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posted by SuperFunFan1001
Hope ya like it!

Bella’s POV
Uuuh what happened? “ Bella? Bella sweetie?” called a sharp yet beautiful velvet voice.
I opened my eyes and sat up. In front of me there was a man with black hair and almost translucent skin.
I shot up and got into a fighting stance. “Who are you!? How do you know my name?” I growled. “Bella?” he looked confused. “It’s me Aro. Don’t you remember?” he was staring at me as if I had grown a second head. “What are you talking about? What don’t I remember?” I said to him putting as much coldness...
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This is the lyrics to death cab for cutie meet me on the equinox on the new moon soundtrack. Enjoy!

Meet me on the equinox
Meet me halfway
The sun is perched at its highest peak
In the middle of the day

Let me give my love to you
Let me take your hand
And as we walk in the dimming light
Oh darling understand

That everything
Everything ends
That everything
everything ends

Meet me on your best behaviour
Meet meet on your worst
For there will be no stone unturned
Or bubble left to burst
Let me lay beside you darling
Let me be your man
And let our bodies intertwine
But always understand

That everything
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it hurts to live. life to me is a second death, only like being left to bleed on a pavement instead of a quick stab, then to be left in peace. death and life are much the same thing now. only death seems more peaceful, i already know, as i watch other people living there lives, there is nothing left for me. fun was like a greek word to me now. i didnt know what i ment. i thought about making the most of life before the pain killed me for sure. i couldnt remember HOW to have fun. what was the point of going to the beach? it wasn't going to bring my future back. it wouldnt make me feel any better....
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new moon, bellas depresstion. the 1st few months

it hurts to live. life to me is a second death, only like being left to bleed on a pavement instead of a quick stab, then to be left in peace. death and life are much the same thing now. only death seems more peaceful, i already know, as i watch other people living there lives, there is nothing left for me. fun was like a greek word to me now. i didnt know what i ment. i thought about making the most of life before the pain killed me for sure. i couldnt remember HOW to have fun. what was the point of going to the beach? it wasn't going to bring...
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posted by weluvB5
Iight my name is jocelyn! i luv b5! bryan is ma fav! i wish i could meet him and have conversation with him dhat wuld be extra raw! omg i wannna meet him so badly! but i also wanna meet da rest of b5! i luv dem ALL!

posted by SuperFunFan1001

Sorry for not writing in a while, I could come up with excuses for why I haven't written that are true but I will just save the time and say I had writers block......
Oh! Also in chapter 3... I was thinking of Cacius or watever the heck his name is...
Oh another thing!

Bella's POV

After a few hours of running and and some swiming we finally made it to the Volturi castle. It was huge and beautiful but no place I will ever want to live.

"Right this way Bella dear," called Jane's mocking voice from around the corner. I followed her voice into an elevator...
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Bellas roses
Bellas roses
Im really sorry I havent posted in a long time I have been busy with holiday plans and homework over top of that too. Hope you guys like this chapter though :P...

Bellas POV

That night was pretty dreamless, no dream at all. Probably because Edward was there and chased the dream away. But I havent had that one dream in a long time. He probably started to come over whe I never had that dream anymore. I would ask him in the morning if I remembered to do so. I felt releaved that he loved me as much I loved him. He was such a gentlemen and so kind; it was unbearable. He was just to good a person,...
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posted by teamedward_2010
I do not own twilight so please don't sue!

End of Chapter 6

"Yes and not to scare you but if they know I'm here, they may know about Nessie too." I felt bad for now risking their family. "You are not risking our daughters life you had no idea that they were still alive, this is not your fault!" Edward said to me I knew he was telling the truth thanks to my talent. "I'm still sorry." I whispered but I knew they could all hear me. "Don't be you had no way of knowing." Bella said pulling me up off the couch and into a hug. She and Edward were great parents and I could see that they did not hate...
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posted by Hellohoudini
Eclipse Script Leak
By Twilight_News | 7 January 2010

"Finally we found an article that pretty much pulls all the facts as they are known together. On Tuesday an early copy of the Eclipse script, as reported by Deadline Hollywood and EW, made it online in the early evening. Many of the links have now been removed as Summit Entertainment has apparently enforced its intellectual property rights.

In the last day, we’ve seen a lot of rumor going around most notably that this will mean Jackson will be fired. In our opinion, if they didn’t fire Anna Kendrick for a New Moon script being found in...
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By Twilight_News | 6 January 2010

It is being reported that Taylor Lautner snagged an amazing 7.5 million to star in Northern Lights opposite Tom Cruise. Nikki Finki has deduced that with this sum of money Lautner has sky rocketed to being the highest paid teenaged actor in Hollywood over Zac Efron and Miley Cyrus. Fans of Twilight might think he’s worth the price tag, but as Cinema Blend points out, Lautner hasn’t carried a film on his own yet which makes the paycheck that much more impressive.

“Given that Lautner hasn’t carried a single movie without the word Twilight in the title, that’s a pretty significant gamble. Robert Pattinson’s projects beyond Twilight haven’t really gone anywhere, though granted, he hasn’t been groomed as a new star by a studio in the same way. But can the Twilight effect carry on without Bella lurking somewhere in the frame?”
posted by AliceRoxx
This is Bella dwelling on how her life turned out. It is supposed to be if Alice never saw her jump off the cliff, so they didn't go to the Volturi, Edward is still alive somewhere but she hasn't seen any of the Cullens since her disastrous birthday party. Enjoy!

“Goodnight Mama!”

“Goodnight sweetie, I’ll see you bright and early in the morning, ready for fishing with Grandpa ok? Love you”

I hugged and kissed my two, adorable children and wished them goodnight.

Oh, how big they were getting! Ben was almost eight! How I loved our little Ben, just like his father. The same sun-kissed,...
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posted by AliceRoxx
An Edward sketch x Love it x And it's not meant to look like RPatz, it was the fans' own version of Edward! x
An Edward sketch x Love it x And it's not meant to look like RPatz, it was the fans' own version of Edward! x
For all you guys that have been waiting, here's Issue 4! I don't know if it's as good as the others, it;s getting hard to come up with ideas! Please comment and tell which topics/specific ones are your favourites so I can make them better! Love you!

-Bella and Edward should sooo not be together. I thought Bella didn’t like anything cold and wet? Well Edward is certainly ice cold, and he is so soppy he could be the King of wetness.

I so don’t understand why people like Robert Pattinson more than Taylor Lautner, but hey I’m not complaining, it means more Tay-Tay for me-me!

“Ouch, a papercut”...
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posted by maureenyvette

Chapter 1

The misunderstanding with the Voltori was something i could never forget. Unlike all the near death experiences that were fading from my memories left from my human life, this one would stick.

It made me sad, Nessie would put her hand to my cheek and replay when I told her she would have to run. No mater how many times i told her we would be together, she still seemed unsure.

"You ready to hunt Nessie?" "a huh" "Do you mind if I come.....Nessie?" Jacob new she'd say yes but he wouldn't give it a rest that I was calling her after I had refused to use his nickname for my Renesmee....
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posted by twilight-7
When I opened my eyes I found myself staring into Edward’s eyes. He was lying on his side, watching me worriedly. He reached out with one pale hand and touched my cheek lightly.
“Are you okay?” he asked me.
“I’m great.” I grinned at him. He seemed to relax so I shuffled closer to him.
“I didn’t hurt you?”
I thought for a moment. I couldn’t remember a moment when he’d held me too tightly or his touch too strong but there wasn’t a time when I didn’t want him close to me. I didn’t want him to let me go last night. I made a quick assessment of my body but I couldn’t feel...
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‘Twilight’ Crash Scene Makes Moviefone’s List of Top Movie Moments of the Decade

January 2, 2010 ·

Coming in at number 4 the infamous crash scene from Twilight, on Moviefones top 25 Movie Moments of the Decade.

How could anyone ever forget that scene? When I first read Twilight, and read that part, the hair was standing up on my arms and I held my breath. To actually see that on the big screen was amazing. That one scene set all future events for the Twilight Saga in place, and marked the beginning of Bella and Edward’s journey. Even though it was not exactly like the book — it was dead on in all the important aspects. I was quite pleased with how that scene turned out.
posted by twilight-7
Everything was ready. Rosalie had styled my hair in lovely cascading curls with silver pins holding them away from my face. Alice had given me a natural look with the make-up. Light foundation, no blusher, long dark eyelashes and a nice pale pink lips. Esme and Sarah helped me into my dress and Rosalie rushed to get my bouquet.
“Is everything sorted?” I asked Esme for the umpteenth time.
“Yes,” she assured me as patient as ever. “Stop worrying.”
I nodded as Sarah tightened the corset of my dress. Esme was crouched down at my feet sorting the many layers of the skirt of the dress....
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Alright. Alot of questions and fan picks are planting many thoughts in my mind. So I'm going to return to writing articles to vent about them, cuz it's not too healthy to keep this kind of stuff in :)

Saying it right now. This article won't be formal. It's opinionated. And, I'm going to try not to be biased. This article is to mainly sort out all my thoughts and, not problems, but minor disagreements with alot of comments made. There will be no namecalling. Just clear discussion. Feel free to comment if you disagree with anything I say. Striking up debates... I love it!

Alright. To start off,...
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posted by twilightfan03
One Drop
One Drop
Hey guys i wanted to let you know that im writing a story based on the twilight saga but with a whole set of new characters. i am still working on the characters and plot so the story will be out on name is bella but plz call me lexi thats my nickname thanx

for more information send me a message thank you for reading.oh and i have a fan spot plz check it out is called twilightfan03 just like my user name thanx again

with due and respect

posted by teamedward_2010
I do not own twilight so please don't sue!

Lena talent is going to be that she can can know when people are lying or telling the truth.

End of Chap. 5
A piece of folded paper caught my eye. LENA was written in that perfect script. I felt my heart drop into my stomach. All I could think is not again.

Chapter 6
I don't know how long I stood there till I picked up the paper. I opened slowing hoping that it would disappear before I got it open.
My Lena,
I hope that my friend got this to you, I miss you dearly. It has been many years since your family and you left. I will know soon if you have...
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posted by _madz_
hey guys, thanks for the support, i'm glad you like it :P

part one
I stopped breathing. I was so nervous. I’d met other vampires and covens before, but never this many.
I shifted my weight to my right foot, listening to the slight rustle the grass made beneath my foot.
Then I heard a voice. It sounded like golden wind chimes.
“Alice! What on earth is he doing?”
“Shush Rose! This is important!” another female voice answered. Alice I suppose.
Well they sounded nice enough.
From what I could here they had slowed down, just below the ridge of the hill. What were they waiting for?
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