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wolfblade87 posted on Aug 03, 2009 at 10:53AM
OK guys, let me ask some question? For you what is a Vampire? What triggered your interest for it? (Twilight fans you're also welcome to answer here but please take off Edward in you answers) And Lastly, Do you want to be like them? Why?

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over a year ago wolfblade87 said…
For me, a Vampire is a creature that needs blood to survive. What triggered my interes in it is a book about it but it isn't a novel, it's about how it lives and how to be like it sadly, I lost that book already. And if I want to be like them? I don't know, maybe....
over a year ago renrae said…
Trust me. You don't want to be a vampire.

I need a facepalm icon...
over a year ago wolfblade87 said…
over a year ago S0ulsUnit3d said…
For me, a vampire is a predator. They are not the same species as us. We are foood to them. You would not fall in love or want to befriend an alligator so why a vampire??!?

Oh yes, because they are supposed to allure their food. Duh.
I kinda wish they exist but I'm not sure I would want to fall in love with or become one. Partly because I'm quite happy with my life at the moment and I would not want to leave the people I love. But also because I don't want to become vampire dinner.

And I ain't as shallow as to say because he is sexy I will become a vampire.

Anywayz, vampire books are awesomeness. I read for escapism. The best vampire books are The Saga of Darren Shan and The Night World Series. The Night World Series made me believe vampires exist because they way their life is described and how they survive due to blood is so realistic and technically explained it can only be true.

over a year ago snoznoodle said…
A supernatural creature which doesn't actually exist. They feed on humans (not themselves... why would you feed off yourself? You're just draining your own strength), kill humans and are basically evil. Reading Dracula after finishing Twilight has kept me traditional because Dracula is just SO much cooler than anything in Twilight.
over a year ago wolfblade87 said…
I'm not a twilight addict but Vampires can really survive on animal blood....

over a year ago Myf_1992 said…
A vampire to me is a human-like being, who survives of the blood of other beings. Usually a preditor but nessaccairy. My interest, hmm, how bout i tell you the vampires i do like;
Vampire chronicles
Van Helsing
and Mina off League of extrodinary gentlemen

i dont think id want to be a vampire, i wouldnt want to live off other creatures like a leach, and i wouldnt want to live for eternity. Maybe id like to be a vampire for a day to try it out.
over a year ago kellyms said…
To me a vampire is still a person just a different kind. They live on blood but the part that attracted me was their immortality. Imagine living for hundreds of years and all the things you would learn and experience. I think I would love to be a vampire if you could live like the Cullens - not kill humans and co-exist.I would want to be strong, fast, brave and immortal.
over a year ago wolfblade87 said…
Well...... I already thought about being immortal but, I guess it's also hard to live forever. you see, if you live forever then you'll see your loved ones die again, and again. And of course, you might not have thought of this but living forever can also be very tiring... I have once read that some REAL vampires are so sick of living that they just killed themselves! Have you ever imagined?! Dead creatures with supernatural senses, strength, and speed can get so sick of living here... but, I also read that vampires DO age but it happens very S L O O O O W W W W. . ... HAHA!!! I guess they're not really different aren't they? So yeah! I think living forever can be hard but at the same time can be also very exiting too...


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over a year ago Ashwolf said…
a vampire to me is a perfect being, a very alluring being. i was attracted at fist to the blood drinking and the very idea of having their power. and the fact that they do exist. i think the hope of vampires existing has allowed me to carry on with my life.
over a year ago goth-kitty said…
A vampire is a beautiful being with super strength, speed, enhanced hearing, that needs blood to survive, and I would really want to be like that. i also like the night and the blood and the whole "hunting" thing kinda thrills me. I honestly don't know why i like them, they just interest me and i really wanna be one. Their lifestyle is so different from ours and my life really isn't the best so i wouldn't mind a change.
over a year ago goth-kitty said…
I don't know...
over a year ago doggee said…
Vampires are mythological or folkloric beings who subsist by feeding on the life essence (generally in the form of blood) of living creatures dead or alive. they have following characteristics :
* They need blood to survive because it is the elixir of life, without blood they will die.The blood gives them energy, power and replenishes their body.It is the key to immortality
* They only come out at night because they fear sunlight.
* They grow stronger, tempering with time.
* In folklore, it is not mentioned that vampires have fangs.
* They have an angular face and a waxy complexion--looking pale and drained.
* They have the ability to shapeshift in other words change in to an animal like bats, rats, cats, raven and wolves.
* They have the power to control animals(the animals that they can change into).
* They live in their graves during the day and rise during the night.
* They have no reflections, so when they look in the mirror they don't see anything.
* Vampires die if they have been staked through the heart by wood, burned or by decapitation and removing the brain.
* Religious symbols do not harm folklore vampires.
* When vampires drink the blood of a person that person will turn into a vampire.
* When a person dies violently, committed suicide or was wrongly accused and killed, he or she may become a vampire.

over a year ago GemonkDruid said…
Hmm... for me, a vampire is essentially a creature of the night; dark and dangerous. Its personality may vary and depend on who they were before they were changed, but it still has the instincts of a killer.

What piqued my vampire interests? Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Then it gradually evolved to Vampire Diaries, Cirque Du Freak, and much more.

Do I wanna be a 'like' a vampire? Maybe, but it depends on what 'like' means. Do I want to be an actual one? Nope. Immortal, blood-drinking, grr-nasty life is not for me.