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posted by CarlislesLover
Hope you like it :).x


“Am I really that bad Edward?”

“I love you so much” I suddenly came out with. It was all I could think of to say. “I love you too Edward. But please apologize to your family first before we carry on”

“I’m sorry everyone. Alice I didn’t mean to I was just so angry”

“It’s ok Edward, I know how hard it was for you without Bella” she walked over to me and hugged me tightly, her burns had started to disappear and she didn’t look so rough any more. “Esme I’m sorry”

“It’s ok” She came over and hugged me. Bella had obviously brightened her day up and everyone else’s. “How are you?”

“I’ve missed you so much you have no idea”

“I thought you would”

“I’m sorry this may offend you but who are you pregnant with? Is that a wedding ring or an engagement ring or just an everyday type ring? Where have you been? Are you ok? Do you still love me?”

“Well that’s a lot of questions to ask a pregnant woman but I think I can remember them all. This is my wedding ring and this is my engagement ring” She pointed to the two rings on her hand. “I’m fine and I’ve been living in Dubai and of course I still love you but not the same way I used to”

“You missed out the most important question”

“What was that?”

“Who are you pregnant with?”

“Oh right. Jacob”

“JACOB, YOU’RE PREGNANT WITH JACOB. DOES THAT MEAN YOU’RE MARRIED TO HIM ASWELL?” Her eyes flashed with terror and she suddenly backed across to the other side of the room. Then I realized she was scared of me. “Bella I’m sorry I didn’t mean to shout at you, please don’t be scared of me” I walked towards her and she kept walking back away from me until she was in the corner of the kitchen with nowhere to run. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her as tight as I could, the bump of the baby in the way. I leant down to her face and kissed her with as much passion as I could, probably giving her a heart attack. Never letting go of her I pulled her tighter and kissed her more passionately. I could tell she needed to breath for air but I couldn’t let her break off yet. She had been gone for two years and I’d just found out that she was married to Jacob and pregnant with his baby. Carlisle came over to us and started to try push me off of her, but it wasn’t going to happen as I wasn’t finished. I kissed her with even more passion, I couldn’t tell if she was kissing back or not. Carlisle pushed at me again trying to get me off of her but it wasn’t happening. Suddenly Bella disappeared and everything went black.

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posted by JacobBlackFever
Twilight Fan-Fiction

Cake scene

~Bella's Point of view~
I felt my heart pumping,My lovely daughter was getting married to jake it's like my whole life was turned around,Renesmee with jake I so happy when I see Jacob with a suit he reminds me of my dance with him at my wedding

~Edward's point of view~
"Bella,I'm so happy our daughters getting married"
I saw Jacob walking towards us with a happy smile

~Jacob's point of view~
'Hey Bella,Edward I can't believe that it's me and renesmee's wedding"
I was so scared inside and happy on the outside,Everytime I see Nessie with the Beautiful Wedding gown I feel so happy and exciting, I over Heard Edward calling my name over the loud. Music,I bet it won't be good........TO BE CONTINUED;)
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Got this off youtube from MorningsGlory. it's the story of the main characters throughout all the books. The song (which I love) is Speeding cars by Imogen heap
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