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When I got the invitation to Bella and Cullen's… uh erm…wedding, I honestly thought someone had put me on the show Punk'd. I mean, what could Bella possibly see in that freak! Well, that was probably a stupid thought because he has the money, the perfect looks (Jessica's words not mine! I'm definitely not gay!), perfect grades, the perfect family, the perfect car, the perfect body (again, not my words!), and now the perfect wife. Great. But I'm willing to bet they'll get a divorce within the first year of … marriage. Ew. Then she'll come running into my arms and I can gladly undress...
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*by Stephenie Meyer*

NEW MOON - chapter 1 - PARTY

The sight of Alice there - her tawny eyes brilliant with excitement, and a smel silver-wrapped quare in her hands - made me frown. I'd told Alice I didn't want anything, anything, not gifts or even attention, for my birthday. Obviously, my wishes were being ignored.
I slammed the door of my '53 Chevy truck - a shower of rust specks fluttered down to the wet blacktop - and walked slowly toward where they waited. Alice skipped forward to me, her pixie face glowing under her spiky black hair.
"Happy birthday, Bella!"
"Shh!" I hissed, glancing around...
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*Your hair looks like hay!
*You're a little fat!
*Every boy in the school prefer Bella than you!
*If you look in the mirror it breaks!
*Emmett is cheating you with Jessica!
*Emmett told me that you're so worthless that! doesn't serve either to have a child!
*Carlisle told me that he saved you because you were ruining the beauty of the streets!
*Edward prefer Bella because she's human!
*Emmett said he is dating you because he feels sorry for you!
*I think you love Jacob Black!
*I think emmett is too beautiful for you!
*You look like a transvestite!
*You are the worse baseball player in the world!
*You are smelling like a dog! I think you had sex with jacob!
*You are just a pretty face, but you are so dumb!
OK I'm very unsure about this story but I thought I would try.

As I sat in the diner I flashed a smile at all the waitresses. A few of them were staring very rudely. Of course I could hardly blame them. Day after day I came in and sat. I never ate anything, but I would leave a tip every time. I sat by the bar, waiting for Jasper. Again. How long could it possibly take him? He was a vampire; shouldn't he be faster than this? I wanted to look for him, but I usually tried not to see the future while I was in public. I would look like I was in a trance and often scare everyone. I told myself that...
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*by Stephenie Meyer*


Everyone watched us as we walked together to our lab table. I noticed that he no longer angled the chair to sit as far from me as the desk would allow. Instead, he sat quite close beside me, our arms almost touching.
Mr. Banner backed into the room then - what superb timing the man had - pulling a tall metal frame on wheels that held a heavy-looking, outdated TV and VCR. A movie day - the lift in the class atmosphere was almost tangible.
Mr. Banner shoved the tape into the reluctant VCR and walked to the wall to turn off the lights.
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posted by Alice_Cullen_
The Character

Name: Royce King

Type: Human

Special Ability: None

About Them: Royce King's family was one of the richest in town because his father owned a bank. Royce courted Rosalie and gave her bouquets of flowers-violets because he thought they matched her eyes and roses for her name, Rosalie. Without delay, Royce proposed to Rosalie and she accepted due to her vanity not knowing Royce only loved her for he
r beauty. Royce bragged to his friends about how beautiful Rosalie was and so naturally they wanted him to show them. So when Rosalie was returning home one night after visiting her friend...
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What I think makes Edward & Bella soul mates is Bella's unwavering faith she puts in Edward's restraint to not kill her while she is still a human.

Edward as well as incredible love for Bella which in turn makes him perfect for her and she perfect for him. In every sense of the old saying: They cannot live without each other. This is is made plain in New Moon when Edward leaves Bella in order to protect her form him.

Bella becomes a literal zombie.Devastated by Edward's decision to leave her. One of my favorite quotes form New Moon is when Bella says to Edward: "I'd rather die than be with...
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the following story is true ........meh i whiskey37 it made yuu laugh

'ash get up now' scott screamed into mi ear. scott was mi older brother, well one of mi older brothers i have 4. 'what do yuu want' i moaned. 'umm first day of skewl remember reject' he said with a smart ass tone then left.( right: skewl i think ill give it a miss i thought 2 miself and went bak 2 sleep). next thing mi alarm went off. my door crept open and 4 boys leapt on to the bed.'AWWW' i grunted 'GET OFF' 'GET UP' zaviour retalliated. aww i could feel the weight pushing down on me. 'ok fine' i yelled' 'thankyou'...
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Chapter 5: Embracing Your Inner Succubus

When we got back to our villa, it was pitch black out. Jake carefully laid me down on the bed. “Nessie, I think that we should go home, you really don’t look well at all.” I tried to sit up but the dizziness overtook me and I lay back down. “I’m fine,” I croaked. “I just need to eat something I will be all right.” Jake stood up, “I am giving you until tomorrow if you are not better we are out of here. I am going to get you something to eat.” I held my hand out and stopped him. “I didn’t want anything from the fridge. “I want...
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Chapter 11: The Times They Are a Changin’

“So, you have an ice house.” I offered. It was a nice house a decent size with beautiful furniture. But it had an empty feel to it. Sienna shrugged, a house and a home are two different things she said bitterly. Ever since my mother died my father consumes himself with work. My sister Jessica took off after graduation she lives in Buffalo, NY. I was not really close with her we are complete opposites. I guess you could say my mom was the glue that held this family together”. “How long ago did she die? I asked. “I was a baby I don’t even...
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posted by BuffyFaithFan1
BLOOD LUST. . . . . .By: BuffyFaithfan1
"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""Chapter Eight: When The Stars Go Blue...""""

There is this lyric from a song by Haley James Scott called DANCING WHEN THE STARS GO BLUE. Its a cover for the song by Tim McGraw WHEN THE STARS GO BLUE. The lyric is: "...Where do you go when youre lonely?..." And it got me thinking. . . .Where DO you go when your lonely? Like where does the lonelyness go? Does it just vanish into thin air? Disappear into the darkness of the past? Fly off into its cave like hole, waiting to affet some body else? Or does...
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Ok I hope you guys are enjoying this, because it's kind of fun to write. :)

Here's a quick flash back to remember the story up to this point.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

We all broke into our smaller groups and waved/smacked the others as we made our way into the woods.

"All right Emmett, 1 weeks worth of mucking the stalls is the bet that I find the beast before you." Aaron said as he walked into the woods.

"Oh, that's a bet that I want a part of." John laughed as he followed Aaron in.

"OK, but remember that you are the one who made the bet Aaron. No whining when I win."...
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Author's Note:Okay.So first of all,all the characters in this fanfic are human.I thought I's make that clear.LoL.Second of all,the families are pretty much all the same,but they're also kinda different.

The Cullens--Carlisle{father},Alice{daughter},Emmett{son},and Edward{son}
~Their mother,Ana,died 15 years ago

The Hales--Esme{mother},Rosalie{daughter},and Jasper{son}
~Their father,Peter,died while Esme was only seven months pregnant

The Swans--Charlie{father},Renee{mother},and Bella{daughter}
~Renee and Charlie never split up

So,in this fanfic,Rosalie,Alice,Edward,Emmett, Jasper,and Bella are best...
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Twilight: Fiction or Friction?

We call this story fiction, but is it creating more then that?


Since when did a book create so much controversy?
Am I the only sane person who has read Twilight? For example, the web sites dedicated to hating Twilight is absolutely childish, now I am no professional on crap, but I assure you, making hate-websites is the most pathetic attempt I have yet to see. Don't they have anything better to do? Honestly, how much more of a infant can they be? For the most part I find it completely humorous that people who hate Twilight would spend hours dedicating time toward...
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