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Swan House
Swan House
This is my first Please comment, rate and tell me what you think. Please let me know if you think I should continue writing.
-Twilimpian =)


“ I'm going to miss you”. My mother told me before I boarded the plane to Washington State. Two months ago I had agreed to move to Forks to live with my father Charlie, to give my mother and her husband Phil some space. I hadn't seen Charlie in forever. When I was little I used to visit him every summer but that stopped around when I was...
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Chapter Four:
Bella’s P.O.V:
After Alice got the chunky milk cleaned up, got into her bathing suit and made me some lunch for the beach we were off. We decided we would go farther away from the crowd due to the coldness of our skin. I pushed my toes into the blazing sand. Alice giggled when the sand where she stood froze a little. “Vampire sand.” I giggled. She nodded and plopped herself down in the sand. “Warmth, even to a vamp like me.” Alice whispered. I laughed and piled sand on top of my feet. Before I knew it their was a humungo lump on top of my feet. I laughed and continued...
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posted by 1TeamEdwardFan
Hope you guys enjoy. Please comment. Also I'm trying to think of what to do next or after she sees Edward as a human, if you guys have any idea's for me, or what you might like to happen please let me know :)

Bella's POV

"So when can we go, see him?" I asked getting really excited. I would actually get to see Edward! And as a human!
"Not right now Bella."
"What?" I asked, my face falling just a bit.
"It's almost 11pm, Edward would be sleeping most likely."
"Oh okay... Well i guess that makes sense." I still couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed.
"Bella its been a big day, I think you should...
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Bella’s P.O.V:
My light jacket swayed in the wind as we got our ‘asses’ out to her car. Rosalie had a weird look on her face as we stepped into the vehicle. “Alice, you have a DJ for the wedding.” Alice looked puzzled, “What do you mean, Rosalie?” “DJ Jake is crashing your wedding Bells, hoping to get a job as DJ.” I grinned, “Cool.” Rosalie nodded, “Very.” We rode off down the road toward Lester’s small town bride gowns. And they were small. And old fashioned. Alice’s begged me to try on a big poofy gown that made my boobs look lumpy and silicone. I didn’t like...
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posted by CarlislesLover
Please Comment.x

I finally got back to forks, I stood outside Charlie’s house for a while just staring at it. Deciding I was going to killed whether I went back to the others or not I returned home. The run home was short unfortunately. I stood on the edge of the woods. They’d rebuilt the side of the house that’d collapsed and replaced the windows that had been crushed. How long have I been gone for? I guessed a day or something like that or maybe even two days. I walked towards the house bravely, I expected they’d found Alice in ashes and Jasper probably went to the Volturi to have...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
i feel like i could kill someone!

Coming out the ladies room was as Embarrassing as farting in class or having really bad Bo, its the one WHERE EVERYONE LOOKS AT YOU!
i looked like i literally imerged in the toilet, my hair dripping of water wih chucks of pancakes, after fainting and my hair landing in the toilet. gross.
Alice held one arm, where Edward joined snatching my free arm at first sight.
This made me feel even more embarrassing, been dragged out the toilets in a crowed cinema by two angels?
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posted by KatiiCullen94
Waking up was the hardest part,afraid wheither i had just just had the biggest and worst dream, i diddnt want to admitt it to my heart that my head beleived it real. By now, ,my heart had a mind of it's own, and my brain was its best friend, looking out for it, but kept the harsh truth to itself. But isnt that where friendships go wrong?

I found myself in a foriegn room, with no real decor, just a room, but it appeared to had held secrets, secrets that solved the answers behind the holes in the walls, and the windows bolted shut and writings of deleicate scribble on the walls.
The scribbe startled...
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posted by LexisFaith

Just as Emmett wanted we killed the sophmore's in football, no thanks to me. I couldn't quit thinking about Bella. I know I didn't need to, but I worried about her.
She wouldn't be riding home with me today. Alice was taking her by the Newton's Sporting Goods, then to the Doctor's office. Alice would take care of her. She loved her too.
"Dude!" Emmett yelled at me from across the feild. "Throw it back!"
I had forgotten about the baseball in my glove.
I hitched my leg and threw him a speed ball, and it hit in his glove with a crack. "Are you okay man?" He asked throwing it back, overhanded....
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posted by jacob_lover5253
I'm sorry I haven't posted in ages I've been really busy. Sorry again.

Chapter 17. (Edward)

There was a knock at the door. "Carlisle, Tanya and her family is here. Did they call you to tell you they were coming?" I called upstairs. He was down in a second. "No." He answered while walking to the door. "Tanya! So nice to see you again." Carlisle exclaimed. Tanya came in and hugged Carlisle then me. "It's good to see you again, too." While Carlisle was greeting the others Tanya pulled me out of the room. "I finally met Bella today. She's really nice but she smells like those dogs that killed Laurant....
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Vampire Empire Announces Winner of Contest To Win Bella's Engagement Ring announced the winner of the fashion reproduction of the engagement ring Edward Cullen gave to Bella Swan in Stephanie Meyers Twilight Series.


Jul 16, 2010 – Popular vampire enthusiasts and fine art site, Vampire Empire, announced a winner for it's Bella Swan's Engagement ring contest. The contest offered Twilight fans a chance to win an official fashion reproduction of the ring Edward Cullen gives to Bella when her proposes to her.

The contest started on June 26, 2010 and ran...
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Thankies for all of you who've been following this story so intently. I appreciate all the kindhearted support you give! This is the last chapter...and I hope you like it! I was thinking to do a short follow up, but idk. What do you think I should do? Hope you enjoy! Much love to each of you, from me!! (:
Eternally Faithless, Forever Hopeful
“Are there any other reasons as to why they’re here, Edward?” Carlisle inquired hastily. “No,” Edward replied, slightly taken aback, “They don’t even care to see whether Bella’s an immortal...
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Eclipse is a hit but Melissa Rosenberg is thinking about the future and Breaking Dawn.

She talked about the most intimate scenes in the book in an interview with Hollywood Life.

"If you really look at the books, how much are you really seeing? I think [the movies] might wind up being saucier than the book because you’re actually seeing skin-on-skin and the horror of the birth scenes. We’re not shying away from it.”

She added. “We’re still debating the exact moment," Rosernberg said. "But it’ll fall down to the first half of Bella as a human and being pregnant and a newlywed and the second half being Bella as a vampire and a parent. Somewhere in the middle of that, the break will come.”

The first installment of Breaking Dawn will hit theaters on November 18, 2011.
When I woke up, Edward was still sleep. I removed his arm from around me and slid out of bed and put on one of his shirts and a pair of his boxers. I tiptoes successfully to the door and opened it.
Once I was out, I noticed some one taped a note to the door.
Dear Bella and Edward,
We have left for the day and we took Kammie with us so you two can have alone time together...Call us when your done.

I took the note and went back inside, there was no reason for me to get out of bed if Kammie isn't here. I went to go lay next to Edward who was still sleep. I took off the shirt and layed down...
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Chapter One:
Bella’s P.O.V:
I hit the coldness of Edward’s arms lovingly and with life. Alice had her business suit on and Rose was sitting on the couch next to me and Edward. Alice was now on the phone with Renee’. “Yeah, that sounds great! Sure, Renee’.” Alice chuckled. “That sounds great! Alright, yes. Can’t wait! See you soon.” I rolled my eyes and looked up at Edward, “What did I just do?” His eyes twinkled in the light of the room. “Because you were being nice.” I laughed and looked down at the amazing ring that stuck to my finger. I grinned at it and kissed his...
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We pulled up to the Cullen's House and got out the car. We walked in and heard Esme call from the kitchen.
"Edward!Is that you" She said and came out the kitchen.She spotted me and ran up to me and gave me a hug.
"Bella!!It's so good to see you again." Esme said.
"You too."I said. She let go and looked past my shoulders.
"Daddy is this your house?" I heard Kammie say behind me. Ever since She learned that that's all she's been able to say. Esme looked at me and Ishook my head yes.
"Kameron you wanna say Hi to your Grandma?" I asked her. She ran over into Esme's Arms.
"Hi,I'm Kammmie and I'm two years...
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Thankies to each of you for all the support! Believe me, I always take to heart each of your comments <3 I hope you enjoy this one...there's something you didn't see coming in this chapter ;) Much love to y'all, from me!!
Supernatural Love

“Summer, geez, would you wake up already?!” Alice fussed, shaking Summer’s shoulder. They were back in Forks, and, since Alice was such a speedy planner, Summer and Jake’s wedding day came along sooner than the couple expected. Summer tucked her face underneath the pillow and sheets, “Alice…please…sleepy.”...
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I had to call, to see if the rumors where true. I picked up the phone and dialed the number I forgot. Its been three years since they left, a lot had happened that he needed to know about. The phone rang twice before someone answered. I imagined his green eyes.
"Hello, Cullen Residence." A female voice said.
"Hi,Is Edward there?" I said.
"UM yes,Hold on." I heard the voice yell Edward away from the phone."May I ask who's calling?" The voice said when it came back to the phone.
"It's Bella,Bella Swan." I said.
"Oh,Bella! " I heard the voice squeal."It's Alice,How have you been?" She asked. I should...
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posted by NeeNee14
We dropped Tala off and decided to go to the store the buy some clothes for when we go to Forks for Christmas.
"I can't believe she's gonna be four...I still remember the day my Water broke." I said and laughed.
"What happened?" Seth asked, but was still looking at the shirts in the men's department.
"Well, It was snowing outside, It was the last day of school before winter break,December 15th. I was in Jake's rabbit, since my stomach was too big for me to drive. We where talking about Christmas gifts and he asked me what I wanted....I told him if I could have this Baby Before Christmas it would...
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The time I got obsessed with Twilight cuz it started the time I watched the movie, almost January 2009.
I got bored so I decided to watch and searched for DVD's in the shelves.
I saw Twilight and I don't have any idea what Twilight was. Actually its my dad who picked the Twilight DVD that day when my mom and dad went out to buy something. So I watched it.
Oh my gosh! Edward is so handsome and omg....I don't know anymore.
I was like "Gwapo!!" meaning handsome or "pogi" in Filipino language.
Then I really got "kilig to the bones" kilig means you giggle and giggle like you're not yourself; I got really...
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posted by Summer_Leanne
Thankies to EVERYONE for reading and commenting on my last post! You guys are the absolute best! <3 I LOVE THIS CHAPTER! lol :P Don't worry! It doesn't stop here as yet ;) Much love to each of you all, from me! Enjoy! (:
Miracles Happen

It was twenty-four hours after little Anakin was born, but happiness still hadn’t filled the air. In their minds, the Cullens were convinced Summer was dying. They only had an hour left to see whether that was true or not. She slipped away to sleep in Carlisle’s arms, and hadn’t awaken since then. Chloe’s...
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