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posted by bella01
[while unpacking]

I am absentmindedly arranging my books.I have many books,i love reading.actually it takes 4 bib boxes for all of my books.

"you have many books" edward said.that brought me back to reality.

"what?" i asked

"i said you have so many books and it looks like you have a beautiful book collection"he said

"ahhhh......ok" i said

"bella,bella you have so many clothes ,ten boxes so far"alice said while jumping up and down.

"what?!"i asked confused,i told mrs. meyer before i leave not to send all of my clothes.

"we will be best friends ,because you are like me i can see it now we will go shopping...
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this idea has been bugging for a while now. I couldn't think of a better title it you can plz post it as a comment belowthxs

Sami's pov

"I HAVE HAD ENOUGH" I all but yelled at my friends."Team Edward of Team Jacob " I was always asked "neither" I would answer "Team Jasper",then the would go on arguing about who's cuter Edward or Jacob.I ran home and into my room I tore down my twilight poster and ripped it to shredders.I thew out the remains and laid down on my bed "I wish they would just drop it and move on"I whispered to myself,but that's not going to happen with the movies coming out soon....
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posted by CourtneyGirl
Ok first off really really sorry about if i spelled her name rong i am the worst speller on the face of the earth. Ok wel in the first book i didn't like her all that much because she kept on glairing at bella and its like dude whats your problem and she is all mean to bella and what not. And in the 2nd book i really just hated her because she just went and F@$%*& everything up by telling alice that Bella killed her self and made him almoast kill him self wich would only make Bella of corce kill her self. And i really just hated her because she also voted that bella stay human i mean who...
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1 the test reasults

Please tell me what you think .

Edward and I had just came home from our honeymoon. Sadly I'm still a human.=( I don't see why he doesn't just change me . I've married him but no he says that would be selifish ....blah blah blah .

While I was thinking edward pulled my hand "time to get on the plane"he said.On the plane I was having very bad tummy cramps .I wasn't worried.

When we got to the Cullen house , alice was looking at me funny . When i went to the bathroom and came out she was in the bathtube wacthing me.

"Alice what do you what "
"let's get out of edward's hearing...
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posted by joe-edwardfan
Chapter 14
Bella pov
Me and matt went home and changed I took out the left ravioly out of the fridge and warmed it up for charlie I went upstaires and fiond matt lying on my bed reading romeo and juliet
-that's one of my faves!
I sat down beside him and read a few pages with him when I heard Charlie's cruiser coming near the house I got up and went down stairs matt followed me he kissed my forehead and went and sat on the couch turnning on the TV watching baseball ugh! I I don’t get that game and it reminds me of old times.
I ran up stairs and took romeo and juliet and went back down stairs in...
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posted by GothicGirl0525
End of chapter 5
After a few minutes I took off after the smell going slowly and quietly. They were a little ways up and then I smelled a new scent from behind me. Ive never smelled this before. I have no idea who this is until I turn and jump out of the way before he smacked me out of the way. Then I turned around and there was some one new behind me and I don’t think I know them ether. Until that person took off their hood.
“Bella, How nice to finally meet you” He said

Chapter 6

I kept on looking at him and he was looking at me. I was trying to find out what the hell was going on and who...
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posted by WritenOnTheSand
How any possibility that I could have any more trouble in life than I already have is just fabulous. You always think that having two guys would be just great, but no its more like living romatic hell.

I feel like Hermia in A Mid Summer Nights Dream, She suddenly hads two men chasing after her when she has no notion of what is truly happening. her line "Oh spite, Oh hell." continues to echo through my head.

"Oh spite, oh hell." Escapes from my lips and Grandma Esther looks at me strangely. After fainting, then suddenly quoting Shakespear, I am sure that she is really stumped.

I decide to go...
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posted by lollipopszx3
A Way to Spend My Birthday

"Where are you going mommy?" asked a six year old Bella.

"Out." she said sadly. She has been really sad lately since daddy took a visit to her friend. "Okay. When are you going to be back?"

"Not for a while. You will come visit me one day. Jennette with take care of you for a while."

That was the last memory I had of my mother. I never really understood what she meant by out. Not until now.

As I read this letter tears were pouring restlessly down my cheeks.

"Dear Bella,

If you are reading this letter this means you've turned 18. I loved you very much but when your daddy...
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posted by DeadlyDarkness
Chapter 4

Screams were coming from all around me. Foot steps of the humans running. I closed my eyes and covered my ears. How could they do this to those poor humans? I thought. They hunted quick. Which means I had to leave. Leave now.

While they weren't looking I sprinted towards the door. Suprisingly, it wasnt locked. I didnt know my way around the Castle yet so I phased into a white wolf with bright green eyes. Oh great. I thought. This is when I wish I had black fur. But if I ran fast enough maybe they wouldnt see me.

I ran as fast as my legs would could go. I ran into walls often but...
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posted by GothicGirl0525
Hey guys. Hope you like it.Im going to go work on chapter 6

End of chapter 4
We got home and we told them everything and we were frozen for a while. Not saying anything until I knew what to do. It’s that time to bring the Voutie down like everyone has been waiting for so long. It’s time to call everyone back from 5 years ago and kill the voutire for GOOD.

Chapter 5:

A couple hrs later:

After a little bit we finally defrosted. I’m going to tell Edward first started to pull down my Force Field and tell him and Alice had a vision and said.
“Bella, Just say it out loud.”Alice said. Everyone...
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posted by DeadlyDarkness
Chapter 3

My vision had faded and I couldnt feel anything. But I could still hear. Some part of me didnt want to listen. But the other half did. I tried to listen but all they were talking about was how the weather was, how I was acting, and how long the antidote would last. "Somewhere between 30 minutes and an hour." I heard a female voice say. She didnt sound friendly, instead she sounded mean, angry, and somewhat irritated.

So that made me lose interest. Really at this point I felt like my brain wasnt working. Usually I heard my conscience talk to me, or whatever that voice was, but I didnt...
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posted by anna0789
emma's pov

i open my eyes and saw seth staring at me
was this a dream??
"seth ?" i ask
maybe he would disappear or i would wake up
"emms! good morning !" he said and kiss my cheek
and then i remember
seth had finally come he was here with me and he was a wolf silly me didn't remember all this

i hug him
"seth i miss you so much i was so worried never leave me please" i hid my face on his shoulder becuase i realize i had started to cry

"its ok ems i will always be there for you ,always forever ok" he said and kiss my hair
"so what do you want to do today , i know is friday but do you mind skiping...
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posted by teamalice_0
Something intresting happenes, just a heads up.

I distangled myself from the hugs of death. Even though I couldn't be squeezed to death, I still didn't want to be hugged. Even when i was human I didn't like dto be hugged, she always called me a 'rebel' though I behaved. Everyone turned towards the door, Edward and Alice came in.

Their eyes gloden, they probably hunted. Which I needed to do.Maybe I could go do that soon....

"You can you know." Edward, I almost forgot that he could read...
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posted by DeadlyDarkness
Chapter 2

"No one wants her here, Jenibel." He hissed at her. "But she's your daughter!" She exclaimed.
"And? That doesnt mean Im supposed to love her!" He raised his voice at her.
This was unusual he never did that. She flinched at his words tears welling up in her eyes. "Dont say that." She said softly.
He laughed at her, a scary sound. She had heard him, so she whipped back her hand and punched him in the face. "Your NOT the man I had married, Jonathan."
He glared at her. Tears streaming down his cheek. It hurt. Badly. Then his body started trembling. And..and then he disapeared leaving a...
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posted by GothicGirl0525
End of Chapter 3
“Bella? Bella!” Everyone in the car was yelling at me trying to get my attention.
“I’m sorry guys. I must have blanked out. I didn’t even realize I was holding on the steering wheel that bad.” I said trying to calm them all down. I got a little bit of help from Jasper and I gave him a look of saying thanks. All I could read on everyone’s face was worry concern.
'Mommy, Can you slowed down please. You’re scary when you drive like that.” She looked so scared I felt so bad.'
'Yes honey, Im sorry I didn’t even notice I was speeding. I been doing it so much...
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posted by GothicGirl0525
OKay i hope you guys dont mind but im going to stop Edwards POV for now and keeping going on with bellsa POV (tell me watcha think)

End of Chapter (Bella’S POV)
Edward had me in a huge before I have even got out of the car and then Renesmee is the one who hugged me next and Edward was having a look on his face. Like where did you guys go and you didn’t answer you guys phone look, Something’s up and you not telling me look.
     “Hey “I said hoping my voice doesn’t go all depressing on me and I’m hoping they both buy it.
    “Hey, where...
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posted by anna0789
seth's pov

i was so happy im good at being a werewolf and that i can control my temper so i could finally see emma again
we were so close that being away of her was painful and nowing what happen last time i saw her..... i wanted to hug her and tell her everything is ok

i run in my human form to the beach jacob and sam were also going to come to help me if they saw any problem but they are going to stay in the forest hidden i wanted to be alone with emma

i arrived at the beach and saw her sitting on our favorite spot she was wearing my lucky hoodie

i was suddenly very nervous emily's broken face...
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posted by anna0789
emma's pov

it has been 3 days since seth had dissapear well the story was that he was at jacob black's house but i know it was a lie because everyday i went to look at the house it was empty today i pass by the house and saw the kitchen's light
i stop and run and knock furiously

jacob black open the door
"what did you did to him where is seth" i slap him so hard but jacob didn't move i didn't even hurt him a little i started to cry

i needed seth he was the one that hug me when i needed that calm me i needed seth

"seth is taking a shower" jacob said
"ok i'll wait him" i said sobbing
"no is late...
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posted by anna0789
seth's pov

my head hurt so much i was so dizzy i felt so sick i think im going to throw up what is happening ???

we will answer all your questions just try to be calm someone said no no no one said anything because my ears didn't heard anything that voice was in my mind ...what??

i know you are confuse but you have to try to be calm that's the key the same voice said

"im not going to be calm until you show yourself" i yelled but instead of my voice i heard i growl
i froze i tried to stand up but i couldn't what was happening i was so scare ...

then i remember emma ..some guy over her i started...
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posted by DeadlyDarkness
**So, if there is anything wrong with it, like typos, grammar, or its just plain bad I apologize. My friend wrote it and I just checked over it :) **

Chapter 1

"Alexandra Marie!" I hear my name being called. And footsteps behind me. Tears suddenly stream down my cheek. There catching up to me. I look to my sides "Awh, shit." I say to myself. No doors. No windows. No nothing. "Dead end" I say and cower into the corner.

"Alexandra, I know your here." The dark velvet voice chuckled. I concentrated on the voice. Then suddenly gasped. Caius.

I felt hands that were so cold it burned my skin wrap around...
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