Vampires Make Your Own Vampire

lovelyblades posted on Oct 13, 2010 at 12:35AM
ok heres my ex made him already at cylinders but he got mad
vampire of:fire
tatoo:lion on rist
speices:half breed since he was lingering on to death he is half human,half vampire,and since werewolf bit him he gained the power to be a werewolf every eclipse on choice but on the eclipse he has to drink massive ammounts of blood to stay alive if he dosent want to be a werewolf.
history:when 5 all of family died and he lived on the streets in romania then at the age of 17 he was forced to join the war to conquer all of the world but failed and captured by the rusian czar and executed then a vampire went to feed on him but felt some sadness and let him drink from his flaming hot blood that gave him the ability to controol fire then he wentback to rusia and killed the czar but erased all memory of those who saw the death.
likes:drinking from imortals,large feilds,running,whin,children,humans,living things,flying,long walks & moonlight
dislikes:sitting down,losing controol of his self,imortality,vampires,werewolfs,death,a­cuz­ati­ons & toxins.
powers:memory controol,controol of fire,flight,hovering,imortality,can go in sunlight.
decendants:most of all of northern europes vampires but they are called du licht in german meaning (the light) are half breeds who are able to not be killed by anything and do not age in apperance but they die in the time of 70 or 80. ands thats how you make your own vampire !!!!!!!!!!!!

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