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posted by runlikeawolf
I was literally in Heaven.Jake and I were engaged!"The only problem is,"I began,as we walked out of the forest."We have to tell Mom and Dad."Jake waved his hand."Don't worry!"He said."Already taken care of.Before you woke up,I explained what I was gonna do."I breathed out a sigh of relief.That was great.
We were ambushed as we neared Carlisle's."Finally,"Emmet said."I thought you'd never ask her!"Jacob tackled him.While they were wrestling on the ground,Mom and Dad walked up to me."I'm so happy for you!"Mom said."You're all grown up!"Dad kissed my forehead."Congratulations!"Alice intervened before they got too mushy."You know I've got to be your planner,"she said."PLEASE!"
"Alright,"I gave in.She would have everything organized before I knew it."Knew it!Come on and let's get to work!"Before I could object,she already had me inside racing up the staircase.
I gasped as we walked in her room.Manniquins stood everywhere wearing tuxes and dresses,crumpled up pieces of paper littered the floor,ribbon spilled across her unused bed,and sketchbooks layed on the desk by the window."I forgot about the whole future thing,"I said.
"I've got everything planned out,but I need you to tell me who to invite.By that evening,we new who were coming:The Denali clan,Zafrina,Benjamin,Leah,Seth,Brady,Colin,Jared,Paul,Sam,Emily,Quil,Embry,Claire(as flower girl),Sue,Charlie,Billy,Rachel,Rebecca,Kim,Rennee,and Phil.I decided that Kate,Tanya,Zafrina,Leah,Emily,and Rennee were to be bridesmades.
Right about that time,Jacob walked in saying,"You can't just kidnap a man's fiance!"Alice laughed."Why sure I can.I'm her aunt!"I called Jake over to take a look at the list."I want Brady,Jared,Paul,Sam,Quil,and Embry to be groomsmen,"he concluded.
"Perfect,"Alice said,now I need to fit you for your tux."Jake groaned."Don't be a wimp!"I laughed."Go on."He walked over to wear Alice was standing.She grabbed a stool and stood on it to take measurements."Why do you have to be so tall?"She complained."Wasn't my choice!"Jacob laughed."Now,"she said."Get out.You can't see your clothes now.Its a surprise!
"Come on!"Jake said."I have a surprise."He pushed me towards the trees."Alright!Don't be so pushy!"I followed him deep into the woods.We stopped when we saw light through a gap in the trees."Close your eyes,"he instructed.I obliged.He grabbed my hands and led me through the gap."Open."
A magnificent sight awaited me.A two story house with a small garden,sliding door,and a balcony stood in front of me.I walked,still shocked,to a small pool in the garden.Tiny goldfish darted here and there just beneath its surface.
"It's...amazing."I finally managed to gasp.Jake grinned widely."I knew you would."He led me inside.On the first floor,there was a living room,a kitchen,and a laundry room.On the second floor,there was a guest room,a small library,and a huge bedroom with an even bigger bed in it.It had its on bathroom.
I stumbled slowly into the room."Oh,my gosh!"I managed.I turned around and threw myself at Jacob.I kissed him slowly,encircling my arms around his muscular waist."I love you."

The next morning,I woke up next to Jacob,thinking of the night we just shared.I love my life!I thought.

(hope you all liked it.TEAM JACOB!)
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