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I am a new writer to the Vampire Genere I hope you guys are impressed by this. I tried to make it my own thing and not copy any other vampire writers. I will update everytime I have a new chapter out please follow me.

It was a dark and gloomy day the rain fell onto the fresh green grass making a patter noise. the rain drizzled down a large gray castle making a simlair patter noise agaisnt the stain glass windows. Within the castle is a nice long hall way lit up by tourch light. The flames are flickering as though they are dancing. There's A long red rug running into a room aso lit by the same dimly lit flames. a girl is seen on a table a long red dress is covering her her nails are a dark red and to a fine point. Her hair is long and flowing and in her face the women is letting out screams of agaony.There are three other people there. one is rubbing her stomach repeatdily telling her to "push" in a calm serail voice. another man was standing to his left he was tall and hard a large bush beard coming down to his chest he also wore a crown on his head the center of his head bald the rest of his haird was long shoulder legenth and was a dark gray his face and skin was wrinkley he looked wise the look on his was of joy and excitment. The women laying on the table Scream once more and the guy rubbing her stomach said "one more push". and with all her strength and stamina left she gave one last Scream. Her eye's as well as the old mans eyes were joyful and the two held each others hands and kisses passionately and the old man looked up and said "well doctor?", the man holding the baby smiled "it's a boy a healthy baby boy" the old man got a cringe on his lips that turned into the smile of a proud father. "well lily it's your call on what we name our son, our prince." The girl on the table smiled and sat up "Azerael Deatrum" the old man gave another smirk and kissed his wife once more on the head. "he will be a fine addtion to the Vampire Race." Lily looked up at her husband and smiled "I Love you Raven." tears filled her eyes and his as they looked at there son.

Chapter 1

It had been tuff on the kingdom of the moon for the last five years. The Vampire race was constantly at war with the dreaded humans. Each race constantly loosing Kin and Loved ones in this war. King Raven the third vampire king over the kingdom of the moon. Ruled with an iron fist with his wife lily and his son Azerael who is only five. Azerael spent most of his time with his mother Lily. for Vampires they didn't look diffrent from a normal human. besides the extention of there Kaynine teeth being razor sharp. They also were very talented in the arts of Magic and telekentics. there strength and speed were also higher than that of a normal human. Azerael and Lily were walking down a large stone hall way lit by trouch light. Lily was wearing a long red dress that split up the center and stopped just at her thai on both sides. she also wore red heels and had long gloves that went up her arm and stopped at her elbow. Azerael had short hair it was neat and in a bowl cut. he was wearing a sweater vest with black dress pants and choclate brown dress shoes he had a smile on his face he was holding four books in his hand. "mommy, you think when we get tot he Libairy mr.Lucian will Lend me four more books but about magic this time?" Azerael gave his mom genuine smile. Lily only smiled back and responded "now Azerael your much too young for books on Magic you've barely just learned begun to learn Magic in the acdeamy why would your father say?" Azerael sighed but he gave a smile right back at his mom and did the immitation as best he could to sound like his father. "Let our wonderful proud and smart boy get all the books on magic he wants after all he's the best in his class." Lily smirked and let out a soft chuckle "oh I see he would wouldt he." Azerael chuckled back and his mom picked him right up and nuzzled him into her chest. "we'll see what the libarian has to offer." Azerael smiled.

The war had taken up alot of Ravens time he was out in a wintery place as a Vampire he didn't feel the cold he stood there in a dark silver plate armor a spear in one hand and a flag in the other he had tons of people surrounding him he sighed and looked at the sky the stars shined brightly wear he was his face looked old and chizzled. "why can't they agree to our Terms." one of the vampric soilders snickered "humans are greedy my lord ye must understand they aren't as sophistacted as we are." Ravens face seemed to disappear behind his gray beard as he looked at the hirozrion and an army of people was seen some had the symbol of the holy cross others were periests. Raven shouted "GENERAL THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO HAPPEN ALL I WANT IS A CHANCE TO TRY FOR PEACE! BETWEEN BLOODLINES!" The human on the hill top laughed "NOT A CHANCE VAMPIRE KING RAVEN WE WILL NOT SUBMIT TO THE WILL OF VAMPIRES NO LONGER!" the horses on the hilltop charged down toward the Vamperic army Raven lifted his arm and wove it forward as his ment begun to charge they were fast. Screaming and mourning filled the emptyness of the icey cold planes. Blood and bodies filled up the space of the plane . Raven remained still killing any who tryed to take his life. it was a merciless battle almost seemed as though it was equal until the Vampires begun casting magic and wings sprouted from there backs as they flew high up in the sky attacking from a distance. Raven inched himself through the snow ever so slightly impaling humans on his spear with grace he made sure he hit the humans in vitail areas so they would not suffer. finally after hours of battling the human king stepped forward to Raven who spoke in a calm voice "how long ? , how long do you wish for our races to keep mingling like this ? how long do you wish for us to loose members of our family? how long do you want to keep at this war?" the human king looked up at Raven and smiled than spat in his face and finally said "until you no longer rule until your race no longer exists" Raven sighed "your name good sir?" the human king spoke with grace " King Alexander Octavouis the 4th" Raven showed Alexander his spear "i'm sure your people will miss you I dis-like killing people without a name" and in one swift motion Alexanders head was longer on his body it hit the blooded stained plane and rolled as blood splattered all over Ravens face who looked more sad than Victouris.

The cold morining had arrived most of his troops had went into there beds and were resting. Raven was still awake with a man who was across from him at a wooden table within a large tent. Raven was eating something out of a bowl. "I dislike this" Raven spoke in a mourining voice and a sincere voice. "All I want is peace not death or war no pain or suffering." The man at the table looked up from his bowl of soup "I know you do your Majesty I have been servering you for two hundread years." Raven rubbed his wrinkles "I wish to just see and hold my wife. poor Azerael doesn't know what is happening nor do I wish for him to grow up in a world of war." The man across the table smiled "I know you do sir. speaking of witch little Azerael wrote you a letter it arrived just a few moments ago." Raven smiled "oh what did it say ? or is it not opened yet?" the man smiled "on your table next to where you rest my lord." Raven smiled "come merick I'm going to send you on horse back to the kingdom once you arrive there this whole ordeal should be fixed up and you tell my son and wife to pack some clothes for three weeks time and they shall come up here and vist me while we clean up what's left of the human scouts does that sound suitable?" Merick smiled and bowed "but of course I shall depart at once sir" he left the tent. Raven smiled and conintued to eat his soup.

Azerael was reading on the floor right next to his mothers legs he was happy with the books he had gotten they were ancient history texts about the vampire race and magic. Lilly was talking with another Vampire maiden her name was Elizebeth. She was rahter young looking as far as vampires go she was wearing a suit of armor built to fit her femine psych she was Lily's personal gaurd. "Have you heard from my husband yet Elizebeth ?" Elizebeths blone curly hair and blue eyes seeped down in disappointment "no my Queen I have recieved word from your husband." Lily gave a charming smile threw her visable look of worry and depression "Thank you Elizebeth , Please take Azerael for a walk he's been asking about it for weeks, ever since last night when I put him to bed he's been wondering when your going to take him out." Elizebeth smiled back at Lily and nodded "of course your Majesty." Just as Elizebeth went to grab Azerael a person stepped in the doorway. It was a really tall man who had thick sliver plate armor on his skin was also dark and his hair was slicked back, he had two thin lines of facail hair going across his lips and another thin line of facail hair coming down from his bottom lip to his chin. He looked really hispanic. Lily and Elezebeth gave a smirk as they knew who it was. Lily finally asked "so Merrick how is my husband ?" The man in the door way smiled and spoke with a thick spanish acent "your Husband is fine your majesty, I am here to accompany you to the Northern Regions of the world, Azerael too your Husband King Raven wishes for you to come up and stay with him for the next few days." Merrick bowed down gracefully. Lily's face was over come with joy as she sprung up from where she sat with a grin from ear to ear. She almost sung as she spoke "Azerael go gather up clothes, were going to see your Father pack for a one month trip!" Merrick smiled "Your Majesty your Husband only wishes for you to stay for three days or so. It's still a warzone up there he would hate to have something happen to you or his prized son your his motivation for a world of peace." Lily sighed "one month Azerael, go now." Merrick sighed "As you wish the trip will take three days. a horse and carrage are ready when you are." Azerael didn't know what to pack he only shoved a bunch of his clothes in a bag and ran down stairs. Lily , Azerael and Elizebeth as well as Merrick climbed into the horse drawn carrage and rode off into the distance.

Raven had been intacpating there arrivail the last three days were almost aganozing. As he watched the carage pull up. a smile seemed to slip through his thickey bushy beard almost when the sun break loose from the clouds on a cloudy day. Raven watched his Wife and Son ermage and he hugged and kissed them. for Vampires they didn't really actl ike it . Merrick smirked "The Ride up was as smooth as I could make it." He bowed before Raven who turned and nodded "good thank you Merrick, you are dismissed." Elezebeth stepped out of the carrage and stretched "Is there any Blood in stock up here ?, i'm thirsty." Raven smirked and pointed to a tent "over there my dear." Elezebeth smiled and walked over to the tent. The Night had came quicker than they had expected they were much more lively without the sun up. Azerael was playing with a wooden toy and with a few other Vampric childern. Lily came out of the main tent and called "Azerael come join me and your father for dinner , please." Azerael said his good byes and trotted off into the tent where he sat next to his Mother and Father as the food was served. Everything seemed nice for Azerael and his family. After dinner Azerael was walking around the out skirts of where the main camp of Vampires were being held up because of the barbic circumstances. He had been wondering when Elzebeth shouted from a distance and appeared behind him what seemed to him almost instantaneously "YOUNG MASTER WHAT WOULD YOUR MOTHER SAY IF SHE SAW YOU OUT HERE!" Azerael smirked "I was only exploring Elzebeth." Just as Elzebeth gave a sigh of reilf an arrow hit her in the chest and she fell to the ground Azerael's eye's widen as he shouted "MOMMY!!!!!" and ran in a panic before he knew what was going on the naying of horses was heard the Screaming of charging humans was heard. Raven stepped out of his tent and his eye's widen as he heard Azerael screams, Lily heard them too as they both ran forward screaming "AZERALEL WHERE ARE YOU!" Raven Turned to Merrick "MERRICK GET OUT THERE AND FIND MY SON!" Merrick only nodded and with lighting fast speed he dashed off. In the Feild Azerael was by Elzebeth's body and tears filled his face "ELZEBETH WAKE UP , I'M SORRY I WANNA GO HOME , I WANT MY DADDY , I WANT MY MOMMY!" Elzebeth moved one hand and placed it on Azerael's face and smiled "shhh young master you need to be strong run to the tents I'll hold off the human while you run." Elzebeth stood up grabbing a human as he ran by her. Her teeth turned to fangs and the Irsises of her eye's turned into slits almost like a cat as her fang sunk deep into the human neck. Azerael got up and Ran as fast as he could toward what was now a battle feild. As Azerael started running he felt something hit him and he was in the snow and something hurt he looked back and an arrow had prieced his side. A human in Plate armor stood over him and unsheathed his sword and swung it down to finish off the young prince but something deflected it. Azerael was in the air he than smiled as knew it was Merrick who spoke softly "Please get to saftey Young Master. I'll deal with this scum" Merrick unsheathed his sword it was a thick bladed Rapier and he smiled a blue aura surounded the blade and when he swung three humans fell down dead "please Young Master go down now. your mother and Father are worried." Azerael nodded and ran off holding his side.

At the Tents Lily was hacking through a bunch of human soilders. her eye's filled with fury as she lifted up a human soilder by his thorat and growled at him "where is my son?" the human replied "stupid" his sentance was cut off as Lily bit the mans thoart out and droped the corpse. she swung her whip around slaughtering all the human around her. "For your Races sake you better hope My Son LIVES!" She hissed as she cut through more Humans. she wover her hand and a bunch of objectst and people went flying off in all directions. Finally Azerael and reached his mom she knelt down and wiped the blood off of her face "Azerael hunny stay close to me okay dear ? I don't" she than noticed Azerael was holding his side her eye's widend as she Swung her whip around more as it killed ten humans she swung her whip and it wrapped around some one and tore them to peice's "Azerael , go drink the blood of a human so you can heal, your" Lily's sentance was cut off as she spewed up blood a sword had impaled her through the chest than another and another. Azerael eye's turned from green to dark red and became cat like as tears filled his eye's his mom fell to the ground and was stabbed repeatdily. an anger a furry grew in Azerael as he yelled "MOMMY!!!!!! YOU KILLED MY MOMMY YOU !!! MOM!!!!! GET UP!!!" Objects every where Beagun flying in random directions and hit random people and vampires. Azerael let out a Loud scream of pain and agaony as he begun to feel the tears run down his face like a dam had just busted. "MOTHER! WAKE UP!!" more people flew around until some one hit Azerael in the head and he fell uncouiness. The humans begun to re-treat, Raven looked exhausted as he sat down and took a breath when he saw it his eye's widen as he fell to his knee's tears filled his eye's as Merrick walked up with corpse of his wife Tears also fell from Merricks' eye's "y-Your Higness, Queen Lily Vermillion DeAduro has passed on from this life." Raven's eye's widend with tears as he griped his dead wifes hand. "NO, MY LOVE , WAKE UP FOR ME PLEASE , MY SON WHERE IS MY SON WHERE IS MY BABY BOY WHERE IS AZERAEL!" Raven had tears running down his face. Merrick clenched his hands into fists and bit his lip. "He's been taken hostage. Your Majesty." Raven's eye's went from a gray to a dark purpple and his Irises also turned into a thick catlike pattern "FIND MY SON I WANT EVERY VILLAGE EVERY HUMAN , EVERY GOD DAMN KINGDOM EXTERMINATED , THEY WANT MY WRATH THE HUMANS SHALL HAVE MY WRATH , FIND ME MY SON ON THE DOUBBLE SEARCH PARTYIES EVERYWHERE NOW!!".

Azerael had a woken in a place with bars in front of him he turned to see a stone wall where he sat and he was in a brown cloth like dress almost. It was cold wet and lonesome not a person was in sight except for one human who had a smirk on his it was a Man. the Man dressed like Azerael's father, He too wore a crown on his head the man spoke in a thick french acent "your the vampire prince no?, I am King William Louis the eigth. you are in my castle . my dungeon is more like it you are to be fed once a day with one bucket of blood per month. when ever you get fed is on my rules. and you are to be tourtured until you die of starvation or until you no longer can feel pain." Azerael got tears in his eye's and that same look of anger took over his face like a mask almost "my Daddy's going to come find me and KILL every last one of you!" William laughed "not likely we are three days away from where we captured you. you foolish boy." William turned away with his men and left and a loud click was heard. Azerael curled up into a ball and begun sobbing as he felt emptyness and alone and could only hope his father will find him.

Chapter 2

It had been the longest six monthes of young Azerael's life he looked so much more diffrent. his hair was hard and really long now his body was really thing and deprived looking. his eye's and facail features looked drained from work Azerael had many scars on his body he was laying on the ground. a Gaurd of sorts stepped forward smiling and spoke "come Vampire scum it's time for your daily beating." the gaurd chuckled under his breath Azerael didn't speak only stood up he was trembling as the garud shackled him and brought him over to some pleace it was a Large stone arena like space. Azerael got chained to a post in the center of this area when king William stepped out of a door and spoke in his french acent "Bonjur Young Vampire how goes your stay here ?, uncomftorable good." the garud made sure the ropes tied around Azerael was almost impossable for him to break. The door closed and the loud screams of Azerael could be heard through out the chambers of his dungeon.

At the Vampire camp. Raven had looked at least two hunderead years older than he actually was his face had visable wrinkles his beard looked sloppy. his eye's looked drained as he sat in his chair. Merrick walked in and he also lokoed drained the last six months had been some of the most aganosing and most dreadful months of his immortal life. Raven spoke he sounded frail , weak Valunerable "Where is my son? have you found him yet ?" Merrick's head droped in disappointment as tears leaked from his face Merrick didn't know why he was crying "No sire nothing, we can't find your son." Raven closed his eyes as despair took over his body like a bad illness. "kill everything, my son is out there I can feel it, expand our boarders." Merrick bowed "Sire I do not wish to be the error of a bad news but it's been six months your son proabily hasn't fed on the blood of the human scum in six months, you can't" Raven's eye's shot open with anger and rage as he crushed the arm the chair he was sitting on with his left hand "Find My SON do I make my self Clear!?" his voice was deep and stern. Merrick got a Terrifying chill down his back "of course sire." Merrick bowed and left the tent. Elizebeth entered the room she too had strain and worry on her face "your majesty." she bowed Raven gave a look of sympathy to Elizebeth "it's not your fault Elizebeth you did what you could to protect my son and wife." Elizebeth "no I didn't I should of followed him instead of fighting off those humans it should of been me not Queen Lily." Raven got up and walked toward Elizebeth and placed his hand on her shoulder and hugged her. "Azerael is my true son by blood. As your King your all Considered my wonderful childern. if you or Merrick and died along with Lily and the capture of my son. I don't know what i'd do." a Smile crept Elizebeths lips and she stepped back and bowed. "we shall find your son." Elizebeth exited out of the tent. Raven sat back in his busted up chair and closed his eye's mumbling to himself "oh Lily why did you leave this world ?, I need you now more than ever my love."

outside of the tent Merrick was standing there looking the hirozion of the mouintains writing something on a scroll. Elizebeth crept up behind Merrick and tapped him on the back. "we'll find him for our King Raven right Merrick?, after all Azerael is strong boy." Merrick smiled slightly but his face looked more worried than even Raven's. "I failed the king and queen as the Queen now lays dead, And the young master is in the hands of the enemey." Merrick lifed up his hands and was staring at the palms of them as the feeling of unwanted tears seemed to fall from his face. "I failed as a Death dealer." Elizebeth only patted Merrick on the back. Merrick looked up at the mouintians once more as he saw a Vampire running toward them he looked slightly injured. Elizebeth and Merrick run up to meet him the Vampire fell but was caught by Elizebeth. the Vampire coughed up some blood "a castle just , 80 miles off from here" he coughed up some more blood. "ruled by a King Named William, he attacked me the moment he figured out I was a Vampire three days time in three days you can reach him." The Vampire let out one last huff before dieing. Merricks and Elizebeths eye's widen with Joy as they ran back to Ravens tent. Raven looked slightly confused "back so soon you two?" Merrick didn't even bow he just blurtted it out "Your Majesty a castle 80 miles of here North I believe there is a man named King william who rules in three days time we can preapre a full scale invasion and search for our son. he has to be there!" Raven's eye's lit up. "Merrick, Elizebeth, We shall go now, I am coming to for you see I wish to tear the person who has harmed my son apart my self!" Merrick nodded and bowed as he prepared three horses. Within the hour Raven, Merrick and Elizebeth both rode off as fast the horses would move. Azerael was thrown Violently back in his cell. He had large cuts all over his body that were closing up slowly he was panting rather fast and gasping for air. tears filled his eye's and hatred filled his veins. Azerael crawled over to the wall and arched himself up on his knees blood leaked from his mouth and nose as tears begin to drip onto the cold emotionless stone. His nails turned to claws and his teeth to fangs as he scratched down the stone letting out a loud screech of frusteration. As he thought to him self "SIX MONTHS! MY FATHER HASN'T CAME IN SIX MONTHS. WHY DOES HE NOT LOVE ME ANYMORE!" What felt like Years was only days when Raven and his faithful warriors arrived at the large gate of the catstle. Merrick went to dismount off of his horse but Raven dismounted and put up his hand walking forward with a cane in his hand. one of the gaurds took a gulp Raven didn't exchange words as cloud rolled in around where castle was. Raven's mood changed from calm and serin attitude. To a Furouis stare of Anger and hatred the ground beanth Raven begun to shatter as he walked a dark purpple aura surrounded his body and he finally spoke with Such power in his voice. "You Humans Have Crossed the LINE , I OFFER PEACE YOU KILL MY KIN. I OVER A TRUCE YOU KILL MY WIFE . I ADMIT DEFEAT AND YOU KIDNAP MY SON! AND EXPECT TO LIVE. EXPECT ME NOT TO LIVE!" Raven wove his hand and the wall and gate before crumbled with the humans screaming and falling to there death. Merrick had served under Raven for at least one thousand years and yet the power he saw his king unleash was terrifing he found himself trembling. Raven turned to his followers "no mercy. for this scum. Your kingdom your town will be used as an example." he anncouned to what humans remained between him and the main gate Raven swung his hand again as more humans went flying high in the air and were being slamed into the ground blood splattered every where. Merrick had unsheathed his Rappier with each swing a thing blue line of energey was released from his blade slicing through the humans like butter. Elezebeth used her sword claws adn teeth to tear through the humans.

within the castle a gaurd ran to King Williams quarters. he looked terrifeid and slightly injured he bashed the doors open. William gave snarling look "what do you want Lucas?" he spoke with such pride in his voice. Lucas was panicked and yelled "VAMPIRES NOT JUST ANY KING RAVEN HIMSELF IS AT OUR FRONT GATES TEARING OUR TROOPS APART WITH HIS TWO PERSONAL GAURDS!" William stood up with shock and anger and but his look quickly became calm and poise. "now now need not worry death dealers aren't that and nethier is the king." A loud thud was heard and screams just outside of the hall where they were. Williams eye's widen "GET ME TO SAFTEY!" he hissed but it was too late the door and wall shattered as Raven entered the Room he flicked his hand and William went flying into his throne Raven yelled "SIT DOWN BOY!" before Williams could react he was within Raven's grasp as he grabbed his thorat and squeezed it tightly "I WILL ONLY ASK ONCE AND ONCE ONLY!, WHERE IS MY SON!" Raven Growled the words with such Rage behind his voice he could barely contain himself. William smiled smugly "what boy" he gasped. Raven gripped his thorat harder. "DON'T TEST ME BOY!" Williams eye's rolled back into his head. but he still managed to gasp "I ..Don't..Know." In the hall way Merrick had been running through cutting down humans at every turn when he finally found a wooden door within a secert room he had chased some gaurds into. he than couldn't believe what he heard as he heard the sob of Azerael. Merricks eye's widen as he sliced through the door but the tunnel was long and dark but Merrick could careless he ran forward cutting down any who were in his way. All of a sudden something hit Merrick and he slid back a bit his eye's looked focused on the situation when he rembered there could be Vampire slayers within the castle. he was Right a man stepped forward. he wore a all black leather suit with a couif around his face he had a Large blade within his hand. "I won't let you pass." said the man. Merrick placed his Rapier in front of him "By order of my King and by my Oath as a Deathdealer I shall not let you live to see the light of tomrrow." the man smirked and swung his claymore. Merrick parried with a fast but effcient strike Merrick slid on the tips of hise feet to get around to the side of the man where he was exposed and he thrusted his blade forward but something parried Merricks blade. The man turned and adjusted himself and slashed downward as hard as he could in hopes to Kill Merrick . Merrick managed Leap flipping backward and landing on his feet placing his Rapier back in front of him. "you skilled indeed sir." his voice was calm and collected with some frusteration behind it. Merrick spoke again "who migh you be good sir?" the man smiled "my name is Swift. not that it matters your going to die anyway flithy Vampire , your never going to reach the brat." Swift ran forward placing both hands on his blade and swinging it to the side. Merrick evaded the hit and flipped side ways and swung his Rapier in a Horizantal matter Swif managed to dodge the strike but just barely as it grazed his side he let out a bit of a grunt. Merrick landed on his feet lunging forward and thrusting his blade forward multipile times. Swif parried all the strikes and Merrick smiled. "your swordsman ship is flawless sir." Swift smirked "Apprently Ican't say the same for you." Blood sprouted from Merricks shoulder his eye's became really wide as he fell to his knee and blood sprayed out of his mouth he put his hand over his mouth. Merrick coughed slightly as the blood drizzled down his armor. He finally worked up the strength to speak "when did you get such a hit sir ?" Swift smiled "such is my My power Vampire I told you. You will not live." he placed his large sword on his shoulder "your to slow to keep up with me." Merrick stood up gripped his Rapier tighter as a blue energey went around it. "I do not think so Sir swift. i'm sorry but you must die." he swung his rappier and thin blue lines of energey Launched off of his blade and sliced through Swift as though he was made of papper. Swif coughed up a bit of blood and removed his Couif from his mouth. As he now had Several deep slash wounds. "what the hell was that?" Swift spoke through his pain. Merrick smiled "such is my Power sir swift." Swift gripped his blade tighter and the two lunged at each other striking simultaneously cut and stab wound appeared all over there body until after about a minute of constant striking. Swift went to leap away and Merrick with blinding speed appeared behind Swift swung his blade and decapitaited Swift blood sprayed all over the place as the head hit the ground and rolled into a wall and the body fell to it's knees than fell over twitching slightly. Merrick grabbed his bleeding shoulder resheating his Rapier and staggering on down the Long hall way. Azerael heard the clashes and voices of people he couldn't make out who they were he got up and looked as far as he could. A smile Crept his face as he saw Merrick turn the corner. "Young Master!" Merrick had a weak voice he fell to his knee but got up and ran to the cell door where Azerael was. Azerael smiled "I KNEW IT I KNEW YOU GUYS WOULD COME. WHERE IS MY FATHER!?" Merrick cut the bars down with his Rappier and picked up Azerael despite his own injuries. He spoke with a fine spanish acent "upstairs in the throne room dealing that scum bag king william." Azerael Spoke in a very clear and threatening voice "take me to him." Merrick's eye's widen and he only nodded and he took off.

William had gotten free of Ravens godly death grip. Raven stepped forward and everything in his way flew in random directions. "Your pathetic I William, Taking my SON OF ALL THINGS AWAY FROM ME I OWE YOU FOR SIX MONTHS OF DESPAIR!" all of a sudden Raven couldn't believe his ears as he heard a famlair voice. "WAIT FATHER!" Raven's eye's widen he turned to see his son on Merricks back he was rejoced. But William took advantage of his grabbing a sword and Raming it into Raven who didn't even budge he merely backed hadned the human king as he went flying across the throne room. He was gasping for air. Raven removed the blade from his gut and the hole closed up. Raven turned to William. "this is not over consider this Luck." Azerael walked forward and walked right by his father grabing the very same sword his Father was just stabbed with. Raven's eye's widen as he Realized what his son was about to do "AZERAEL MY SON DO NOT DO THIS!, IT IS NOT WORTH IT HE IS NOT WORTH IT PLEASE MY SON!" Azerael Turned to his father "No father, you don't know what I have gone through my Hatered towards this human is greater than you'll ever know. He killed Mother and tourtured me." William Gasped out a few more word "I was going to let you go I SWEAR CHILD I SWEAR!" Azerael walked forward slowly as a smile of pure insanity took over his face his eye's became Red and his Irisis slit like a cats. "no Mercy." his teeth into fangs. and his Nails into claws. Raven's eye's widen as he looked at his son change. "Azerael please we deal with him later." but Raven's words were not heard as he Grabbed williams arm and Tore it out of his socket. William let out a Loud sherik of Pain "AHHH WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING BOY AHHHH. MEDIC MEDIC SAVE ME AHHHHHH." William Grabed the wound and tryed to the stop the bleeding but Azerael rose up his hand and Scratched Williams Face four times leaving digusting scratches all over his face. Williams face was soaked in blood. Azerael stabbed the sword he had grabbed in this Williams Leg. "stay put." Azerael spoke these words with a insanity and madness taking over his voice. Azerael grabed Williams hair who begun screaming and yelling for help but Azerael sunk his fangs right into his preys neck. as he begun feeding on the blood of King William. Raven closed his eye's and turned away and thought to himself. "I shouldn't of came in here like this. I should of tryed to Nagociate my ways not get what I wanted through Violence like a Savage." Azerael looked up at the roof of the castle his face covered in blood as he licked his Lips and wiped off the access blood. He stood up and walked back to his father. "Let's go Father, you too Merrick" Raven followed as did Merrick. Raven could sense it deep down the boy he was raising sixmonths ago the caring a loving five year old was no longer there this was a dark and hatred filled version of his son. Raven could only hope this feeling would pass.

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