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I appreciate everyone's kind words on my other chapters. I plan to write more; Chapter 6 is in the works!! Enjoy!!

Five days later I finally got the news I had been waiting for.
Ever since Alice's promise to give me up-to-the-second updates on Renesmee, I hadn't even gone home. I followed Alice around on her heels; I even went hunting with her. I ignored the nasty looks Rosalie gave me and the incredulous headshakes Emmett gave me. "You're love sick, bro," he would tell me. I shrugged. He was right anyways.
Alice and I were cutting flowers to put in vases around the house in honor of Valentine's Day. She had really gone overboard, in my opinion. Red, white, and pink roses overflowed the crystal vases. Just as she was about to tuck in an extra red rose, she froze, her hand freezing in the air, her face going blank.
I knew that look.
I bent right down next to her, almost kneeling, and waited impatiently for her vision to stop.
After a few minutes, she blinkled slowly and smiled a dazzling smile.
"She loves you."
I closed my eyes, letting all the anger, fear, and frusteration I had gathered over the past few days drain out and let only love and happiness fill its place. I had never felt so happy and I thought I would end up floating to the ceiling.
I opened my eyes and let my grin spread across the length of my face. "You're sure?" I demanded.
We stared at each other, both so happy. I wasn't sure what she was so happy about, maybe just happy to finally be rid of me.
"What's happening now?"
"I...I can't see...I guess you're going."
I grinned and sprinted away from her, grabbing my keys from my pocket.
"Wait, Jacob!" she grabbed my wrist, her small hand barely fitting around it. The cold didn't make me flinch as it once had.
She paused, unsure to speak. "I'm glad you're happy," she finally said. I could tell she meant it.
"Thank-you," I kissed her hair and then sprinted out the door. I was almost going to sprint all the way to Delaware to get to her, but decided that a car and plane ticket would be faster.
Driving at more than three times the speed limit, I got to the airport in no time. I never drove so fast with Nessie, for fear I would hurt her.
People stared as I ran at a slightly unhuman pace through the airport. My only worry was that I was so dangerously on the edge, a mixture of giddy and powerful adrendaline, that I would shift if I didn't be careful. I tried to cool it but couldn't make myself do it.
Eventually I got to the boarding gate for Delaware. I purchased a ticket. Something about my wild expression kept the ticket seller from taking too long. Maybe she thought I was suicidal. It didn't matter anyhow. I boarded, not even minding when a noisy family sat next to me, and spent the five hour ride with Nessie.
I was too hyped up to sleep; so I stared impatiently out the window. The plane seemed to be moving very slowly, though I knew it was faster than my sprinting. Alice called me a few hours later, unsure if I was there or not.
"No, I'm on the plane."
"Yeah, it sucks. Have you called Renesmee?"
"Did you want me to?"
"Alright, hold on a few minutes."
"Thanks, Alice. You're the best." I felt closer to Alice than I did to Rachel or Rebecca at the moment. They had never helped me get any girls.
I kept my phone tight in my hand, ready to answer it if it rang. I tried to count the number of trees that were below me to pass the time.
After half a ring, I answered the phone. "Hello?"
"Have you planned on how you're going to meet her?" Alice had a plan up her sleeve, I could tell, but I wasn't sure what she meant by this question.
"I was thinking a knock on the door, flowers, a hug, that sort of thing," I said.
"I've got a better idea."
Of course she did.
"Let's hear it."
"Okay, so her Valentine's Day dance is tomorrow. She told me that she's on the decorating comittee, so she'll be there between four and eleven pm. Just time it right. You'll need a fresh shirt..." she trailed off.
"Alice? Alice! What exactly will I do?"
"Oh. Right. She'll be decorating in the meeting room, which is building number twenty six. Find her, sweep her off her feet, that sort of thing. Whatever you come up with, she'll be extremely happy to see you. She wanted to come home today, but I told her you were out of town."
Sweep her off her feet. I could do that. "Thanks, Alice," I said fervently. "I owe you huge."
"Happy to help out," Alice laughed.
Just then the plane's wheels bumped against the ground. "We're here, I have to go."
"Good luck, Jacob!"
I didn't have any luggage, so I practically ran off the plane, ignoring the complaints of the flight attendants I shoved past.
There was a big clock once I was inside the airport. Geez, it was three in the morning! In my haste to get to Delaware, I couldn't even go to Brenton to see her! Not now at least. I felt myself shaking and was surprised at myself. I usually controlled my temper better than this. But then again, I had never been this close to true love before.
I got something to eat at a stand in the airport, then called Alice.
"It's three a.m!" I complained.
She giggled. "You're the one who sprinted out the door before I even finished talking," she reminded me.
I sighed. "Yeah, I guess I am. So what do I do now?"
"Can't I just go to Brenton?" my voice had a whiny edge to it, like I was fifteen again. I almost smiled.
She sighed. "Fine. Just don't let her see you. I'll be in touch. She's in dorm four. Good-bye, Jacob."
"See you around, Alice."
Luckily shuttles were still going to and from Brenton. I hopped on one, ignoring the rude stares people gave me. It was like sitting next to albinos, I was so tanned. And tall. I stared out the window and I saw Brenton.
Holy crap, it was huge! But I knew where she was. I set out to find her, getting more and more eager with every step.
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here is my twilight fantasy life......
it is SERIOUS fantasy, its also SUPER long(I am NOT exaggerating so if you are doing something important, you should wait to read this some other time), some of the parts of the story are not in relation to twilight at all, while others are, so if i get something different than the book, its probably on purpose, and I’m not wrong, I’m just making stuff up!
also it is in a first-person story-thingy so if you get lost, sorry! AND it is my first story-thingy(haha) so dont sue me if its THAT bad. just tell me where i can improve! COMMENT PLEAZ!

My name is...
continue reading...
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Here are some places where you can download some of the songs for the Twilight soundtrack:

Muse- Supermassive Black Hole

Paramore- Decode

Linkin Park- Leave out all the rest

Collective Soul- Tremble for my beloved

There's only a few, but they're free, and I don't know about everyone else but I really can't wait for the Twilight soundtrack to come out!
If you know any more places please add them below so other people can get them:)
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