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posted by teamalice_0
Hey peoples srry i didnt post on Monday my computer is messin up and still is.

"I guess that is true, with sibilings you want to be an only child if your an only child you want sibilings."

"Isnt that how most of life goes? Why people changed their looks hair color, jobs and lives? I dont see why they cant be content with their life."

"People are just wanting options they dont have."


Biology ended quickly or so it seemed to me. Anglea met me outside the door and we walked to her car. Edward followed behind close enough to be within...
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posted by uniquezandy
Meet, Bella and Edward. They both Attend Forks high school, but have very different personalities. And another thing: they can't stand eachother. Nobody, knew why they hated eachother. In Forks, it's a small town and gossip can spread fast. When they were younger, they were the best of friends. They told eachother everything. But then... all that changed and they grew up. They started seeing new people and stopped seeing eachother. How sad. They did have the same friends though. There was, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett. All of them knew, deep down that they should be together. So they descided...
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posted by uniquezandy
I was confused, at why he lead me into a dark room. When it lit up, there were two thrones. I was confused; but a little nervous. "You see my crowning is next week. And to be Ruler, I need someone by my side. And to be honest; I've never met anyone like you. What I am saying is, Isabella Marie Swan, will you take my hand in marraige, and be my wife and Ruler by my side?" He asked seriously. But I could dectect, the hint of love in his eyes. Suddenly, I felt the world has stopped moving. I was speechless, I didn't no what to say. I was about to cry. "Yes Edward. I will." A few tears came...
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posted by uniquezandy
What just happened? Did I tell my master I was in love with him? Did I? If only I had more sleep. That night I remembered:love, pain and ending with love again. I just didn't understand how a ball could bring out a lot of emotions. Today i am relieved, because it's Monday and that evil witch Tanya is getting fired. I am glad.
All of us assembled in the hall were Edward gave his speech. "Few of you knew the incident that happened at the ball. And for that, Tanya like I said; you are fired. Leave before midday or I'll get the guards to escort you out!" He informed. This was serious; but...
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posted by house_of_nightx
okay so i had this idea months ago and i thought id put it up to see wat u think its a whole different thing so read it first and i mean all of it to get the storyline this is the preface and chapter 1 thanks - Charly x

Bella's P.O.V


For as long as i can remember iv walked the earth battling through the centuries to find the one i was destined to defeat,ive been alive for almost 5,000 years,now your probably wondering how thats possible well to tell the truth im a Werewolf or what you would call these days a Shapeshifter, there are only a few of my kind left in the world now as we either...
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posted by teamalice_0
Hi peoples. :)

Biology was interesting, Mr.Banner was having a feild day explaining the phases of mitosis but didnt we learn that in 9th grade? Edward was talkative, well sorta. He talked like he was from a different time, 1900's. He was polite and it was a nice change from most peoples snide comment about 'freaks-with-freaks'. They didnt seem fazed so i assume they have been through this before, then again they lived in Alaska maybe they were nicer there.

"How was Alaska?" I asked.

"The sceneary was beautiful, we lived with our cousins up there in Denali."

Once again with the old-fashioned speech.

"That must be nice having a big family."

"It is but when we get bored we tend to pick on each other."

He chuckled with some kind of inside joke.

"Yeah either you have that or your by yourself and they never know how lucky it is to have sibilings, well at least me."
posted by LexisFaith
I had just finished dinner and settled into my couch when my phone rang. "Hello?"

"Edward, Dear. Hi. It's your mother. Your father told me you were having lunch with Bella? How did it go? It's she lovely? And that sweet boy of hers?"

I laughed at my mothers lack of filter for her questions. "Hi, Mom. Yes, I had lunch with Bella. It went well. She's more than lovely and yes Mason is quite the kid."

"Oh." she squealed. "I'm so happy for you. Have you thought of Sara any today? Your father told me you dreamt of her last night."

I was caught back by the question. I hadn't thought of Sara any...
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posted by teamalice_0
My last post was shorter than I would have liked so I made this one better. PS Comment please and Have a good thanksgiving!(stuf your faces without feeling guilty ;)
Tuesday morning, joy. Everyone hated Mondays and Tuesday was usualy dreary but better than Mondays. On the way to school I told Angela about my dream and said some of them were the Cullens but she never saw Dr.Cullen or his wife. She thought it was odd because Im blind and I had a dream about them.

School has whispers going aroud, more than normal might I add, either...
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posted by uniquezandy
Edwards pov
Where do I begin? The fact that killing is my job, and I send people to an early death? It never used to be like this though. If people did wrong; I stabbed them in the heart. What happened was; one day, the King and queen in our village; needed a fearless protector; to keep evil away from them. Somehow it ended up to be me, when there were no brave men to take up the challenge. So that is where I am today. It is my duty; to serve the King and queen and be a humble protector.

It was another sunny day, a day I thought; that I would get through without one muder. I felt happy. But...
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posted by uniquezandy
Bella's pov
I cried what was left on my heart. It was ripped apart at the moment and nothing would feel the void. It started to get chilly outside; and I was too busy crying, to realise I started shivering. All the moments I spent with Edward was a lie. It got more and more colder; because I was knelt on the ground; but suddenly a coat was put on by a pair of soft hands. "Isabella; please let me explain." It was Edward; no surprise there. I don't care. I would never forgive him, even if he'd beg for mercy.

"You know what, this was all a lie Edward! You pretended to fall in love with me, making...
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posted by amy_r_cullen
Bella's pov

Charlie had been prety bad for weeks but i just put it down to it being the winter man flu, until carlisle told me...

"Bella dont freak out but Charlie ain't good." Edward told me before i spoke to Carlisle, probible to worn me to keep my emotions locked up since i was only a year old, my power still cept me bizzy.
Renesmee came walking not skipping
towords me witch was diffrent for her, so something must have been up with Charlie.

"Mum just do as dad says... you need your strength to keep calm for Charlies sake no one elses."

"can somebody just tell me what is going on already, you've been telling me to keep calm for Charlies sake but i'm starting to freak out because i don't have a clue what is wrong with him."

"Mum breath, calm down." Renesmee tried to calm me but the longer it toke for sombody to tell me what was wrong with my dad, I was getting wears.
posted by Hellohoudini
Per Twilight Lexicon:

Tis the season where people start shopping! We will be coming out with our Christmas Twilight Saga buying guide later this week. We usually get bombarded at Christmas time with people emailing and asking “what do I get my daughter, girlfriend, wife, etc. This year we are going to do a list.

The official product description reads “Ashley Greene Head Sculpt w/ 16″ Ballerina Bust Tyler Convertible Body; Amber Eyes with Wigged Hair and Cameo Skintone

ALICE CULLEN is the latest member of the CULLEN clan to join Tonner®’s line of TWILIGHT TCF™s. ALICE arrives wearing a costume reproduction from NEW MOON, and includes a striped blouse with bow tie collar, slim cut twill pants, plush corduroy vest, knit socks, and faux leather ballet flat. ALICE’s CULLEN crest necklace is also included. Includes display stand.”
posted by LexisFaith

"All I can tell you is what I think about her." Carlisle told me.

I nodded for him to go on.

He sighed and leaned foward, folding his hands on his desk. "I think that Bella is the strongest woman, besides your mother, I have ever met. She's twenty-two years old and has been working here for two years. She graduated highschool at 16 and a few weeks after she graduated she had a son who's father died a week before he was born. Killed by a drunk driver.

"She raised him on her own with the help of her brother Emmett, who is our x-ray tech, her father...
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posted by teamalice_0
Another post day! This one might be shorter just cause i learned my friends going into the army :(

Sleep came peacefully, almost immediatley. Usually i dreamed about things I learned or have seen but this day was.. different. I saw people I have never met.

They were in groups of two, all but one, but seemed unified in a way. The two in the middle looked older, carmel hair and blonde, to their left was a huge weight lifting dude, a curvy blonde at his side, the other side of the middle were short pixie like and a blonde man. He seemed to be the odd one out. The one that seemed to stand alone yet not alone had copper hair like a penny. They all looked different too, but all inhumanly beautiful. The only simularities were their gold eyes.

Never seen them, I would say maybe I would meet them but I cant ever see them Im blind and forever will be.

So who are they?
Edwards pov
There was something about her; that made me feel different. When we are parteners in everything; she hates it. I think she is hiding the fact that secretly she likes it. I am Edward Cullen and I am parterners with Bella Swan for everything. She isn't so bad. But today; she lost it, when the teacher said these words...

(Drama teacher) "As you know; there will be a play soon. It's going to be Romeo and Juilet. We decided that this year the roles go to... Bella and Edward." She smiled. Bella groaned. I don't really understand her problem. I am nice to her; when we work together. (And...
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posted by Hellohoudini
Bronson Pelletier Addresses Rumors
By Twilight_News | 21 November 2010

Yesterday we picked up a report from the UK Mirror that claimed Bronson Pelletier had been assaulted in a minor scuffle at a Twilight convention in the UK. The story essentially blamed gatecrashers. We put out feelers on Twitter, because the Mirror has made made mistakes before. In short order we received responded from many fans who were actually there.

Essentially the story boiled down to there were gatecrashers, but the person injured was a staff member who runs the convention, not Bronson. The police immediate took care...
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posted by uniquezandy
Bellas Pov
I was scared to think where Jane was taking me. She is nice, (despite her kidnapping me; but I guess shes doing a favour; to meet my true love.) We walked up a grand amount of staircases till we came to a room. "Welcome to my room." She said. Wow. I've never been in her room before; because I've always been busy working. It was massive. I guess she was like a head maid to deserve this special treatment. I have a good room aswell, but I'd be lying if I said it was better. I was still staring until she gestured, "you can sit on the bed you know. Make yourself comfortable considering;...
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posted by LexisFaith
"Edward, you can't be alone forever. " Sara ran her hands through my hair, my head resting in her lap.

"Yes, I can."

"Edward, I want you to get your happily-ever-after. But you're not going to get it unless you try." She conplained.

"I don't know how to love anyone else but you. I just can't." I confessed.

"That's because you haven't tried."

"I don't want to try." I sighed and closed my eyes.

"Please, try for me." She begged.

"I don't know how."

"You will. Soon enough. Now get up. Your alarm is going off." She kissed my head.

I didn't even get a chance to ask her what she ment. I was awoken by my...
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posted by teamalice_0
Wow chapter 4 already? Seems like I just started yesterday. Today is my posting day so here it is!

"Thanks Alice, I guess, but I can handel them afterall ive been doing it since I.. was a freshman here."

The bell rang, oh now it rings!

"Bye guys." I got up and left, bumping into people a few times some on purpose but mostly on accident.

Where was Angela when you need her?

I headed to my next class my last class, and soon the day was over with, finally! I met Angela right out side the class and we walked towards her car her murmuring asking...
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posted by -Darkness-xo
I promise to remember Bella

Each time I carelessly fall down

And I promise to remember Edward

Whenever I'm out of town

I promise to obey traffic laws

For Charlie's sake, of course

And I promise to remember Jacob

When my heart fills with remorse

I promise to remember Carlisle

When ever I'm in the Emergency Room

And I promise to remember Emmett

Whenever there's a huge boom

I promise to remember Rosalie

When ever I see something that holds pure beauty

And I promise to remember Alice

When I'm at the mall and a cute outfit spots me

I promise to remember Renesmee

When I see that beautiful bronze hair

And I promise...
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