Vocaloids Who here believes that the english Vocaloid Oliver is going to become very popular?

Xenavi posted on Feb 05, 2012 at 02:29AM
Aside from his concept art being overwhelmingly adorable I believe that Oliver has a great voice for an English vocaloid- the best I dare to say. I think that songs featuring Oliver could become broadly accepted and popular! It might be tough manipulating his voice bank to mesh well with a pop-esque song but I think someone really talented could step up to the plate with Oliver and hit more than a few home runs!

Some people might not know who Oliver is because he's less than a year old so I'll post some of my favorite songs featuring him!

I'll quit singing - link

Where's my love? -link

Mad Word cover - link

So what do you guys think? :D
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over a year ago panisepic said…
I like Oliver to! He's British!
over a year ago randomgirlove said…
Of course he gonna be popular~ He talks ENGlish pretty well. :3