Vampires How To Survive Your Death

PeterFulton posted on Nov 22, 2016 at 03:52AM
How To Survive Your Death (An Autobiography Written Posthumously) is a letter between mother and daughter that answers the two questions the daughter has been asking her mother her entire life: Who is my father and will you ever make me a vampire? The answers to these questions take us on a thrilling adventure that tramps through centuries and around the world. Emily does not forgive her mother for being a vampire, writing, “She left me to read this while she went out for dinner. I publish this now hoping that it won't be you.” With over 225 years as the undead, Sarah has many stories to tell, from eating the man who laughed when the Liberty Bell cracked, to meeting Mark Twain, to surviving the Titanic sinking. At the heart, the book is two love stories: motherly love and the love between vampire and vegetarian. It was not love at first bite.­ath­-Au­tob­iog­rap­hy-­ebo­ok/­dp/­B01­LZ2­9A8­1/r­ef=­zg_­bs_­160­447­91_­51?­_en­cod­ing­=UT­F8&­amp­;ps­c=1­&am­p;r­efR­ID=­Y7M­BH2­D5A­ZKD­YV8­Z02­3S

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over a year ago kingcesar67 said…
Surviving death is relatively easy for me. I go down, then I wake up.