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Anyone else not fond of Adrian?  essie1689 0 793 over a year ago
Vampire Academy 30 day challenge  bussykussi 97 6506 over a year ago
second movie  kpybus2 1 881 over a year ago
Hot or Not  forbiddenLURVE 367 16244 over a year ago
Favorite Quotes from VA!  svgirl 68 60647 over a year ago
VA *Guess the quote* game (Win props!)  YALitLover 5 1454 over a year ago
The 12 royal families  morganmayhem12 7 20531 over a year ago
the movie kinda dissapointed me  noemi98 1 723 over a year ago
Vampire Academy ~Dream Cast~  BeesDoTalk 0 941 over a year ago
VA Best Words to Describe Contest. OPEN  orkneymatrix 1 666 over a year ago
Countdown to 10000 fans ♥  bussykussi 257 8939 over a year ago
List of spots related to Vampire Academy & Bloodlines  YALitLover 3 2562 over a year ago
Vampire Academy Cast  forbiddenLURVE 201 45328 over a year ago
I love You  InLoveWithJesus 1 1425 over a year ago
the looks of the 12 royal families  Rosemary_Tonks 0 2026 over a year ago
Last One Standing (Game)  svgirl 321 11752 over a year ago
Countdown to 4000 Fans!!  Lwinchester 27 1826 over a year ago
The Time Game  edwardsgirlxx 51 3202 over a year ago
**guess the quote**  Luv_Rob_4ever 503 16302 over a year ago
One By One - Character Elimination Game  edwardsgirlxx 105 5366 over a year ago
The"VS" Game  edwardsgirlxx 40 2212 over a year ago
NOT Ben Barnes for Dimitri?  chocol8smiles 18 6295 over a year ago
Hug, Kiss or Slap  forbiddenLURVE 108 5943 over a year ago
Vampire Academy- True or False :)  DaniKatZ 10 875 over a year ago
VOTE FOR DIMITRI!!!!  alicemarvels 0 281 over a year ago
BadAss Female Characters  RATHBONE07 4 2337 over a year ago
Title of Vampire Academy 6 announced : "Last Sacrifice"  aishwarya_roza 131 39953 over a year ago
[Round 9] Best Words To Describe Contest! [OPEN]  edwardsgirlxx 164 11303 over a year ago
Countdown to 3000 fans!! ♥  DaniKatZ 7 514 over a year ago
Disappointed? (CONTAINS SPOILERS!!)  apalak 26 3758 over a year ago
Whats your favourite bit in spirit bound?  Mrs_Ashford 10 1036 over a year ago
Bad things to good people - Why?! (Spoilers)  Anjuta 2 1132 over a year ago
Who will Adrian Ivashkov end up with  Team-Dimka 7 2364 over a year ago
Guess Who? (Spoiler Alert)  black_iris 1 419 over a year ago
Okay, now I'm scared about Last Sacrifice ...  onefee27 2 1374 over a year ago
Vampire Academy EPIC Forum  Elbelle23 111 5150 over a year ago
Spirit bound discussion. Spoilers.  blix 34 6265 over a year ago
Team Dimitri or Team Adrian!  dramadiva123 28 2951 over a year ago
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One by One character elimination: Round 1!  DaniKatZ 34 2595 over a year ago
vampire academy  rozarocks20 0 543 over a year ago
TREND #VampireAcademy ON NOVE. 7TH  uknowit06 0 328 over a year ago
Last Sacrifice Tour Schedule!  cr6zym0nkeyiz 0 327 over a year ago
extra story!!!!!!!!!  hontwilightfan 0 566 over a year ago
Vampire Academy A-Z Game [=  niikkii__xx 33 2383 over a year ago
WHICH CHARACTER DO YOU SUITE MORE!!!  love_VA 4 672 over a year ago
VA image contest! you win props :)  xharrypotterx 0 576 over a year ago
Possible Abe/ Dimitri connection  onefee27 1 722 over a year ago
song for the favourite moments!!!!!!!  love_VA 7 905 over a year ago
is this possible  Team-Dimka 3 610 over a year ago
rose ending up with someone else..  love_VA 36 2380 over a year ago
OMFG! Emma Watson brother looks like Adrian Ivashkov!  Mrs_Ashford 10 14009 over a year ago
Who framed Rose  Team-Dimka 44 3270 over a year ago
Spot Banner Changes {CLOSED} : Go Vote!  edwardsgirlxx 59 2008 over a year ago
Last Sacrifirce  VampireAcademy7 22 1080 over a year ago
You know how theres only 11 royal familes mentioned? Theres 12 yes and don't you think Mead would have mentioned that family? I believe that family may play a big role soon :) Also, what about the other stuff thats not been mentioned? Or shes been vague a  morganmayhem12 2 1064 over a year ago
Lissa's Half Sibling  Team-Dimka 0 1202 over a year ago
Who stole the file on Lissa's father  Team-Dimka 0 337 over a year ago
St. Anna's Vampire Academy  VampMelissa 0 300 over a year ago
The "Kiss" Game  edwardsgirlxx 10 804 over a year ago
I'm curious who do you think is Dimitri's father? I mean i know he's royal but he never said his name?what if he's related to adrian? What if they're brothers? What if Andrew is really Dimitri's dad? There's a big twist in the story somewhere tell me what  mariecline26 31 3008 over a year ago
Do you want to join a Vampire Academy RPG?  VampMelissa 0 208 over a year ago
VA Clothing and accessories  eliycsha 0 2894 over a year ago
Spirit Bound - *Potential Spoiler*  niikkii__xx 4 582 over a year ago
OMG!!!!! if u r a fan of ben barnes... >>>>  love_VA 8 1566 over a year ago
What Question Would You Ask Richelle?  dawrn_awaits 3 1089 over a year ago
Spirit Bound  forbiddenLURVE 88 20834 over a year ago
Vampire Academy Survey!  svgirl 15 789 over a year ago
Icon Contest~  callejahLUVSed 0 432 over a year ago
Sign my Twitition!!!  VampireAcademy7 0 178 over a year ago
Has anybody considered that christian may have feelings for rose?  xclarabellax 7 813 over a year ago
do you think Elisabeth Harnois is a good actress for lissa?  Mrs_Ashford 0 788 over a year ago
Who thinks Dimitri will become a dhampir again and who thinks Rose will end up killing him?  morganmayhem12 7 1853 over a year ago
Countdown to Spirit Bound!  I_Love_Cullen 9 1684 over a year ago
OMG!!!!! BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!  VampireAcademy7 15 877 over a year ago
Is Vampire acadmey already a movie? What if Rose AND Adrain were brother and sister hats why Adrain is so wanting to know more about Rose?And other questions  Damikaluvr 9 874 over a year ago
the twist  goodvsevil 0 601 over a year ago
Catch me by demi lovato, a gud 4 dimitri and rose?  VampireAcademy7 68 4505 over a year ago
AD- NEW BOOKS that VA FANS MIGHT LOVE..  love_VA 10 752 over a year ago
Learning's a link to teach you the basics of russian w/ audio tutorials by Dimitri Paranyushkin  mariecline26 1 551 over a year ago
Let it slide by Nikki flores is a song that automatically remind me of Dimka and Rose pls..listen..and tell me what you think about it..  mariecline26 1 1108 over a year ago
Falling Over Me, Demi Lovato, another good song for Dimitri and Rose?  VampireAcademy7 2 269 over a year ago
Information Site.  monLOVEbrucas 8 462 over a year ago
SPIRIT BOUND FRONT COVER>>>>>>  love_VA 5 1805 over a year ago
what did you think of blood promise ?????  pixie09 16 1592 over a year ago
who would play in the movie??  italiangirl976 1 685 over a year ago
Vampires Academy Books are AMAZING  victorias 1 415 over a year ago
what u loved bout rose and dimitri?? book 4  love_VA 11 1231 over a year ago
can rose kill dimitri.  love_VA 4 627 over a year ago
What VA Character Do You Wish to Be?  dawrn_awaits 20 1041 over a year ago
Richelle Mead  forbiddenLURVE 11 528 over a year ago
Your.favourite moments in VA...  love_VA 19 807 over a year ago
Blood Promise :)  edwardsgirlxx 135 10096 over a year ago
Final Moments Of Shadow Kiss...  edwardsgirlxx 13 425 over a year ago
Rachel Mead is so awesomeeeeeeeee  Frostbite 2 1714 over a year ago
what do u think of lisa character?  Frostbite 15 1371 over a year ago
Tell me why you love Dimitri?  vampiressJazz 2 402 over a year ago
Whose reading the series before Blood Promise release???  dawrn_awaits 4 645 over a year ago
Rate Dis!  dawrn_awaits 23 941 over a year ago
Blood Promise Excert  dawrn_awaits 5 551 over a year ago