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posted by DestinyGirl
This is my first Twilight fanfiction ever!:) So plz be nice and give me a comment on what you think about it, please!:D

Bella is the origin of vampires, but she was put to sleep for the past century and forgot most of her memories! Her and her siblings move to Forks and find... a family of vampires?! Will Bella be able to remember her lost memories? E&B

1. Beginning

this is where we're moving?" I asked Annie——my 'sister,' though we're really just best friends who claim each other as sisters. And Kyle, my actual older brother.

We were standing at the, "Welcome to Forks" sign——all...
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"then whats wrong?" i asked there was something about his eyes that had me worrying.
"well i`be been wanting to do something all night" he stepped even closer.
"one sec its going to start getting cold i can feel it the weathers changing" i quickly placed him on my back again and began to run back to his house. in a matter of time we were there.
"so what was you saying?" i asked as soon as i set him on his feet.
"well i wanted to do this" he stepped towards me and before i knew it i was in his arms with his lips pressed softly againest mine. i could feel my self melt into the kiss.
what was happerening?...
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posted by decullen
I am know massive.Me,Alice,Esme and Rose were having our last fitting for Rose`s wedding tomorrow.I am going to be the maid of honour.I started to get changed,well they started to get me changed because I couldn't pull the dress over me by my self.

"You all looked gorgeous.I look fat."I said looking in the mirror.My dress is beautiful.Bright pink,if the lights went off you would still be able to see me.I walked out the dressing room,they were al; changed.Emmett was there.His mouth was hanging open.His eyes were at my breasts.

"Emmett,your looking at the wrong place,that`s not my stomach."I said...
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posted by jacob_lover5253
Here is Edward's POV! I enjoyed writing his last one! But first here is the
end of Bella's chapter 4.

Chapter 4. (Bella)

"Is that no we won't split or no i can't go"


"Get out of my house!" I said angerly. As soon as he was out of my room I
slammed my window shut.

A rock hit my window. What now?

Chapter 5. (Edward)

How could I tell her no. I should turn around and try to apologise. I did what I thought. I turned
around and headed for her house. Wait. She slammed her window shut. Maybe she didn't lock it. As I
came through the woods I heard laughter. Huh?! It sounds like Bella. But the other...
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"so thats it then?"
"well no then they got married and they all moved away she got ill of something i forgot now but yeah and they havnt been back since" there was more i could see it in his eyes.
"what is it? theres more right?"
"well yeah erm you may thing this sounds crazy but the thing is me and my dad both belive there is somthing more to them then meets the eye that they have a secret. something no one els should no about but i wont to tell you onless you think im crazy"
"what is it?"
" well there certain things in that story that ticked my mind i think the cullens could possibly be vampires...
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"now i know" he mutted
"know what" i was curious.
"where u got you looks from" i smiled while he blushed.

we arived at the house it was a pretty house not something i was use too as it was a little small.
"what?" i hadnt realised that he was looking at me ontil he had spoken.
"you house. its its beautiful isnt it?"i didnt realise ontil i said it that this was true his house was beautiful. i could see my self living in it.
"its allright nothing compared to your though" he smiled but i could see he felt emivious.
i didnt like the hurt in his eyes it somehow caused me pain.
"so are we just going...
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posted by Tatti
As the fight started again I realized that Volturi was much more careful than before, I guess it was related to the fact that I could use my physical shield and turn Jane's and others' abilities against them. I just wonder if they suspect how much strength it requires - I already felt pretty tired. I broke some of their relationships using Chelsea and saw how dozen of guards retreated more than necessary. Battle was getting more and more intensive and advantage was on our side, Volturi lost five or six soldiers while we didn't lose a single person. I hated the smell of lilac smokes, it made...
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posted by jacob_lover5253
Here is Bella's Point Of View!! But first here is the ending of chapter 2. (Edward) - Kayla

Chapter 2. (Edward)

I drove Bella home in my Volvo. "Will you come over tonight?" Bella asked looking at me.

"Sure." I kissed her on the lips and she went inside.

Chapter 4. (Bella)

I didn't want to stop kissing him. But I had to Charlie was looking though the window. Obviously he wants to tell me something big. I walked inside.

"Yes, Charlie, what is it?" I asked honestly interested.

It looked like he couldn't take it anymore. "Jacob's back!" HUH! Did he just say that Jacob returned. I haven't thought of...
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posted by jacob_lover5253
Here is Jacob's Point Of i said before he really doesn't know about Edward and Bella's situation!! -Kayla

Chapter 3. (Jacob)
All I can think about is Bella's wedding. Should I really go? I thought while cutting through a rainforest.

'Dude, you really should. I don't want to be the only werewolf. Please?' Seth thought.

'Stay out of this. If I want to go then I will go. If I don't want to go then I won't go.' I yelled at him through my mind.

'Seth, leave him alone' Sam ordered in his Alfa voice.

'Yes, Sam.' Seth said sadly before he slowly tuned out.

'Thank-you, Sam'

'No problem. But if you...
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“Summer…Summer…” Alice tapped on Summer’s shoulder, attempting to wake her, “SUMMER!” Summer pulled the pillow over her head, “Go away, Alice,” she mumbled. A few seconds passed by; Alice bent over and murmured into Summer’s ear, “I’m still here.” Summer groaned and rolled over to face her smirking sister, “What?” Alice clapped her hands together in delight, “Finally! C’mon, today you and I are going shopping. After all, you seriously need a girl’s day out.” Summer impassively peered at already dressed up Alice, “No thank you, Alice. Goodnight.” Alice...
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"hey! nessie!" blake greeted me in the car park he must of been waiting for me.
"heya blake whatssup?"
"well i was just wondering did you want to do something tonight?" he sounded nervous but he wanted to be confident and i needed a night out and pluss i didnt want to go back there. not tonight anyway.
"sure what did you have in mind?" i smiled as his eyes widened.
"erm well my mum and dad are going out tonight so we could have a film? i mean i can get other people around? if you want?"
"no thats fine i would love to come and watch a film with you. see you tonight then"
i didnt really know most...
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posted by BuffyFaithFan1
Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume One
Okay, so around a half hour later, my friend Tabra finally got here. I'm feeling a little bit more at ease, but I'm still holding the gun when he entered.
"Are you okay, Cydnee?" He asked me, sitting down on the couch by my feet.
"Yea, I'm fine. Just feeling the aftershock of almost getting a knife impaled to my face." I said and looked at him. "How are you?"
"I'm doing good actually. But, I'm really worried for you, Cyd." He saw the gun and his eyes widened. "What are you gonna do with that gun?"
"Use it."...
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"so you whole name is renesme? and nothing els?"
i smiled. " my name is renesmee carly cullen black but most people just call me nessie for short"
"so you single?" jay asked.i thought he was ment to be shy?
"jay you just carnt go asking random people if there single or not" sam mock punched his arm "but are you?"
"guys leave her alone if she dont wonna answer she doesnt have to" i gave a nervouis chuckle
"thats allright and yeah i am" i admitted as i tried to supress a sigh.
"wow really? i mea no offence but that shocks me cause your fiiiiiiine" jay spaced the word out placing his hands on the...
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posted by Cullens4eva
I LOVE MY SISTER SOOOOOOO MUCH! We all screamed till our throats hurt, this is just amazing. As we stopped mom walked in and started to tidy up the lounge. To be honest I'd forgotten she was actually here.

"Girls that's enough. Now what's all this screaming about hey? There's no need for it." She finished doing some light dusting and sat down with a book. Probably some romance knowing mom, she was so predictable. Her life is a romance novel, her meeting my dad after nearly jumping off a cliff, falling helplessly in love, having 3 beautiful girls, living in a house to die for...

We all sat down...
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posted by BuffyFaithFan1
Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume One
This was like no other Monday. Why you ask? Well, maybe if a knife flew at your head, you would agree with me. And it wasn't like magic flying, it was like an assassain threw a knife at my head and tried to kill me! At first, all I could think of was RUN, but later on I knew why he was after me. Here is exactly what happened...
I was driving to the store, and I got out of my car and went inside. I was almost done, I just needed milk and cookie dough, and they were in the same isle, so I picked up...
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posted by Tatti
When the battle finally started I tried to concentrate and keep an eye on everyone but soon I realized there is one big problem - everyone has split up and there was huge distances (at least for me) between them. The bigger area they occupied the bigger amount of my strength it'll require. If this battle is going to be long I might end up losing consciousness and becoming completely useless which would be, considering how many soldiers Volturi have, really really bad.
"Help Emmett" Nessie whispered and took my hand. Since they are fighting too fast for me to follow it was decided that she will...
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posted by Summer_Leanne
Hi again everyone! Thank you so much for commenting on my last post, and being fans of it, too!! I appreciate every thing you all have to say, and I'm so so SO excited to know that you guys are enjoying it. Ultimately, it all boils down to the happiness of the readers ^.^ Here's an update! Enjoy! Much love from me to all of you!
“Watched? By who?” Rosalie placed her hands on her tiny waist and grimaced, “Are you positive about that, Summer?” Summer used her excellent vision to search the dense forest that encompassed them, “Yes Rose,”...
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posted by jacob_lover5253
A little heads up for next will be in Jacob's POV but it has nothing to do with Bella and Edwards situation. - Kayla

End of Chapter 1. (Bella)

"I'm sorry about last night. I didn't mean to upset you." He apologised as if I he thinks I'll forgive him. I won't. Sigh.

My mind took over. "You are forgiven. But that wasn't right what you did last night."

"I know." He sighed.
Chapter 2. (Edward)

I knew she would've forgiven me. I leaned over and kissed her. Her hands tangled in my hair as I in hers. I was lost in her eyes. Butterflies flooded...
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posted by jacob_lover5253
This is my first fan fiction...if you seem to like it I will post more. I can't think of a title right now so if any of you have a suggestion please let me know. This is right after Eclipse months before Edward and Bella get married. I was thinking what if Bella and Edward get into a serious fight and she just takes off and Edward makes a truce to Jacob saying Jacob can help find Bella. My story will go back and forth between Bella, Jacob, and apologies if it will be confusing. -Kayla :)

Chapter 1. (Bella)

Edward wanting to protect me all the time is insane. I may just go bulistics....
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the morrning passed quickly so when i started to walk towards the dining hall i was thinking about what had happened the two leasons i was in.
i sat at the back with my hood still up when they asked me to take it down i just looked at them and they just said oh no matter keep it up. this was teachers. the students looked like they hated me allready so i kept it up.
but i guessed i could go round with my hood up all day so as i grabbed my lunch and caught sight of drake staring at me smiling patting the chair oppersit him. i started to walk over listerning to him and his mates chatting.
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