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posted by Edward_lover101
Edward and Charlie checked me out of the hospitl. Charlie thought that edward pushed me out of a speeding cars way. Edward convenced Charlie that Carlisle needed to look at me, because he thinks some of the doctors are stupid. Edward helped me into his car. Edward drove us to his house but didn't take me to Carlisle. Edward picked me up again and carried me over to the couch. He pulled me acrossed his lap. I layed my head on his shoulder. And before I knew it I was asleep. I dreamed about Jacob and Edward, fighting. I woke up with a little scream. Edward looked at me with his worried eyes....
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Chapter 4 - Discoveries

    When the final bell rang and I drove home, I thought about my day. Wow. It had to be the strangest day in the history of weird days. First, my angel from my dreams shows up at my school the next day. Plus, he has all my classes and sits near me in every one. And, he asks me on a date when I’ve only known him for a day. Oh, I almost forgot about his mind reading sister. I am SO taking a bubble bath tonight.
    I got home and did the little homework I had before starting dinner. I made fried venison and when my mother got home...
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posted by lovethecullens
Chapter 2: The Look in His Eyes

“So what is it Aunt Rose?” I asked in exasperation “I should be open to new things? I need human experiences? My parents love me and want the best for me?” My Aunt Rose smiled at me and waited patiently as I vented. Most view her as being callous and hard to get along with. I have a special relationship with her though. She has never once been fierce towards me. Years ago my mother told me that she felt that my aunt looks at me as though I am her baby in a way. Her human life was cut short before she could have children of her own. My Aunt Rose was my...
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posted by twilight-7
The rest of the weekend was filled with revision. Edward was constantly at my side trying to cram as much knowledge as he could into my brain. The only time I wasn’t being drilled on the names of the bones in the body and analysis of poems was when I was in the bathroom, eating or sleeping. Charlie was glad that Edward kept me busy. I thought that this was because Edward was helping me to revise but I was sure there was another reason. If only that idiotic barrier would just go away. And then I had an idea. If Charlie could block his mind from me, maybe I could block my mind from Edward....
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by Daniella Toldy
Chapter One

Today is the day i graduate. We still had to go to school at the normal 7:00 A.M., but we will get to leave at noon. I was meeting Edward at school today surprising he didn't pick me up today. i was ready for what was coming. Edward and i were to get married one week after graduation Alice had already set that up with Esme. After our honeymoon he was to change me. That i was not ready for. I would never tell him that though.
I pulled into the school parking lot and i saw the love of my life waiting for me. i just knew he wanted to run and jump into my...
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posted by twilightlover13
ok wow. I honestly don't even know where to start with this. Let me just say that the movie surpassed all of my expectations. It was just right and what all of the critics are saying are the perfect things. If you haven't read the books, then you most likely would not find very much talent in the actors or understand the storyline very well. The movie stayed to the core of the story wonderfully. Robert Pattinson could not have done a better job. His voice was velvet, scary when needed, and his facial expressions delivered with ease. It almost seemed natural to him. Kristen Stewart was definitely...
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Chapter 4 is now up please read and comment below. Chapter 5 is coming soon and so is the wedding with a few funny bits from Emmett in them. Look out for it.

Alice's POV
As I braked the car in a perfect posistion right outside the front door, I caught it. It was a vision I had whilst I was thinking about how to get Bella to co-operate without a fuss.
In my vision I plainly walked into the room, dress in my hand, in plain sight,as to not scare her with the unknown. As my vision self walked to the edge of the room her heart had suddenly increased. She had tried to run out, when Edward had walked...
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bella slept all that night she looked so fragile if it wernt for the fact that her breathing was so heavy i would be sure she was dead. that thought hurt more then the thought of her leaving me and that was really bad.
but life it seams was allways going to be like this me putting bella in danger she on the verg of dieing.
but this was by far the worst.

i heard jacob comming in "jocobs outside he is just resting.
`ill go meet him i could use some air you say with bella edward i am getting a little worried` carlisle sighed.
"im just going to meet jacob and talk to him for a while" he sighed...
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Kristen Stewart is itching to get her baby bump on—as her Twilight heroine Bella, of course!

During today's New Moon panel discussion at Comic-Con, K.Stew was asked which aspect of the upcoming films she was most looking forward to. "Uh, I can't wait to get pregnant," she said, giggling.

In on the joke, costar Robert Pattinson added, "I can't wait to perform the Caesarean!" The screeching 6,000-person crowd, of course, caught the reference to the gruesome birth that takes place in Breaking Dawn—which is still three movies away!

But the panel wasn't all about vampire spawn. Costar/werewolf...
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posted by Angelcatz11
Renesme's POV

I laughed, Jacob was a great guy and very funny. I loved him, I mean who wouldnt?! He's cute smart, Buff, and Funny. I think even mom has a crush on him! "Ness!"Jacob shouted/laughed. "Huh? Oh I'm sorry jacob what were you saying?" I dumbfoundly asked. "I said do you want to go to dinner with me on friday?" He smiled. "I would love to! But I have to ask my mom and dad... My dad will probably say no.. He dosnt like you" "I know, call me ok?" He ask's. "Okay!" I say cheerfully.

1 hour later.
"Mom, Can I ask you something?" I dubiously said. "Sure hunny" Then mom put down the paper and gave me a warm smile. "Well you see jacob kinda asked me out on a date." "Really? Well I would say yes but the final desicion is up to your dad" She said seriously. I sighed, I then sent mom a mind message saying, "I know".
I personally translated it, so bear with any errors. lol

Kristen and Cam interview by "Crepúsculo-es"

Q: What do you most like about your character?
- Kristen: What I most like about Bella is that she's not your typical fragile girl. Bella is strong, even it not showing as much when she's next to all those vampires.
- Cam: For me it's the fact that James can see the love Edward and Bella share, but doesn't understand it and does everything to destroy it. I think that's something we all do. We try to destroy things we don't understand.

Q: Have you read the books? Did you read...
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posted by uniquezandy
Bellas POV
"Where is Edward?" The Voltori shouted. Why should I give up on him. I am being held here, (in Italy,) And the Voltori are holding me captive. "Where is he?" Aro creeply asked. I never thought, he has got so much madness in him. "I'll never tell not in a million years. Not in a billion years." I shouted. Knowing, them they will torture me, till I give up. "You know Bella, you are still human, and all it takes to kill you is one accidental; slip to the throat ." Marcus warned. I could feel his breath on my slender throat. "Over my dead body." I said. Jane, (being Jane,) wanted to...
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I woke up the next morning full of energy,ready to do something.I hurried to get dressed throwing on a pair of denim short shorts, a tank top and a pair of flip flops. I skipped into the kitchen and looked in the cabinets.
"We have no food."I heard a voice say from behind me. I turned and saw Edward in only a towel wrapped around his waist and water leaking down his body. I opened my mouth to say something, but nothing came out, he just chuckled lightly.
"I'm going to the store in an hour or so..If you wanna come with me and pick up somethings..that'll be ok."He said to me.I nodded my head in...
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*Comment/review for sneak peeks and a prop! Enjoy this episode!*
^My Bird Says Review!^ O>
A Youtube Script:
*episode twenty*
*How we got pregnant*
Edward’s P.O.V:
I was going to kill someone.
*done thinking*
Emmett: Congratulations, Ed! You had a boy! I named it Mason!
~Back with Rose, Ed, and Belly~
Edward: Why didn’t you tell me!?!
Bella: Uh…um…i-i-i-I’m…
Edward: And how did it happen, we never did anything other than kiss.
*from downstairs*
Emmett: Dude, did you hear me? You had a boy!
*back upstairs*
Edward: I mean…it never could’ve happened…oh...
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Anna Kendrick, co-star of the upcoming film ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. the World,” has a unique perspective on the hullabaloo surrounding the “Twilight” movies and book series. Kendrick has had a role in the first three films of the franchise (playing Bella’s friend, Jessica Stanley), but because she’s not a main character, the 25-year-old actress isn’t the focus of intense media or fan attention, like Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are.

During a recent conversation with Kendrick, Speakeasy asked the actress about her insider-outsider status. “I just feel really...
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10.: Tell him only to address you in a cute English accent.

9.: Call him Carlisle, but be sure to pronounce the 's'. When he corrects you, give him a weird look and tell him the 'q' is silent.

8.: Ask if blondes really do have more fun.

7.: Inquire as to what he actually does during his night shift at the hospital, with all those pretty nurses in ER.

6.: Instead of telling him to "get lost" in an argument, tell him to swim to France.

5.: When he annoys you, respond with "times have changed, old man".

4.: Ask him what type of superhuman power compassion is - what does he do in a fight? Love thy enemy to death?

3.: Leap out from behind the desk in his study when he isn't expecting it and spray him with holy water.

2.: Call him Doctor McSteamy or McDreamy.

and finally......

1.: Run around the Emergency Room screaming "I've been bitten! I've been bitten!".
Hi again everyone! I honestly like this chapter because it's one of the turning points in Cold Roses. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do! Thankies for reading :D Love each of you guys <333
Unexpected Reunion
Summer drifted off to sleep eventually, the tears remaining in her eyes. She never wanted to hurt anyone, particularly not Jake. She woke up four hours later, unable to sleep much longer. She rolled to her other side and faced her already waking daughter. Chloe’s eyes were bright and shining at her mother, “Good morning, mommy!”...
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Switzerland, French:...
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Nikki's POV
I woke up! My head hurt ! I remind of Kellan leaving me!
“You love Taylor”
-No! I don’t love Taylor! I love you - I said it softly, even though he wasn't there.
Today we would start shooting, what meant I was going to see him!
I put a purple t-shirt, jeans, all stars and sunglasses! I entered in my car and I drove slowly to the set!
When I came to the set, Kristen came to talk to me, she didn’t know yet about my awful night, but my eyes have betrayed me!
-What’s happened, dear?
-He kissed me!
-Isn’t that good?
-No! Because he said that he was sorry, and that...
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posted by Darktimes104
I hope everybody likes this chapter, I had writers block. LOL. Please comment.

Emmett's POV:
I had to control my thoughts, Esme said so. Easier said than done though. I'm in love with her. I have only known her for 48 hours so, I don't think I should tell her yet. I will weight for the right moment, but for now I am going to enjoy every second I get to be with her.
I took Rose and sat on the couch. I kissed her, it was supposed to be sweet but turned more in to passion. My hands were knotted her long blond hair to hold her close, and her arms were around my neck. "Emmett come here please." Someone...
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