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This Vocaloids wallpaper might contain hosiery, hose, tights, leotards, attractiveness, appeal, and hotness.

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Some of these you may or may not already know, and I'm not going to include all the vocaloids, but hope you enjoy reading this anyway. I might add more to this as time goes on, but don't hold me to it >.>

Hatsune Miku: The first sound from the future

Kagami : Mirror (Mirror image, Rin and Len can be considered mirror images of each other, as said by the company)
Rin: R for Right (like on Headphones)
Len: L for Left

Mergurine Luka: Sound that goes around (because she sings in both English and Japanese)

Prima: from the term "Prima Donna"

Sonika: Hindu name for "Golden" (she wears a yellow...
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Project DIVA can be a little hard to play for beginners. Here is some of my tips and advice from experiance to anyone who has never tried it before but wants to start.

Now that Project DIVA F and Project DIVA F 2nd has english versions. I suggest that you make one of these your first try so you don't have to pay a large amount of money for an imported game from Japan.

There are other games in the series but you will have to import them. If you would like to do that instead of going to your local game store or to PSN to get an English version of PD F then I would recommend Amazon to buy an import....
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1) This song was made popular by Sakine Meiko. Other Vocaloids did covers of this song but none of them were as popular as the one Sakine Meiko made. 2) Sakine Meiko is just the younger version of MEIKO, in which Sakine sounds 16 like Miku.
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demo of the upcoming vocaloid YOHIOloid (voiced by the singer YOHIO) this vid features the LEAKED boxart for YOHIO
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