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Hiya everyone! ^.^ Okay, so this will be my last post until Tuesday of next week, because this weekend is 4th of July. Thanks for ALL your wonderful comments! I appreciate you guys with all of my heart <3 Thanks for reading, y'all :) Enjoy!! (I really like this chapter, too :P)
Summer was the last to climb down from the steel hatch door. They were going in the right direction and she was going to make sure things stayed that way.

She bolted the lock and jumped down from the ladder.

She wiped the dirt off her hands, "Alright, let's keep going."...
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posted by dzass
hey ;)I wrote a parody I think you laughed heartily, I'm sorry for mistakes...
Bella lying on the floor and the kidney, they were at Carlisle and Edward. well I heard what they are talking, but I was not interested, I thought, how to draw the attention of Bell Edvos that they face suvalgyčiau D as Edward thought Bella and only he could read the thoughts of others but what to think. I suddenly had an idea "and has Dzaspis ketchup" as long as they were all concentrated James combustion. insert hand to match his pockets and was looking for ketchup. and what did I just deteriorate: gandonu pack,...
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posted by LexisFaith
After Sarah's party, she had layed down on the couch beside Dad and fell asleep with her head on his lap. Mom was sitting on the other side of her and Jake and I gathered up all her presents and put them in the back of the Audi.
Jasper and Alice had gotten her more clothes and shoes, and a couple of dresses. She said they were for her to dress up in, but they looked like they were at least three hundred dollars a peice.
Emmet and Rosalie got her a pimped out power wheels. It was pink and went fifteen miles an hour. Good thing they got her a helmet to go with it.
Mom and Dad gave her a photo albam...
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Bellas POV

Charlie was still at work. He wouldn't be back till ten to eight. It was only six now. Time passed qiuckly at Edwards house.

Atseven thirty I decided to reheat leftover steaks and potatoes from last night. I put both mine and Charlies plates in the microwave.I herad Charlies car pull im the driveway. He was just in time. He came in the door and I was just putting his plte on the table.

"Your just in time. Your supper is ready"

" Yeah I can see" he puased to smell the air."smells good Bella"


"I will be back in a minute. Im going to change out of my uniform" He said

"Ok" I grabbed...
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posted by gossipgirlstar2
You can now pre-order your own copy of The Twilight Saga: New Moon soundtrack at iTunes and as a bonus you will get Anya Marina's "Satellite Heart." Check out the full set list of what you can expect for the upcoming new album. Many of the songs have yet to be heard so getting the pre-sale of this item is a must for Twilight fans. The New Moon soundtrack goes viral on October 20th.

1.Death Cab For Cutie- Meet Me On The Equinox
2.Band Of Skulls- Friends
3.Thom Yorke- Hearing Damage
4.Lykke Li- Possibility
5.The Killers- A White Demon Love Song
6.Anya Marina- Satellite Heart
7.Muse- I Belong To You (New Moon Remix)
8.Bon Iver & St. Vincent- Rosyln
9.Black Rebel Motorcycle Club- Done All Wrong
10.Hurricane Bells- Monsters
11.Sea Wolf- The Violet Hour
12.OK Go- Shooting The Moon
13.Grizzly Bear (with Victoria Legrand)- Slow Life
14.Editors- No Sound But The Wind
15.Alexandre Desplat- New Moon (The Meadow)
posted by joe-edwardfan
Chapter 13
6 months later
Edwards pov (from what happens in the last chapter)
I was so dipresed its been 6 months scince bellas missing I am sitting on the coutch watching nothing. my family was dipresed too so jaspered went out a lot not wanting to be in the same room as us he tried to cheer us up but it didn’t work rose was less concerned and acted like nothing had happen Emmett and Alice were mostly like me they loved Bella as their sister Emmett alwas made fun of her and made her blus, Alice was so dipressed more like me ,now she hated me less and tried...
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posted by BuffyFaithFan1

Chapter Eleven: So What Did You Think I Would Say? You Can't Run Away, No You Can't Run Away...You Wouldn't
This isn't how the terror ended for us...this is how it began! At first, everything seemed alright. Until now. Our plan was working, until now! We were betrayed by two friends of ours: Rick and Zo. They were spies for the Ramens, and I knew something was up. But not until it was too late....
A Ramen came by, and was holding Jake hostage in our room. And by 'holding Jake hostage' I meant getting...
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posted by surfergal
When I woke up, Nathen was still by my side except this time his head was lying back on the chair. Everyone was still in the same posistion as they were when I woke up the last time except Edward and Bella were there. I was thinking to myself, I wonder if Nathen has even left and Then I looked at Edward and he shook his head no. Poor thing he must be exuasted everyone must be. This is what I was saying before how everyone had to worry about me. I was sad that this happened to me but I was glad that no one else would have to go through it, I mean like I could take the pain but someone else might...
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
As soon as I woke up I checked my phone. There was nothing, not even a voicemail! I went down stairs and grabbed a Red Bull and Sunny D. I mixed them together and it created my favorite drink. I sat on the couch looking down at my
drink wondering why Collin hadn't called yet. So Collin hasn't calls you, Emmett asked. No he hasn't, I bet Jake has him doing a double shift or something. I don't have him doing anything for me Jake said has he walked through the door.
Do you know why he hadn't called me? I asked Jacob. I can't tell you anything. Please just promise me you will wait and let him tell...
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posted by jamiesue00
Things have been going well around the Cullen grounds. I was getting bigger every single day; I didn’t know how much bigger I could possibly get. The boys were always active, kicking me in the sides and always stretching themselves out. Jacob and I were trying to get things ready for the twins’ arrival. We had decided to knock one wall down in between the two bedrooms up stairs to make one large room. Alice and Rose went shopping almost every day for the boys; coming home with bags of cloths and other necessary items. Grandpa would have me come to the house every other day to get an ultrasound...
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posted by bitten_byedward
I personal would like to just speak my mind. To all of you don't want her to be Jane, I guess I understand. But, I like Dakota Fanning. She's a great actress and I think she'd be great. Here are some reasons why I want he to be Jane.

1. She's been in TONS of movies, so she has experience.

2. She looks the role (In my opinion.)

3. She in "Push" so I would think she has some experience with things like New Moon (and the rest).

4. She's always the good-girl. For once she should be bad.

Those are only some that I can think of at the moment.

If you don't want her to be, I respect that. Also, if you think that, leave a comment saying why or why not please!

Also, if you actually read this: