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posted by LexisFaith

"Oh." Alice gasped.
"My." Rosalie gasped.
"God." They finished together.
"And you never showed us this before why?!" Emmett boomed.

They were staying in our guest house. That's why there was a heavy door and it's own key. You walked in two a miniture halway when you first walked through the door. The first room was big and open. The kitchen froming an L straight ahead. The living room and kitchen were sepreated only big a big, plush, creamy, white rug. A sectional that matched the rug was placed infront of a small coffee table and a fifty-two inch television. On the wall beside the kitchen...
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posted by mia1emmett
i dont know should this be the last chapter... ok ill see if i want to right more
Chapter 9
I remember that day
I was on the stairs on my laptop typing away when Jacob ran through the doors. Edward growled for a second then he stood in shock. Jacob ran into Emmett’s face and was screaming:
Jake: “Emmett Embry imprinted on her”
Em: “who?”
Jake: “you know who!”
Em: “no he couldn’t have!”
Jake: “he did”
Em: “when?!”
Jake: “yesterday at the bonfire”
Em: “she was there?
Jake: “yeah”
Em: “Embry...
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posted by DestinyGirl
Sorry for getting this out late but my internet's been down for the past couple of days!:( But thx for all of the comments!:D

5. Crushes

* Bella's P.O.V

I went into my next class and found that I was going to have to sit at a table with three other students.

My table was the last table in the back of the room——which didn't bother me; my eyesight can be unparalleled when I want it to be, though I would probably attract attention . . .

I sat down on one of the middle seats and waited quietly for the rest of my classmates to come in.

It wasn't long till a girl with glasses and black hair tied back...
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posted by karleetaylor
This is Renesmee's POV. Like ten years into the future since Breaking Dawn. It's my first fan fic so please be nice (:

The wind was silky against my curls as we ran through the tree tops. My mother and father were shortly behind me. I was faster than them. I was faster than anyone. But I didn’t like running on the ground. You had to zigzag too much. In the trees, you could swing from branch to branch and be fancier than on the ground. I jumped and leapt and swung through the trees like a gymnast.
    “Renesmee!” My mother called. I could hear her feet touch the branches...
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Am I a fool for trying to save my self from further agony? I can only think of how stupid I am as I drive down the road. I know that Micah is staring at me from the back seat. Sometimes I wish he wasn't so intellectual for a five year old.

"Why are we running away?" His face is quiet,questionable. I don't answer him but know that he is still waiting for an response.

"Were not running away." I finally say after sometime of thought.

"Isn't that what they call it?" He says with his sweet little voice.

"Yes." I murmur. I look back and see him nod his head and close his eyes.

I turn back to the...
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I woke up around 4:30 a.m. since I had to go to work and work with the devil. I wrote a note to Edward telling him when I should be back. I kissed Kammie on the forehead and kissed Edward on the cheek. His eyes fluttered open and he looked at me.
"I'm sorry I woke you." I whispered to him. He frowned.
"You're leaving." It was more of a statement than a question. I shook my head yes and kissed him again.
"I'll be back later today." I said and left.
I arrived on location around 5:00 AM. I walked over to the make-up trailer and sat down in one of the chair. Karen was going to do my make-up..She was...
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Sorry It's So Short

After we put Kammie to bed later that night. I was hoping Edward would forget about the whole "Jacques" thing, but he didn't.
"So who was that guy." Edward asked once we where in bed.
"That was Jacques. He's my ex-boyfriend, but we ended up breaking up because Kammie kept calling him Jackie and the fact that he's shallower than a kiddie pool."I said. Edward just looked at me.
"You had a boyfriend?"Edward asked, trying to hide his anger in his voice. I turned to look at him.
"Edward, you act like we were engaged, besides you were all I thought about." I said....
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La Push Beach
La Push Beach
Please Comment and tell me what you think. -Twilimpian =)

    Jacob and I were walking down the beach in La Push. There wasn't much to see in Forks so he suggested I see La Push. The air was filled with the scent of salt water. It was a beautiful beach and the peace of walking down it had gotten to me. Suddenly I was happy I'd moved here, if not or the beach, because I'd met Jacob. Jacob was very easy to talk to he loved to make jokes and fool around and at the same time he was intense and thoughtful. “So how old are you......
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posted by mia1emmett
this is how i pictured Estella
this is how i pictured Estella
ok this is very simple and short but you'll love the next chapter :)

Chapter 6
            WOULD YOU? O.o
Emmett honked his horn in my face and my face must have been funny
because I saw jasper and Emmett laugh, Alice came to my rescue and
smacked both of them. I laughed and opened the door. Alice and jasper
gave me a hard time about wanting to leave for Italy. I noticed rose was all silent. It puzzled me. I felt a change in emotion and I instantly hit jasper, Emmett laughed and I said "don't play with my emotions!" then jasper said...
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posted by mia1emmett
hope you like this.. =)

Chapter 4
When I woke up I was in an un-familiar place I Jumped from where I was laying down and walked down a flight of stairs
To a room full of people who were pale, I saw Edward and Bella so I
Thought this must be something that Bella knows about. I walked down the
Stairs and demanded I know what was going on, this pale man with blonde
Hair who looked so young came up to me and told me that Bella had come
To save me from losing my life and that Edward brought you here. I
Started asking questions:
"Why are you guys so pale?"
"Well we are vampires like you"
"But I am not...
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With 3 out of 4 books of The Twilight Saga already on the big-screen, Robert Pattinson is all about Breaking Dawn talk these days. In this interview Rob lays it all out for us. He talks of the Eclipse set atmosphere, Stephenie Meyer, and his anxiety of this saga coming to an end.

What are you looking forward to about “Breaking Dawn” being shot back-to-back as two films and of Bill Condon directing them?

I’m glad that it’s Bill Condon. I love his stuff. I haven’t seen the script yet but I am fearful about the series’ end. It’s such a great security blanket. It’s like a net. You...
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i jsut thought i will shock people by doing another,and i need to reall tie things off.

Placing Ej down, fast asleep, His bronze hair was starting to already form in the beautiful curls. To even look at my new son, Edward's son, made me beleive in all things that mostly likely diddn't extist.
But today i was ready to do what ive wanted to do for a long time.
Ask Alice to be Tanna's God-Mother. Quietly tip toeing out the door, afraid that any peep would destroy all my effort in his silence.
Only to fail and for his broken wails to echoe through the house.
I heard the ruffle...
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posted by mia1emmett
this is a story i made that i hope you like because i had a lot of time to think of it...not my best work but yeah... sorry it has so many enters, it was written on my phone.

Chapter 1.
    I had just moved into forks, Washington, me and my brother Eddie were
Close so after our parents died Eddie didn't leave me out of his sight.
I was unpacking and going through my things when I heard the door bell
Ring. I knew who it was because every time I moved the people next door
Would come and welcome us. Well I figured it was our neighbor.
    I heard the door...
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Chapter Three:
Alice’s P.O.V:
As we pulled into the little hut we would be staying in we heard Bella whine. “Can’t we go to a hotel?” I shook my head, “No, Bella. We’re staying somewhere private!” She finally gave up whenever she saw her room. “Nice!” It was bigger than the outside appeared and on the side of the beach. The wooden frame was painted a light green that sparked in the light. The kitchen was well kept with a cherry wood table and a glass vase full of daisies on the table-top. My room was painted a very light pink like a powder room and had a queen sized bed. It...
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We were unpacking boxes in our new condo in New York When I heard a knock on the door. I got up to answer it, since Edward was in the other room with Kammie. When I opened the door, a man with black hair and dark green eyes stood there. He looked at me and smiled.
"Hi, I'm looking for Edward...Does he live here?" He asked.
"Yeah, Come on in." I moved out his way and let him in and closed the door." I'm Bella."
"Your Bella...The Bella. I'm Charles,Eddie's room mate. I have heard so much about you." He said. I smiled and felt my cheeks getting red. Edward came out from the back.
"Kameron's down...
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posted by LexisFaith
A quick shout out! A big thank you to shivers-zimmy for the awesome encouragement! So, this chapter is for you :)


Febuary. Three more months of school, and I'm three month's pregnant. Edward and I are leaving school early tomorrow and going to the doctor. We get to figure out what we are having and about the time it will be due. You don't relize why people are so excited about these things untill you have them yourself. This is the most exciting thing, ever.
"What names have you settled on?" Angela and I were whispering back and forth before...
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posted by LexisFaith
Bella's pov

Sitting in detention listening to the clock tick with five other people. We shouldn't be like this. We should have never fought. One stupid fight eighthgrade summer, and your scared. The silence was to much to bare.

"Get your desk and make a circle." I turned my desk with my hand. "Come on. I can't take this anymore."
With five funny looks, they all made a circle with their desks. Me, Rosalie,Jasper,Edward-infront of me-Emmett, Alice, and back to me.

"Alice." I turned to my right. "My 13th birthday, you took my shopping."
"Our best friend bracelets." She whispered and looked up at me....
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posted by LexisFaith
Bella pov

"Hey Eddie." Tanya smiled and walked beside Edward down the hallway. Edward watched as another girl walked down the hall infront of him. Player.

"I love your shoes!" Alice commented on Lauren's shoes. "OMG, so cute." Prep.

"Yo, man." Jasper smiled to Peter. His skateboard in his hand. Skater.

"Oh. Did she? Well, I hope Miss Lauren knows she does NOT run this school." Rosalie told Maria. Queen Bee.

"Hey shorty." Emmett nodded to Carla and drapped his arm over hr shoulders. 'Gangster'.

"Morning, Bella." Jacob smiled.
"Hey, Jake." I smiled back and pulled my earbuds out of my ears. "Hey Seth,...
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Swan House
Swan House
This is my first Please comment, rate and tell me what you think. Please let me know if you think I should continue writing.
-Twilimpian =)


“ I'm going to miss you”. My mother told me before I boarded the plane to Washington State. Two months ago I had agreed to move to Forks to live with my father Charlie, to give my mother and her husband Phil some space. I hadn't seen Charlie in forever. When I was little I used to visit him every summer but that stopped around when I was...
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Chapter Four:
Bella’s P.O.V:
After Alice got the chunky milk cleaned up, got into her bathing suit and made me some lunch for the beach we were off. We decided we would go farther away from the crowd due to the coldness of our skin. I pushed my toes into the blazing sand. Alice giggled when the sand where she stood froze a little. “Vampire sand.” I giggled. She nodded and plopped herself down in the sand. “Warmth, even to a vamp like me.” Alice whispered. I laughed and piled sand on top of my feet. Before I knew it their was a humungo lump on top of my feet. I laughed and continued...
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