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Hey guiz...dis is Seth's POV..
Hope U lyk it!!

Chapter 4-Part 2

I ran..I had to get to the Cullens'.
I looked down at her and I saw her staring at me...I couldn't meet her gaze..dunno why..I was running so fast that I hadn't noticed her arms around me. She was clinging to me. Like Nessie usually clung to Bella or Jake. Maybe she felt protected with me.Maybe she loved me as much a I loved her..Hope..I could only hope.. I ran until I reached the baseball clearing..
This place..the place where many have lost their immortal lives..Redhead's newborns..Innocent people who had been changed just for use..for a year or so..till they would be strong, immensely strong..3 months ago..the creepy Italian Vampires..who had no mercy, the vampires who killed in the name of law, had nearly killed all of us..Nessie, Jake, Edward, Bella, Leah, everyone..The new kids in the pack.. My brothers, sister. extended family..No one could guarantee us that after we had sacrificed our lives..that our families would be safe?? They would come after Mom, Billy, elders of the reservation..Charlie???
Irina..The Denali sisters lost their sister in this place. Edward had once told me that it was in this place where James a tracker..first got the -then human Bella's scent..It had nearly cost her, her life..Horrid place it was and still un-ignorable..we had to pass by this place everyday. I was lost in the disturbing memories when I got the familiar scent of a vampire....Edward??? Why was he here? I could smell him, but I had no idea why he was here. Had Alice seen something? Had she seen my love survive? The worst..I couldn't think about it
He was just beyond the trees. I think he saw he come, that's why he got out of the fringe. He smiled at me. SMILED???????
Could this mean that my love would survive? Had Alice seen it? The way he smiled made me hopeful..I slowed down a less than a second he was beside me. He was a vampire..could he control himself?
" Seth, the blood that appealed to me the most was Bella' me..I could resist it..I won't hurt her. I know you love her."
I know Edward, I trust you..Why are you here anyways?? Jake??
"Jake got to our place..told us that you had imprinted..Carlisle was ready if he had to change her. It was puzzling Alice though, she just saw her getting mauled by a bear..She couldn't see any further..Maybe that's when u stepped in..I don't think we have to change her..She is better than most of us when we were changed.."
Hearing that made me feel better. at least she wouldn't burn my nose. I wouldn't smell like a wet dog.
" Not that I don't like vampires Edward!!", I said realizing that he could hear.
" I don't mind Seth, even I wished Bella stayed human, but the circumstances were not favorable."
"Sooo...She's gonna be alive? I can't loose her.."
I said as my voice trailed off.
"Yes", he said.
The rest of the way we were silent.
That wasn't my nature, maybe this imprinting thing was weird..
I loved her so much...
This is It guiz!!! I didn't make her a vampire b'coz I wanted Seth 2 be more of a protector...soooo...Plz dnt h8 me 4 nt makin Norah a vampire.
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