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posted by Angelcatz11
Jacob Black's POV

When I awoke the next morning Renesme was snuggled up agianst my chest, I smiled down at her, Remembering what happened the night before. I gently moved the ruby red curls out of her eyes and kissed her forehead. Her eyes slowly fluttered open. She smiled and kissed me back. After a few moments her face changed into a serious worry face. "Crap, I've gotta go! I-if my parents find out I'm gone they'll kill me!" She cried. She got up pulled and blanket over her and gathered up her clothes. I layed sideways starring at her. "What?" She asked. "Whats wrong?" I asked her. She shook her head sighed and said "I'll tell you later" She threw her clothes on and sped out the door. "Wait!" I shouted she stopped looked back and gave me and desprete look. I stood up with the blanket covering me and transformed in my wolf form. I walked over to her and looked her in the eye. I asummed she figured I would give her a ride because she climed on my back and leaned forward. I made sure she was on right and dashed off twords the Cullens house.
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