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posted by karpach_14
"nessie" my mom said in shock. wow i couldnt believe i told my father to get out of my life.i was disappointed in myself.i was so sorry for everything but i couldnt say anything. i ran in the bedroom and slammed the door. i began crying then i heard my dad come in.
"dad im really sorry i didnt mean anything that i said, im just really tired of u pretending that im a little girls still" i told him. his eyes softened a little.
"nessie,... its my fault i didnt want to let go the baby u i just cant believe ur getting as old as me" he laughed at that thought.
"haha wow technically ur 18 and im 16 wow dad wen did mom get pregnant at the age of 2?" i asked while asking.
"hahaha really funny renesmee, but i should never see u alone with a guy again" my dad made it clear to me but i really didnt care wat he said.
"renesmee u should care, what if u make a mistake?" y does he read my ming!!
"dad we're not going to make a mistake, aunt alice told me every little detail of ur and moms life and trust me i tried to shut her mouth but she kept talking about ur romance and some weird things" i told him and i laughed.
"did she tell about isle esme?" he asked awhile hoping the answer will be no.
"yeah" and i started cracking up.
"hmm... exceuse me i have some business to take care of"
"k" he went while i was still laughing. i finally got control of myself and went into the living room.uncle emmett was rolling on the floor laughing. eric came up to me.
"u have a fun loving family" he told me
"not all the time trust me thats y i had to get some alone time"i told him and he smiled. oh crap i have to visit jake. my dad looked toward me.
"no nessie" i stopped smiling.
"dad do u want to argue again?" i asked him. the room went silent and everyone started looking at me and my dad.
" nessie im trying to do the best for u" he told me
"by keeping me away from? dad me staying away from jake is like u stayed away from mom, didnt that hurt?" i aske him. i heard someone clear their throat.
"nessie this isnt the same,youre mom and i had a connection" he said. what r u saying? i thought and i knew that my dad was reading my mind.
"im saying u cant be near a werewolve" he told me. i looked at eric. well thats going to be very hard for u to control, i thought.
"y is that?" he asked. cuz eric is a werewolve, i thought.
'nessie thats impossible" jake and eric r cousinz so im going to spend as much time as i want with them and of conversation now im going to visit jake bye, i thought and my dad was staring me just like the people at school did. i grabbed eric's hand.
"coming?" i asked him.
"wer?" he asked.
"jake's house" i told him.
"um.. suree" he said he wasnt confident if he wanted to go , but i dragged him anyway.
"so do u really love me?" eric asked me.
"umm, i love you and jake the same" i told him.
"but but who do u like more?" he made me choose but it was easy.
"jake i know him more, tell me about imprinting?"
"if someone fell in love with you at first sight they imprinted on u, just like i did" he said. i oushed on brakes right away.
"u wat?" i asked him
"i imprinted on u"
"jake imprinted on me"
"u'll have to choose and u'll have to pick only one" he told me sadness ran through my face. i started driving a little. it was silent for the whole ride there. jake was with his pack in the woods so thats wer we went.jared, paul, quil, embry, sam, and jake were talking about something.
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