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This Is Tala's story.....Seth's and Lanise's daughter. I hope you like it!!!

I looked out my window, It was sunny.I put on my bikini some shorts and a t-shirt. I grabbed my beach bag and walked downstairs.
"Nana, I'm going to the beach." I said as I walked into the kitchen..Lucas was eating some cereal.
"Okay Sweetie,just remember to put on sunscreen." She said. I shook my head okay and kissed her on the cheek and left.
I walked down to the beach and put down my towel. I took off my shorts and a t-shirt, and start putting on some sunscreen. I put my hair, that was down to my waist, in a bun and layed down on the towel, soaking up some sun.
"Ouch!" I yelled. I opened my eyes and looked at the oblject that hit me. I picked it up and walked over to a group of boys.
"Hey!" I said to them, they all looked at me, somebody whistled. A boy with black curly hair, brown eyes, and abs you could wash clothes on stood up.
"You found our ball." He said and put out a hand for it. I looked at him like he was crazy.
"Actually your ball found me...and your not getting it back." I said matter-o-factly. I walked away. Some one grabbed me on my shoulder. It was the guy who spoke to me.
"I'm sorry about my friends, but they were trying to get your attention." He said and smiled at me.
"Well they got it, but you're still not getting it back." I said. I looked down at my watch.
"I have to go." I said.

I pulled up to a warehouse building in Seattle. I heard the music from all the way out here. I couldn't wait to show them what I had. I walked in and stood toward the center. I felt someone tap me on the shoulder. I turned around, it was the guy from the beach, he smiled at me. I smiled back.
"I didn't know you Krumped." He yelled at me over the music.
"I don't look like a dancer?" I yelled back.
"You look like one, but not a krumper, more of a ballerina." He smiled at me...I laughed.
"I'm Justin."He said and held out his hand, I took it.
"I'm Tala." I said and turned my attention back to where the dancers were.
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*by Stephenie Meyer*


That night at dinner, Charlie seemed enthusiastic about my trip to La Push in the morning. I think he felt guilty for leaving me home alone on the weekends, but he'd spent too many years building his habits to break them now.
Of course he knew the names of all the kids going, and their parents, and their great-grandparents, too, probably. He seemed to approve. I wondered if he would aprove of my plan to ride to Seattle with Edward Cullen. Now that I was going to tell him.
"Dad, do you know a place called Goat Rocks or something like that?...
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What I think makes Edward & Bella soul mates is Bella's unwavering faith she puts in Edward's restraint to not kill her while she is still a human.

Edward as well as incredible love for Bella which in turn makes him perfect for her and she perfect for him. In every sense of the old saying: They cannot live without each other. This is is made plain in New Moon when Edward leaves Bella in order to protect her form him.

Bella becomes a literal zombie.Devastated by Edward's decision to leave her. One of my favorite quotes form New Moon is when Bella says to Edward: "I'd rather die than be with...
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All night i started thinking in Julius, he is the most beautiful thing i ever seen, but there's something about him that make me scare but i don't know what it is.
"Nessi baby, can we talk" i turn around when i hear my dad's voice and i froze, i know that he will tell me that i was grounded of something.
"Mm sure dad, what's up?"
"Well like you know, i know what happen today in the woods, i just want to let you know that I'm not mad at you i just, want you to be happy, and meet new people, but take it easy you know that we have a secret to hide from the real word" he said as he huge me
"i know...
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i'm glad you all love my story, so here's another treat for you ^_^

Bella's pov

After just a few seconds we arrived at the Cullen’s and I saw Alice already waiting outside.
“Finally” she said a little angry looking at Edward.
“It’s my fault, Alice” I said back to her but she gave me a smile and grabbed my hand in a hurry and dragged me inside.
When we were in the living room I took a quick look at Edward but he didn’t say anything and just avoided my look.
“Mommie, Mommie” I heard Mason while he walked toward me. I pulled him up and carried him in my arms.
“You are getting heavy,...
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posted by VampirePrinsess
I sat on the plane, reflecting as I watched the world rush by below, so much smaller than it seemed when you were down there, part of it.
Three years ago, I'd just been visiting Europe with my mom, Renee; she wanted to "see the sights" before she married Phil and settled down. We'd not been there long, maybe a few days, when it happened. It was dark, and we'd gone out to see the city - I could never remember where, exactly - at night... It'd been the last thing we'd done together. All I could clearly remember from that night was the fear, the terror, the screaming... the pain. I shuddered away...
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Warning: This is just coming from me, and was done out of boredom and maybe some motivation. Its just a fiction, so nothing is real. So dont be upset if you wont find Bella in that story, it wouldnt make sense otherwise. Enjoy.

SideNote: I know that Edward isnt as straight forward in the books, and in the next chapter he will change. I just wanted Ashley to fall in love with him for the right reasons, instead of being obsessed.

Waking up didnt feel right, being here was somehow strange. I sat up in my bed, stretching and tried to remember what had happened last night. Letting out some low sigh,...
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This is a pretty long one...regardless, I hope you love it as much as the other 5. Chapter 7 is in the making!!!!!!!!!

My night was almost sleepless. Ever since I found out that I loved Jacob, all I could do was think about him, preventing me to sleep. Once or twice I swear I saw him looking through my window, but that was probably just my imagination running wild.
After giving up on sleep, I got up early, dressing in faded blue jeans and an old top. It would kill Aunt Alice, but I was going to be covered in paint soon anyways. I didn't have to be at the meeting room until four, so I was free...
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