Twilight Series What other things would you "miss" if you were turned a Newborn??

Pick one:
Eating Cookie Dough!
Eating Cookie Dough!
How comfy your bed & amp; pillow under your head feels...
How comfy your bed & pillow under your head feels as you drift off to sleep...
I&# 39; d miss the cool, thirst- quenching taste of my...
I'd miss the cool, thirst-quenching taste of my favorite soda!
Dairy Queen!!!!
Dairy Queen!!!!
I&# 39; d miss having tears. Happy & amp; Sad Tears!
I'd miss having tears. Happy & Sad Tears!
I&# 39; d miss JUST being ME!
I'd miss JUST being ME!
I&# 39; d miss getting a sun tan on a beach!
I'd miss getting a sun tan on a beach!
 JulietAtHeart posted over a year ago
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