Vocaloids [Vocaloid Game] Referencing Game

Gigglepud posted on Jan 17, 2013 at 07:31AM
Let's try this out!

We have a conversation of whatever we want. But our replies/posts must reference at least one vocaloid song title.

For example:
User 1: The WORLD IS MINE!
User 2: No way I will let it happen. Let there be a REVOLUTION!
User 1/3: But that will surely lead to a BAD END NIGHT
etc. etc

I'll start: I hope this game will attract players/users like a MAGNET!

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over a year ago Riku114 said…
I agree so this BEAUTIFUL WORLD can enjoy this forum
over a year ago zerowakakkoi said…
i'm sorry, i'm sorry, but what exactly is the appeal?

(there u go u have to find the reference to win go u)