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posted by LexisFaith

On our way back to Forks, I turned it to a fifties station on the radio. Since I don't have you by the skyliners had just came on and I looked over at Bella. Her brow creased as she stared out the windsheild. "Are you okay, Love?"
"This song sounds so fimilar. I never listen to this kind of music, but I can sing every word in my head." She looked over to me and I smiled.
"You used to love this song." I looked back out to the road.
"After you were murdered in 1918, you were born again. Another chance for us. I still remember it." I smiled.

It was 1962, and I had just pulled up to the town's Diner and Dance. I was wearing my black, blue and dark blue stripped sweater-only back then, the stripes were vertical-and my black pants. Alice had taught me how to make that one perfect girl that sat on my fourhead.
I could hear the song, Big Girl's Don't Cry by The Four Seasons playing on the inside and I pulled the door open.
I spotted her sitting a little ways down the bar. She had a white strappless dress on that of course poofed out after the waist. A dark blue ribbon was tied around her waist and the same blue ribbon tied in a head band with a bow on the right side. She had pearl earrings and a neckless, and I noticed I had stopped dead in my tracks.
She was sitting next to another girl and they both at once sang, "Big girls, don't cry-i-i." and giggled. I had to chuckle myself and made my way over to her. I was a few stool's away when Elvis's song Are You Lonesome Tonight, came on over the juke box. Her friend hopped up and ran to a preppy blonde boy and she still sat.
I walked over and sat beside her and asked her "Are you lonesome tonight?", the same time Elvis sang the words. She smiled slightly and spoke to me.
"My friend is just dancing with her boyfriend." she looked down and back up to me. "What about you?"
"I'm not anymore." I smiled and she blushed. "If you don't mind me asking, why aren't you out dancing with your boyfriend?"
"I don't have one. I don't want to be with a boy who uses me for popularity."
"You must be popular at your school." The foutain girl walked over and I ordered a Coke float.
"You could say that. My daddy own's the car shop in town. You're not from here are you? Where are you from?"
"Alaska." The foutain girl brought my the float and I slid it over to her. "For you. What's your name?"
"Mary." She smiled. "And thank you."
Mary. So close to Marie.
Since I Don't Have You by the Skyliners rolled through the diner. "Dance with me?" I asked and stood up, reaching out my hand.
She smiled and hopped out of her seat, placing her hand in mine.

"Maybe that's where you remember it from." I smiled at her.
"I was a teen in the 50's and 60's? Wow." She smiled. "How was that chance for us ruined?
"You got very ill. And no one could figure out what was wrong with you."
She was silent as she stared out the window.
She sighed and smiled and looked over to me. "We'll I'm here now. And you know what they say, Third time's a charm."
I chuckled and kissed her hand. "That they do."
"So, was I pretty back then?"
"Bella, you have never been merly pretty. Every time I see you I have to catch my breath."
She lifted our hands and ran her thumb over the crease in my fourhead. "I love you."
"As I love you." I kissed her hand again.

Once we were home, I sat down with Bella in my room and went through hundreds of songs and sang them with her. She didn't remember the times like I did of course, but she still knew the words. I put in one of my softer cd's and she fell asleep as I laid next to her singing Tears On My Pillow. That had been one of her favorites. I left her to sleep and walked downstairs humming Stand By Me when Alice came from the kitchen, smiling.
"I thought I heard you singing. It's been a while." She sat down on the couch and I sat next to her.
"Bella heard the song we first danced to in the 60's and I told her the story. We came home and she wanted to listen to them all again so we sat in my room for hours and sang the songs. She finally fell asleep." I chuckled.
"Tears On My Pillow?" Alice smiled.
"Of Course." I laughed. "Guess old habbits die hard."
"So did you guys find a condo?"
"Yes, actaully, we did. Bella about had a heart attack when I showed it to her."
"Aren't you glad you went with my plan? Show her this once and you won't have to look at anymore." She laughed.
"Thank you Alice." I smiled.
"What do you want?"
She propped her elbow up on the back of the couch and rested her head on her palm. "What do you hope the baby is?"
"Actually, I hope it's a girl." I smiled.
"Have you thought of names? Just ideal names?" She asked picking at a fingernail.
"Well, I like the name Charli. Or Ever or Blair. Something different."
"I like them. I would have never picked those names out. I would have gone really girly with something like, Lily, or Kaylee." She giggled. "What if it's a boy?"
"Coen, or Braylen, or McShain. Again. Something different."
"Well, I think I like McShain for a boy, and Ever for a girl. You must be excited to have names already in mind." She smiled.
"I am." I smiled back. "She told me third time's a charm." I laughed. "When actually the third time it is."
"You're finally going to get your happily ever after." Alice laughed and got up from the couch turning on the stereo. "Come on Edward. We are going to dance." She pulled me up and Stand by Me played through the stereo.
"Just so you know." I laughed as she wrapped her arms around my waist. "I'm not avaiable."
"Well, your in luck, because neither am I." she laughed.
I you haven't ever heard any of the songs I listed through this chapter you HAVE to listen to them. The 50's and early 60's music was so true and amazing. My favorite listed is Big Girls Don't Cry by The Four Seasons.
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