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posted by renesmee567
bella pov.
it was a short plane ride but a long car ride to the clock tower.It was a very sunny day,luckitly jane bought me a pair of shorts and a blue tank top and a pair of sneakers.then they got out of the car and said"STAY HERE"jane order.
so i did then a hour later,they came back with 5 people knocked out 3 females all with brown with black highlights,but al looked my age and 2 where male weired they where not knocked out or tied up not even a blindfold,then we where a someplace then somebody opened the car door and took my arm and then those girls,i felt like i was i taken

three mintunes...
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posted by uniquezandy
Bree's pov
Dear diary,
Another year has passed, and I'm back in this borading school! It's not that bad, but it's boring. At least I have a best friend here called Victoria. It eases the pain. She's a red-head; that I've been friends with since I came here when I was 11. Right now; shes loved up. She has a boyfriend called James and there both vampires. Yes Diary; I said vampires. This school, isn't normal. Surprise, surprise, it's a school for vampires. The name is a total give away if you knew the secret. I am writing this now, on the bottom bunk (that I share with victoria,) listening her...
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posted by uniquezandy
Bellas POV
It's the centuary with corsets, dresses and the old -fashion way to marry. I just wish my mother Renne and my father Charlse (short, and easy to call him Charlie), would stop forcing me to marry. I just turned 18 and now, they want me to have responsibility of being married. The worse thing is, everyday a kind and suitable bachalor arrives in our mansion. They are all sweet to care, but I don't really love them. The person I marry, I have to fall for in a 'love at first sight' thing.
It's now 10 o clock and my mother, is helping me with my lacy corset. "Hold still Isabella." She...
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posted by EdwardCullen604
sorry i haven't written in like a year but heres the next chapter:

Out the corner of my eye i could see leah had phased back, but she still looked furious jacon was trying to calm her down - he had her taking deep long breaths though she was still shaking and glaring at me with a look cold enough to make even me shiver. I turned to see who had pulled Leah away, it was Charro and the expression on his face was much the same as leahs only his anger was directed at her. seth looked absolutely gobsmacked.

"em why don't you four come back in side i'm sure there is much to, ah, discuss" carlisle always...
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posted by a-jforever
Heres part three.....I think. Enjoy.XXXX

What do you want of me?” I asked straightening up to try being civil.

“Ok you’re going to think me a complete freak when I tell you so come inside and sit down.”

“NOT INSIDE.” The bronze haired one protested.
Alice closed her eyes growing very still and then opening them.

“See Edward she won’t hurt Renesmee.” Edward nodded stepping out the way of the door. But whatever Alice had done hadn’t convinced him enough as he hurried in before us.

“Are you Phoebe?” A little girl with Bronze curly hair came round the corner smiling at me her...
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the newspaper headline glared at me from a little metal vending meshien SEATLE UNDER SIEGE - DEATH TOLL RISES AGAIN. i hadnt seen this one yet some paperboy must of just restocked the meshien. luckey for him he was nowhere around now.

great riley was going to blow a gasket. i would make sure i wasnt rithin reach when he saw the paper. let him ripp someone elses arm off.

i stood in a shadow behind a shabbt three story building trying to be inconspicuous while i waited for someone to make a decision. no wanting to meet anyones eyes, i stared at the wall beside me instead. the ground floor of...
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AN: Okay, so I just figured out how to upload and edit all of this stuff. So the last chapter was sort of more of an intro I guess, because it was so short! I am actually writing this in a notebook and copying all of in into a word document. Enough blabbing from me, enjoy!
P.S. I don't own Twilight or any of the characters. Oh darn! haha Stephenie Meyer does.

Chapter 2: First Sight
Emmett POV

    I don't remember much about what happened. I was hunting in the woods when I found a grizzly. Before I could load my gun she charged. I don't remember anything except for my angel after...
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posted by kiwi12
part 20

As I stood still, with Seth's hand on my arm, I wondered why I wasn't following my conman sense. I always had before. Perhaps I was afraid of angering Seth. Maybe I just liked the warmth. Being cold because of vampire default was uncomfortable, but the warmth that came with werewolf default was wonderful. It felt like sitting too long in front of a fire when it was snowing outside. I knew I shouldn't be that warm, but I couldn't walk away. Seth soon lowered his hand, but I remained warm.

Renesmee asked me if I would use my shadow of her gift to show something to her and Claire. I chose...
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I have recently read a fanfiction story about bella getting sick with something and then she has to stay over at the cullens and all this weird stuff happens to her. Then she can't feel pain. Its not after breaking dawn is before when she is still human. I don't know what it is called. That is why i need your help inding the name of it or find out who wrote it. I like the story and i want to finish it. Please if anyone has seen or hear about this story please send me a message...My name is Brittany. My screen name is EBRCBrit. You can add me as a friend if you want!!!
posted by bella01

then suddenly earth started to float on midair creating a very big ball of rock,then it flew very fast toward darius.darius caught it and threw it back to bella,but when its about to hit bella it turns into dust.then bella turned her attention to us.darius took advantage of the time while she is looking at us.hushed her to the ground.

"no"we shouted at the same time.

darius hand is on her neck.i know what he is planning to do and i will not let him.he is even smiling.hesitantly i turned my full attention to emmett.

"i am sorry emmett"i whispered before i pushed him.i look at my family they...
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posted by HKEILTLTOY
two weeks befor he visit

All I could think about was visiting my dad. His name is Charlie. I hadn't visted him in over three years. I would visit him for the whole summer scince I was little. Until I was old enough to make my own decisions, I was about fourteen and a half whe I stoped visiting. Im seventeen now. I live with my mom and her fiance. Her fiance's name is Phil.

I planned on visiting Charlie in two weeks. He was so happy when I phoned him, he said he bought me a present for when I come over. To be honest I was a little worried about what it was. But I kept my head held high, maybe he got me a neclace with earings and a bracelet too. I couldn't wait to see what the 'presnt' is.
posted by gossipgirlstar2
A Twilight fan who suffers from a rare lung disease had the pleasure of winning a raffle that allowed her to score an autograph from Robert Pattinson. TwiCrackAddict has the full letter posted on their site, but here is a snippet of the letter:

I can't thank you enough for taking the time out of your busy life and schedule to sign this for me. It means more to me than you will ever truly know.

I am not sure how much you were told of me, but my name is Ms. MS and I am nearly 24 years old. I have a very rare lung disorder that causes my lungs to collapse at times without any notice, and from the...
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2 years later

It has been 2 years since edward left me,the fist month was really hard but vickie helped me and Harry's wife sue watched when i was at school or went out with jake.Me and jacob started to hang out more and more and pritty soon i fell in love with the big wolf.
Jacob was finishing his last year of school and i was already finished and i was waiting for him so we could go to collage together,so when he was at school i took vickie out!
Vickie was four years old and she knew something was wrong,she stopped saying 'where's awice' or 'where's ewine' 3 months after they left.i was...
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posted by edwardcarlisle
Here's one interview I used for some questions, but since it is originally in Spanish, I decided to translate it to English ;D
Maybe it's not that good, I don't know if I translated it that well :)

CM: All right , let's begin
Rob: OK.

CM: Which is your favorite music band?
Rob: Van Morrison.

CM: Favorite song?
Rob: Amm Beside you by Van Morrison.

C: And your favorite drink?
R: Whisky.

C: Favorite food?
R: Junk food or teen food x) As you want to say.

C: Favorite city?
R: London * =O home love x3*

C: London or LA? Which do you feel as your home?
R: Neither.

C: Favorite movie? Only one option.
R: "One Flew Over...
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posted by renesmeblack
For those of you who don't know me, or have never read my fanfictions, I'm renesmeblack. I write a story from Renesmee, Jacob, Mine, and occasionally Emmett's POV. Now, I have a ton of bad ideas, and some of the things you read from me are crash tests. Thankfully, many of my readers enjoy my fanfictions. The dummy is saved!
My stories are for girls who can't stop reading the books. It's for girls who'd pester Stephenie Meyer to write a sequel, if they had a chance! I love Jacob, so that's another reason why girls read my, frankly, ameteur (hope I spelled that right!) writing. You wanna know the best part?
Okay, here goes nothing.
There. I feel better now. Yup, you read correctly. It'll never end until I grow out of the Twilight Stage (like that'll happen.).
For the very few fans I have, thanks for the support and I'll see you in the reading section!
renesmeblack xoxo
posted by AdaLove
The transition from human to vampire is said to be very painful, in fact it’s so bad that "The pain of transformation is the sharpest memory they have of their human life."(TW20). When James bites Bella in TW23, we witness this clearly. She compares the sensation in her hand to "fire", and words such as "screamed", "writhed" and "torture" enhance the agony that Bella endures even at the very beginning of the transformation process. As Stephenie Meyer points out, this is at the beginning of the conversion, "Painful enough, but not as bad as if she had several bites." (PC8)

Edward speaks in...
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posted by Edward_lover101
Why was I smelling gasoline? Then James walked though the door. He was carring a dead animal. He threw it in the ground, he poored gasilone on it. Then he set it on fire.
"That's what will happen to you if you do mange to escape the electric bars. You see, I don't want to hurt you. Bella, Victoria was just a test to see if I could find someone that I loved more than her. And I was right." He chuckled. Then he left the room. Leaving the dead animal burning. It was a good thing that this room was made of concreat. 2 hours have passed. I took out my cell phone and dialed Edwards number.
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posted by goldendragon12
Sami1002 was going to put this up but apparently she had to go on vaction so she will be gone for aleast to weaks so I'll be taking care of her articles intill she gets back.
Also in the articles if I make any mistakes or wright something you don't like please let me know .

Sami1002 wanted me to let you know that there is a club called twilight wolf pack and it doesn't have alot of fans yet also if you can't think of anything to wright in this club you might get an idea in that club.
This club seriously needs fans please join.
These are really funny facts about Jackson Rathbone many people have'n heard about him before! Enjoy!

1."I do a lot of photography, and some drawing. I try to join both things."

2."I use to sleep with all my cloth and take it to the next day. Also my hair hasn't been cleaned out for five years. No, not really. But it hasn't since long time ago."

3."I play the bass. Is really irritant. And also I play the accordion. Those two things are really irritant. And also I play the Ukulele, that is also irritant, but Spencer Bell was the one that taught me how to play the Ukulele, an incredible musician."...
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Hey, guys. This is my first fan fiction.I hope that you'll like it. It starts at the moment, when Edward and Bella left the wedding and were going to have a honeymoon. I'm sorry if there are some mistakes. Comment please.

“Huston?" she asked me, raising her eyebrows, when we riched the gate is Seatle. I smiled of her expression and thought that she couldn't even imagine, where we're going to.
"Just a stop along the way"
Bella fell asleep during the flight. I was happy that she had an opportunity to rest a little. It was a long difficult day for a human, especially so fergile like my love Bella...
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