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tubby2002 posted on Dec 17, 2007 at 05:10PM
There are so many amazing vampire books. I really like the twilight series by stephanie meyer and then the anita blake vampire hunter series by laurell k hamilton. I made a spot for laurell hamilton check it out...


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over a year ago DrDevience said…
Anita Blake rawks. I haven't read the Twilight Series yet. It's on my list to buy ;)
over a year ago momo_gurl11 said…
You should read "IN the forest in the nigh" by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes. All they do is fight in the last couple of chapters.And there is also one by R.L.Stine. called "Dangerous Girls" but it was mainly making the vampire guy seem crazy.
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over a year ago amazondebs said…
i know it may sound a little childish for some of you but i stil think it's an amazing classic
robert swindel's room 13
i've seen the play of it as well (it was amature so the effects were a little dodgy but it was still ace!)
over a year ago DrDevience said…
Because of Cressida adding 'The Historian' as her favorite vampire book to that pick, I grabbed it yesterday when I saw it on the shelf.

Haven't started it yet as I need to finish another book first, but I scanned it a bit and it looks fabulous.
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over a year ago dei-girl said…
i haven't got the chance to read the Twilight sereis yet, but i have been reading the T.H.O.N series, and it rocks. the fist book is called Marked by: Kristen Cast and P.C. Cast, and its really rocking!
over a year ago tubby2002 said…
I just started reading another vampire series. It is the Vampire Huntress Legends by LA Banks. I am only half way through the 3rd book (there will be 12 total) but I really like the seies so far.
over a year ago l3371 said…
I will always love Dracula. Read it if you haven't already.....
over a year ago khfan12 said…
vampires rock!
over a year ago JenniferDempsey said…
The Cassandra Palmer Series, 3 books so far (Touch the Dark,Claimed by Shadow,Night of The Embrace) are brilliant :) Cassie the main character is actually a clairvoyant but theres magic and vampires and creatures in it :) Especially Mircea my is he gorgeous. But I would reccomend it for older readers some graphic human on vampire sex scenes have to be noted lol :D

Twilight I adore :)

The Buffy & Angel Books and the Slayers guide lol
over a year ago keswan said…
1) Morrigan's Cross
2) Dance of the Goda
3) Valley of Silence

1) Vampire Academy
2) Frostbite
3) Shadow Kiss
4) Blood Promise - NOT YET RELEASED, but coming in 2009!
over a year ago charlotte1379 said…
i made a list of vamp books wanted to share with those who like.
well i found this site
that has all this books so i don't write them again....
but there're some books i thought it might not have on list:
the vampire in lore & legend
vampire & vampirism
vlad dracula:the dragon prince
the vampire encyclopedia
there be plany more soon...