.

Lucky chuckled at her grammar."It's moose, not moosen."Lucky laughed.Raven immediately got extremely embarrassed by her grammar.Then she quickly nodded.Lucky padded out of the cave and inspected the area for the smell of prey.When he came back Raven felt like he had been gone for cycles.Lucky dropped a large salmon infront of Raven's paws.She tilted her head."What's this?"Raven asked."It's salmon, a bear left it on the riverbank."Lucky said.Raven took a bite from it and spit it out instantly."This tastes disgusting!"Raven mumbled.Lucky looked astonished, salmon was one of his favorites!Lucky pushed it to the side, he picked up a large hare and dropped it infront of Raven."Here, I thought you might not like it, so I got this for you."Lucky said.He sank his teeth into the salmon.Raven stood up and yawned."Lucky, I'm going to go for a walk."Raven said.Lucky looked up at her."Be extremly cautious, wolf packs travel in these parts."Lucky warned.Raven nodded and trotted off.Later on, she didn't come back.

Lucky sat at the den entryway, his tail twitched and he bit his lip whenever he heard a noise.Raven stumbled through the bushes and collapsed infront of Lucky, covered in scratches and bite marks.Lucky jumped up and sniffed her, he nudged her.She didn't move, she wasn't breathing, tears flooded from his eyes.He howled with anger and sadness."Look, it's Lucky."a white wolf whispered to the wolf next to her.Lucky sat next to Raven all night."Lucky."a voice whispered in Lucky's ear.Lucky looked over and saw Raven sitting next to him completely fine, but a wolf dead next to him."That's not me."Raven said, pushing the other wolf onto it's back, it's bangs were light blue, and it's eyes were green.Raven rested her head on his shoulder.Lucky rested his head on her head."I love you."Lucky whispered into Raven's ear."Did you say that you love me?"Raven asked with a surprised voice."Yes."Lucky whispered.Raven pushed her head deeper into the fur on his neck."Well, I do too."Raven admitted.Raven's eyes shown in the fading sunlight.Lucky put his paw over Raven's.

The white wolf growled with envy."That should be ME with Lucky!"she growled."Shut it Daisy."the ginger furred wolf next to her snarled."Whatever, Angel!"Daisy snarled back.

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