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Chapter 15: The Gloves come off (back to Nessie’s P.O.V.)

I woke up gasping for air. What a strange dream, I was with Jacob and the strange girl that is in the pictures that Sienna draws. She was with Seth the four of us were in the forest when all of a sudden the guys phased and threw us on to their backs and fled in terror, something evil was descending on us, I curled down onto Jacob as low as I could and held onto his fur so that I wouldn’t fall. My hands brushed his face and he shuddered. I couldn’t tell if it was due to his own fear or to the fear that I had projected to him through...
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Jake and Nessie
Jake and Nessie
This was the hardest chapter to write, so I hope you enjoy it! Matthew, thanks for believing in me! X

I stayed up late into the night brain storming ideas on where to meet with my Aunt and Uncle, I didn't want to give our position away but I couldn't think of any where else to take them. I heard the phone ring and shot out of the room. I snatched it from it's cradle

"Hello? Rosalie, Emmett?" I breathed down the phone.

"Renesmee, we got away ok, no-one's following us at least. Edward and Bella think we're taking another holiday to visit our old friend Loria. Where are you? Are you and Jacob safe?"...
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