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We know how Bella has some serious issues about aging because each year she ages, she becomes one year “older” than Edward. Her fear of aging is borderline neurotic, but it all seems to stem from not wanting to appear older than Edward. I’d always had a hard time understanding this – after all, Edward is well over 100 years old – he just doesn’t look it. And I always thought “So what if Bella becomes a few years ‘older’ than Edward in appearance? No one’s going to be able to tell!” But I suppose it’s a big deal to Bella. To this day, I don’t understand that fear.......
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So here it is, right on time, something at is hard for me to do because I love to procrastinate :) So here is 2, and it's in Bella's POV

Well I tell you what I'm gonna do
I'm gonna drive to the big old muddy river
I'm gonna park my car in the middle of the
mile long bridge
And there I'm gonna cry
Well maybe just a little
Then I'm gonna slip off the ring
that you put on my finger
And give it a big old fling and watch it sink
Down, down, down
And there it's gonna lie until the Lord
comes back around

Because you lie like a priceless Persian rug on
a rich man's...
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The bikes Jake (Taylor) and Bella (Kristen) rode! No lie its the real ones people!
The bikes Jake (Taylor) and Bella (Kristen) rode! No lie its the real ones people!
Ok everyone this is scream worthy! If you go to the Toys r us in Times Square, yea the really big one! There is a whole new Moon section! Like its huge! And in the middle of the section there are these two bikes? You might wondwer to yourself 'Oh my god! Are those the actual ones fromt he movie?' hmmm? Then you look above your head and and see the Volturi chairs thats Marcus, Cauius and Aro sat in and you they look pretty real too! So you become really excited! Then you see an employ and go over and ask you you find out they are THE REAL props that Taylor, Kristen and all the actors...
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Where TwilightCostume filmed the parodies! Tyler Mansion - The Cullen House link Indian Rock - La Push Cliff Surrounding Forests - Forks/Meadow Gym/Dance Studio - Forks High School/Ballet Studio
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I must say I came up with most of those symtoms! When I first started this list, it contained only 50 reasons, but each day, I added five or 6 new. Today this post has 200+2! (I have to say that after a while I thought this list could be really long! It would be good if I could add more reasons, so I found a Forum here and added some of the fan’s opinions).
I hope you’ll enjoy this!

200+2 Symtoms of the Obsessive Twilight Disorder!

1) Always looking out the window for a rabbit, silver Volvo, red Jeep or a yellow Porsche!
2) You like telling to random people who much you love Twilight!
3) “Googling”...
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