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inunutfan posted on Jun 24, 2009 at 04:32PM
We all have our own opinion of what the vocaloid's personalities are. but what about Gumi? My opinion is she's kinda like a house wife, hence the earphones. For Kaito, he's kinda like a doormat for the vocaloids. Meiko's an alcohalic that's hyper. Miku's a happy, gentle singer. Rin is a crazy girl who can be shy at times and Len is a protective big brother. These are my opinions though. Post down here what you think the personalities are.

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over a year ago Emilychan13 said…
i think thats all right but u forgot 2 say that rin loves to kill len a lot lol -.-
over a year ago saikouso said…
Miku-san to me is just like you said and well...she likes leek, Kaito is a gentle, idiotic person who has a fetish for ice cream (his 'Ice ga Meruto', 'Ice cream, come!' and cover of 'Ice cream no uta' is evidence enough), Meiko-san is the type of person who often drinks alcoholic beverages (in short, she's an alcholic) and can be violent at times (mostly with Kaito around, poor guy), Gakupo likes to flirt with the ladies, loves the eggplant very much as Kaito loves his ice cream and Miku loves the vegetable leek and provides great advice but for some reason he can't solve his own, Luka-san seems like a cool woman with a few words, Rin-chan...not sure but I think she's a sharp kid and is often up for mischief, Len...all I could think is the guy is a shota and often teams up with his sister for the sake of pure mischief, Gumi...is gumi, Yuki-chan is a cute and lovable kid while Kiyoteru-sensei is...sensei.
nihonphilia commented…
DON"T CALL KAITO AN IDIOT!!!!! He's a little creepy at times, just like everyone else, but he's certainly not an idiot. I think that for the rest of them song lyrics speak the loudest for their personalities. (But I really didn't know that Meiko was an alcoholic. I really don't listen to her much.) over a year ago
LivetuneLover commented…
AISUUUU! :P over a year ago
over a year ago Lenandkaitosgrl said…
I think that kaito is one of those guys who jokes around a lot but when it comes to something important he is dead serious. And then Rin is a girl that can be shy at times but when she's with people she really knows she's wild and carefree. and then miku is really energetic and an optimist. then meiko's an alcholholic. and then my favoririte, Len, is really nice and over protective brother but at the same time a romantic.
over a year ago chocopockyninja said…
Hahaha sexy. XD
over a year ago Len_Kagamine said…
I am nice and always looking after Rin. I also serve as a doormat at times, mostly to my sis. Gentle, a little...and I pretend I don't care at times when I really do love all the Vocaloids and would do anything for any of them. I have one rule-don't call me shota. I will get taller when I'm older! You'll see! My sister, Rin, is really sweet and tries to be innocent, even though she has anger issues. She's a tad lazy and makes me do all the work...but we love each other. Nobody really knows this, but she's on the Internet or playing video games ALL the time at home. Kaito is...an idiot. Meiko picks on him a lot. She's a total drunkard who is very rough on everyone. (mostly Kaito) I barely talk to Gackpo! But from when I do, I have figured out that he...fantasizes about all the girls...especially Luka. She's real mature and smart. You can learn a lot from Luka. I don't really talk to Gumi. I'm not sure how she acts, but Miku says she's really eccentric and talks a ton. Ah, Miku. She's adorable and so...sweet. Miku is REALLY nice. Trust me. Sorry I put so much on myself. If you want to talk to my sister, she's on here too.
Lennys_Girl commented…
yay! Len! everybody on here keeps saying all these horrible things about you and noe I'm gonna clear your name, Len (you can thank me later ;) ) OK so here it is, listen up. Len I sweet and perfect and amazing and everything else that is perfect and amazing and adorable. he is NOT A SHOTA, I am the same height and its offensive. so to anyone who wants to call him a shots or start dissing him WILL ANSWER TO ME. you have been warned. over a year ago
Lennys_Girl commented…
I meant now I'm gonna clear your name. stupid autocorrect... over a year ago
over a year ago Kaito_Shion759 said…
In my opinion Miku is a very absent minded baka,Kaito's that wierd emo guy who loves ice cream and rainbows(but he still acts depressed),Rin is really sweet and innocent(but kind of selfish),Len is the smart shota boy who has some very dumb moments at times,Meiko is a tsundere towards everyone when she's drunk and loves to party,Gakupo seems like one of those guys who constantly flirt with girls no matter all the time,Luka...is also flirty and likes to be left alone,Gumi is like Miku and Rin mixed together. That's what I think about some of the vocaloids I guess...
over a year ago hamstercute said…
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thekitty123 commented…
I WOULD kill them, or torture them until they like vocaloid... and since they dont like vocaloid, that's all they will listen to for week intervals... food and everything, sut always listening to over a year ago
thekitty123 commented…
vocaloid... i pressed enter. whoops over a year ago
Lennys_Girl commented…
you should only feed them bananas, oranges, ice cream, and all the other vocaliods favorite foods. lol over a year ago
over a year ago Ihere123 said…
Well, for my opinion, i'd say that:
Miku Hatsune: A gentle singer who sings for her fans
Len Kagamine: A twin brother (which he's not Rin's twin brother) who plays around
Rin Kagamine: A twin sister (not Len's twin sister) who uses Road Roller when getting mad
Luka Megurine: A princess who sorta finds her own ways
Kaito: My enemy...ANYWAYS, a man who uses "Naked Scarf Pose"
Meiko Sakine: A woman who gets drunk when it comes to drinking Sake (rice wine)
Akita Neru: A girl who loves Len Kagamine...and uses her phone...
Haku Yowane: A silent lady with a silent look
Gakupo Kamui: A samurai in which i thought he was a prince from somewhere in the japan era
Gumi: A girl who likes being a Vocaloid

Teto Kasane: A chimera who needs french breads each and every day
Mikuo Hatsune: A boy version of Miku Hatsune
Ted Kasane: Teto's older brother
Akaito: Either a cousin of Kaito, or a girl version of him
Gakuko: Either a sister of Gakupo, or a girl version of him
SeeU: A girl that looks like a young princess who is lost
Defoko: teto's friend that uses a rocket launcher or rpg
Lily: an adult version of Akita Neru
Neru Akita: Same as Akita Neru, but there's no difference here...
Gumo: A boy version of Gumi
IA: a vocaloid 3 singer who looks like a simple girl
over a year ago love_is_hate said…
Len:A young BOY that loves bananas and the lady's but a bit shy at times (also my fav <3) that's all I'm saying for now
over a year ago love_is_hate said…
miku: A girl that is happy most of the time but if you make her mad that's the end of you (she'll kill you with her leek) rin: I think she's mean to her brother len but loves him a lot
over a year ago luv_warriorcatz said…
Well, I don't really make personalities for vocaloids but I'll give my interpretations.
Miku is innocent, sweet, the typical ideal girl. She's usually oblivious to serious issues or she's probably just an optimist. She can be really emotional sometimes, judgine from her append voices, ranging from depressed to light-hearted.
over a year ago zerowakakkoi said…
ohey headcanons I HAVE A LOT OF THOSE.

General: they all turn into their box art when they're asleep. meaning yes, leon and lola are giant lips, miriam is a chest with hair and the vys are their respective items.

LOLA: A young African woman with braids. She's about 18. She wants to be world renowned, but she just doesn't have the image or voice that everyone loves. She doesn't mind though. She acts as a bit of a mother to SONiKA, despite being only a couple of years older than her. She despises her state during sleep because it means that the only person she'd ever have a chance of sleeping with is LEON, and she finds him annoying.

LEON: Similar appearance to LOLA, but more masculine. He's 19. He sometimes tricks his brain into thinking he's asleep and smothering everybody.

MIRIAM: For some reason, I've always thought of her as a nun? That's really all I have though.

MEIKO: The most modest of every Vocaloid. She never leaves her room without shoes and socks, jeans and a shirt that completely hides her cleavage. She doesn't like performing/acting because she has to wear things other than these. Generally kind to everyone, but never hesitates to call someone out on anything they're not allowed to do. 19 years old.

KAITO: Quiet as fuck. He usually answers questions with one or two words, and is a firm believer in 'actions speak louder than words.' The others often find it really annoying. He's 16.

Sweet Ann: The oldest English Vocaloid, 34. Likes to think of herself as a free spirit and won't take bullshit from anyone.

Miku: She's really quiet and shy around anyone she doesn't know. Whenever she leaves her house, she puts on a wig to not be noticed, even if she's just getting mail or something. When she's only around friends, she can be very demanding and does anything to get her way. She thinks that being really popular makes her more important than the others. Despite having a healthy girl image, she usually pigs out when she's by herself. Her favourite food is KFC.

Prima: She used to not have a very large vocal range, but after practice, she was able to reach her dream, to become an opera singer. She likes to pretend technology isn't too far along or anything and imagine herself as a popular singer in the '60s or so. She's 28.

and i shall post more later. i have interesting kagamine, gakupo and gumi headcanons and i would post them now but am tired.
over a year ago emerald_32 said…
MEIKO: She's really the alcoholic type. You know...the one absolutely loves getting drunk and using drugs.
KAITO: Kaito is very childish and playful. He's like a kid that loves to eat Ice Cream 24/7.
Miku: As my favorite, she is very sweet and gentle, although sometimes used as the bad guy in some music videos.
Rin & Len: They are very sweet together. It's like that ALMOST every music video that involves them has both of them together. The one thing that I don't like is that they share the same vocalist.

Those are mine. I only reached until Rin & Len.
over a year ago zerowakakkoi said…
copy + paste from cerudays' question because lazy

"meiko: she's a very modest person and makes sure to always be completely covered, even in the house. she tries her best to stay as healthy as she can, but she only uses exercising equipment to exercise.

miku: she's extremely shy, and actually wears a wig off-stage so she's never recognized. if anyone talks to her in public, she won't be able to talk, just make small noises. because of this, she speaks japanese sign language fluently.

rin: len's younger sister; they're not twins. just born around a similar time. she's rather soft-spoken, but only in public. at home, she's the loudest of everyone. most of her jokes involve teasing len, usually saying he's in love with someone or about crossdressing because she's just an ass to him like that. also is a complete tsundere when it comes to miki AHAHAaha.

len: easily the most corrupted of them all. he's often pretty hyper, mean, respectful and he swears a lot (trust me, it's possible to be like all of those at once), but there's just times when he stops everything and thinks "what am i doing with my life, why am i here, let me go get a knife." this can only be stopped by him listening to music, watching tv, playing video games or being around others. he talks to himself a lot and is madly in love with whoever you want because i ship him with everyone (same can be said for rin, it's just i have a huge love for the miki/rin ship), but will never admit it. ever.

gakupo: he's pretty quiet most of the time, but if you get him talking he won't shut up. his sense of humour is almost as sexual is len's (who, by the way, uses that humour more than any other kind of talking).

gumi: same sort of humour as the previous two, it's just that hers' is more guy/guy oriented because she's just like that. and then more fancy stuff im too lazy to explain because i seem to start being an idiot in the early afternoon AND GUESS WHAT THE TIME IS

alternate rin/len headcanon: teen lovers because face it that's just adorable."

btw it's night time right now so i don't have the energy to expand gumi's part
over a year ago Fem_Iceland said…
Hatsune Miku: A girl with a high pitched voice that is featured in most Vocaloid2 songs. Green>Blue vocaloid.
Len Kagamine: The youngest guy there, with not that many songs. (I'm still searching!) Yellow vocaloid.
Rin Kagamine: The scary sister that likes to injure people. Yellow vocaloid.
Kaito: The guy that loves ice-cream. Blue vocaloid.
Meiko: The woman that has been seen as a murderer and has featured in some songs. Red vocaloid.
Luka: A girl that was said to have attention away from Miku, Miku said this, "you get attention from your chest!" Pink vocaloid.
Teto Kasane: A young girl with a highly robotic voice. Pink vocaloid.
Neru Akita: A girl that is constantly using her phone... Yellow vocaloid.
Haku: For me: A mystery woman. White vocaloid.
Gapuko: He looks like a darn samurai! Purple vocaloid.
over a year ago Angie_Kagamine said…
Did I already post here?

These are just my opinions, and how I look at them.

Miku: A fun-loving girl who loves to sing but has a very high-pitched voice, she has a lot of friends. (The other Vocaloids.)
Rin: The hyper and somewhat violent and aggressive one who loves to talk and is usually happy.
Len: Almost completely Rin's polar opposite, he's mellow and somewhat shy, but friendly once you get to know him.
Kaito: Nice, but can be a goodie-two-shoes at times, loves ice cream.
Meiko: The violent alchoholic, 'nuff said.
Gumi: The motherly type, she's friendly and caring and will listen to any concerns you might have.
Teto: A sweet girl, but she doesn't really get the best of grades (Kasane Territory PV is how I look at her that way.) She dreams of being a Vocaloid but probably won't ever be (Again, Kasane Territory.).
Luka: Mysterious and shy; hopeless romantic.
Neru: Cell phone addict. 'Nuff said.

Not putting Gakupo because... Well... I don't like Gakupo. *Shot*
over a year ago zerowakakkoi said…
im gonna scare everyone here by saying that my luka is a crazy drunk and my meiko is really really shy
because thats how my headcanon works
over a year ago LenikuKagamine said…
For me:
Miku: a gentle girl who is addict in LEEKS...
Len: a cute SHOTA , likes eating bananas and always dies in their song -_-
Rin:a childish girl that who ever make her mad will get her ROAD ROLLER and roll it to you.....
Luka:quiet,gentle anddddd....
Meiko:likes drinking alcohol.....
Kaito:a 23 year old boy who sings for his love for ice cream....
Gakupo:A CRAZY SAMURAI.......
Oliver:an innocent boy : ) shy and quiet and has a bird named james..
Mayu:Y-A-N-D-E-R-E YESS!!!! She always have her axe...CREEPY..
Neru:a cellphone addict girl and loves Len alot...
Tei:a Yandere too and always stalk len.....
that's all : ) or if you are not content THEIR PERSONALITY IS BASED ON THEIR SONGS.....
i hate myself nowww... :3
over a year ago madpanda13 said…
KAITO:An idiot,happy-go-lucky type,he loves rainbows and ice-creams...Drags Len and Gakupo to do weird stuff.
MEIKO:She is trying to be the head of other vocaloids.She likes to beat boys(especially KAITO)When she gets drunk...(you don`t want to know)
Miku:Little,good angel.Kind and nice. Very cute girl.
Len:Tsundere,definitely tsundere.He is an opposite of Rin,but he is very responsible.Sometimes overreacts.He hates being called shota.
Rin:A sadist.She makes Len doing weird things (killing people with roadroller)Bossy princess.
Luka:Dreamer.She is the only normal person in vocaloid family...But she likes to beat Gakupo...
Gakupo:Loner.Mysterious,serious and always calm.
Neru:Stalker.She stalks Len...
GUMI:Creative and fun girl.An artist.
over a year ago J0SMAT said…
Miku: Happy singer that's kind to everyone.
Luka: Wise honorable singer.
Rin: helpful but a little shy unless she's around friends. Likes picking on Len.
Len: tries to act cool around females but usually ends up making a fool of himself.
Kaito: Normally calm but likes pranks and hanging out with Len.
Meiko: Kind but shy (can't really think of much and I personally don't want her to be an alcoholic)
Neru: Jealous "wannabe Miku." She likes texting but her only true friend is Haku because she doesn't try to befriend people that won't benefit her.
Haku: Neru's freind but she doesn't agree with her wanting to be better than Miku. She gets along with others (unlike Neru)
Teto: Generally happy but she can get really mad and have fits.
Defoko: Teto's friend who calms her down when she's mad (usually with french bread)
Gumi: Not sure why but I think of her as a Vocaloid with a glitch. She wants to be a singer but can't because her voice keeps messing up.
Gakupo: Wise mysterious friend who usually stays quite.

Those are just my opinions, some based off of songs and others based off of the average fan depiction of them. Might add some more later, just wanted to add the main ones since they're my favorite.
over a year ago DoctorDeshima said…
Here's how I see them:

Miku: gentle and kind, but rough when she needs to be. She likes having fun, but can be a little impatient. She enjoys helping people and is generally pretty social. Although when it comes to love, she can be a bit of a yandere.
Kaito: Although he has good intentions, he likes to act like a big-shot, but really has low self-esteem. He may seem random and goofy, but knows when to be serious. He loves to mess around, and wastes a lot of time.
Rin Kagamine: Persistent, out-going, and a little selfish, she always wants to be waited on by others (especially her brother.)
Len Kagamine: Always feels he is inclined to help his sister. Although he is a very passionate lover, he is reasonable, patient, and knows when enough is enough. The Kagamine twins may look alike, but they are not at all the same personality-wise.
Meiko: An alchoholic, she seems to see things as they are. As an older vocaloid, she likes feeling superior but lacks the patience to really be a leader. She is hyper, but can be a little short-tempered, and doesn't like putting up with nonsense.
Luka: the "cool" one. Mysterious, quite, and flirtatious. She is very intelligent and makes a good teacher. She struggles with relationships, because she doesn't open up to people easily.
Gakupo: Although impulsive, he sees the fun side of life and dives into it. He's hopelessly romantic but breaks down when confronting a girl he likes. People might think he's a bit weird, but he doesn't really seem to mind.
Gumi: a Shy, even-tempered girl, she has trouble expressing her feelings (especially to the people she loves). Easily embarassed, she tries her best to do the right thing. She's self-conscious and tries to keep things to herself.
last edited over a year ago
over a year ago celeste0502 said…
Gumi: sweet singer but strong
Miku:kind and gentle
Rin: tempered and mischievous
Len: AWESOME!!!!!!
Kaito: manly
Meiko: drunk
Haku: drunk and spazzy
Lily: rocker
Neru: text queen
Gakupo: manly
over a year ago eucalyptus1 said…
Miku: tries to act nice and modest in public, but she's a secret bitch that tries to force everyone to do her bidding because she's "the number one princess in the world"
Meiko: kind of motherly, but not quite in a nurturing way. The true queen of vocaloid, appears to be a classy lady. Angry that miku is trying to overshadow her so she turns to alcohol and takes out her anger on kaito
Kaito: really dumb. He's always smiling because he can't comprehend how much his life sucks and just constantly thinks about ice cream. Easily manipulated, especially by miku, meiko, and gakupo
Rin: slightly disturbed child. She may seem happy at first, but that's only because she's imagining your demise. She enjoys pushing around len, who is her most frequent victim
Len: sexually confused. Appears to care deeply for rin, but that's only so he can raid her closet for a new dress to wear while singing about his gigantic O.T.N.
Gakupo: huge pervert who hits on all the ladies. Doesn't wear underwear under his samurai suit, which he often reminds people of. Teams up with kaito to molest len, who secretly likes it
Gumi: absent minded, kind of a tomboy. Runs around doing whatever she wants without ever thinking about the consequences
Luka: looks down on everyone. Wonders why she got stuck with these insane people. Very rare to catch her smiling
Ia: formerly happy girl who smiles often, but is terrified of everyone. She sits alone in the corner because she doesn't quite fit in with any of the others
SakuraYume commented…
i'm soooo agree about your opinion on miku and gakupo over a year ago
over a year ago SakuraYume said…
I think meiko is kind of nice and motherly when she is not drunk but when she's drunk......
over a year ago zoebroda said…
Miku - A optimistic girl who's naive at times and dreams of being admired by all
Rin- she looks for trouble a lot and likes to meddle and will always stand up for her friends. Has a brother complex
Len - kind and caring. Kinda like the prince type but gets angry easily
Kaito - jokes around a lot. perveted but serious when he needs to be
Meiko - The older sister type. Looks out for the younger vocaloids. Gets angry at Kaito a lot and loves to drink
Luka - quiet and shy but she has lots on her mind, she doesn't talk a lot so se expresses herself through music. smart and is a great friend.
Gumi - gives great advice, talkative, and helps people. but she wont let anyone help her or try to solve her problems
Gakupo - flirts a lot. Seems like a ladysman in public but at home complains a lot about everyone
Neru - Typical tsundere. Love's Len because he helped her, doesn't get along with Rin
Haku - Has a lot of issues and is picked on a lot so she drinks a lot. she's depressed and feels like people only like her body
Miki - Super eccentric and supportive and good at almost everything
Mayu - A sweet girl who has a crush on a boy but has a split personality that's murderous and psychotic and she's afraid of it
Yuzuki - Loves to tease the vocaloids and is self consious
Aoki - sweet motherly type. Gets flustered easily. seems to not get along with Merli but really cares for her
Merli - silent and has a lot of fanboys overprotective of Aoki
IA- silent, shy, and daydreams a lot. singing is her dream and thats what she lives for. seen writing lyrics a lot
Lily - very mature
Piko - shy amazing with technology but has weak social skills

That's all im doing for now
over a year ago SariJo said…
(I don't hate any vocaloids to be completely honest) I imagine:
Meiko, I surprisingly see her as a very kind person, but she also enjoys a drink from time to time, short tempered, when angry talks about insecurities to Kaito (scares him while doing it)
Kaito, the eldest brother of Rin, Len, and Miku, ice cream addict, can be silly or mature
Miku, kind, short tempered to the extreme, gentle, can be self centered
Rin, seems kind and innocent, silently gets extremely stressed out easily and is possibly suicidal (based on suicidal songs)
Len, Rin's younger twin/doormat, he basically spends half of his time eating bananas and carrying Miku and Rin on his shoulders
Luka, shy, Meiko's best friend since children, tsudere towards Gakupo
Gakupo, perverted, flirts with all female vocaloids, openly likes Luka most
Gumi, not much to say about her, has multiple personalities (Ten-Faced anyone?)
Oliver, spends most of his time with Yuki and Fukase (Fukaliver)
I'm done
over a year ago Burrfrost said…
I think everyone's portraying Miku as a sweet and happy girl because she's their favourite, and although I respect people's opinions, here are my personality thoughts:
Miku: Since her popularity level is so high and she's undoubtedly worshiped, I think the most fitting personality for her would be a stuck-up himedere who thinks she's above everyone else. I like to imagine Hatsune Miku too caught up in the limelight, and she adores her fans way too much. She brags a ton to the others (Vocaloids) and basically demands to be treated like royalty.
Rin: Extremely cautious about everything. To me, Rin seems like the type of girl to have serious problems, but she never lets anyone in on them except for Len. The only thing that calms her is excessive cleaning, and she's very particular about how a household should look. She scolds Len for being too rough with his friends, and often picks up after everyone else's messes. Deep inside, Rin has hundreds of problems going on with her: fans, bullying, and her schizophrenic mind, and it eventually drives her up to the point where she seriously considers and attempts suicide. I agree with SariJo above, there are tons of suicidal or death-based songs that feature Rin, a lot more than most Vocaloids, so this personality seems fitting for her.
Len: I kinda feel like Len should be the mischievous one. Always getting into trouble, Len never seems to learn his lesson after being constantly scolded by Rin. However, he deeply cares for her and tries his best to protect her, and always lets her spill out her feelings to him. Like a brother should be, he's always there for her and can sometimes even get overprotective. (And yes, I see them as siblings opposed to lovers or mirror images. It just suits them better, in my opinion.)
Luka: Okay, look. I know, I know, everyone always portrays Mayu as the yandere, but because of my favourite Megurine Luka song, The Tailor Shop on Enbizaka, I have always really liked to view Luka as a yandere. She acts cute and sweet on the outside, but she's actually a murderous psychopath who's madly in love with Gakupo.
Cul: I think Cul should be somewhat badass. You know, like one of those "cool" girls who doesn't give a crap about what anyone else thinks about her, and basically does her own thing. Being my favourite, I don't really want to give her any harsh flaws, but I think that she'd be a bit of a jerk and a sharp-tongue, saying really rude things without really thinking how it would affect them.

Like I said before, these are just my personal opinions. :)
over a year ago LizzyNarwhal said…
Okay my opinions: Miku is naive, fun-loving, and gets along everyone. Rin is very happy, energetic, but can be empowering when it comes to Len (sometimes I picture she was 53 seconds older than him and hat VEERRY serious). Len is very kicked-back, charismatic, and tries to hide the fact that he's "slightly" afraid of Rin. Luka is very calm, intelligent, but can be pretty sassy at times. Meiko (I really thoink Meiko's not an alchoholic, that's Haku!) is romantic, somewhat sassy, silly, and "may" have a crush on Kaito. Kaito is very big brother-like, energetic, intelligent yet stupid (idk how that works, just go with it), and may have a crush on Meiko (sorry, but I ship it so hard). Gakpou is very calm, kinda stupid, and kinda like Lau from Black Butler (if you've ever seen that show). Lastly, Gumi is energetic, silly, yet very intelligent.
Burrfrost commented…
You really "thoink" Meiko's not an alcoholic... XD (check your spelling) over a year ago
over a year ago ElectricSunset said…
Miku: Very cute, gentle, and sweet, shy, kind of robotic. Loves to sing, doesn't speak very well. Her passion for singing has lead her to becoming an idol, but she's shy off-stage.
Rin: Very friendly and a little crazy. Speaking abilities are better than Miku's. Powerful and strong.
Len: Laid-back, kind of tsundere.
Luka: Calm and collected, yet not entirely kuudere. Motherly and kind.
Gumi: Happy, energetic, and talkative. Very fluent in English. Gentle tsundere.
Kaito: Kind of like an older brother, not very good at making decisions, yet loyal and romantic.
Gakupo: Calm, collected, and practical, fierce and brave, loyal, acts kind of like a samurai.
Meiko: Warm and motherly like Luka, yet has kind of a short temper and is good at discipline.
over a year ago IncomingOtaku said…
My opinions

Miku: Sweet, compassionate, cute, funny, and gentle, wants to be friends with people but can be shy at first (yes, okay, she is my favorite, but I thought of her like this even before I decided that), she sings because she wants to make people happy. She considers the other Vocaloids her family and loves them all dearly. She's also very polite and an optimist. She's very grateful that she has so many fans.

Rin: Funny, energetic, strong, a little shy when nervous, a bit childish, very good friends with Miku

Len: Laid-back and funny, a lot like Rin, who he has a strong relationship with (I view them as neither sibilings nor lovers, like the official description, they have "one soul between the two of them" or whatever)

Luka: Acts like a big sister, more mature, friendly but a bit tsundere, kind of acts like a princess sometimes...

Kaito: Silly, acts like a big-brother, has a little bit of a crush on Meiko.

Meiko: Motherly but tsundere, has a tsundere relationship with Kaito, drinks alcohol a little too often

Gumi: Tsundere but still friendly and funny. She gets along well with others, but she acts tough sometimes. She's trying to prove that she can take care of herself.

Gakupo: More serious and mature but has a bit of a hidden silly side, also romantic.

Yukari Yuzuki: Mature and sweet, gently playful, if that makes any sense.

Otomachi Una: Sugar and Spice. Sweet and energetic. That is all.

Oliver: Cute and mischievous, but occationally strangely serious, something happened in his past that he doesn't like to talk about (how he lost his eye), he gets along really well with Rin and Len and they like to pull pranks together.

Thanks for reading my opinions! I have more I was too lazy to write them down :)
IncomingOtaku commented…
Really though, I mainly see them all as storytellers and my opinions change a lot over a year ago