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I ran all the way back to Jake's. I knocked on the door until someone came to the door. It was Billy.
"Hey Billy. Is Jake home?'I asked.
"He's in his room Nessie."He said back. Billy moved out of my way so I could come in. I knocked on Jacob's door.
"Come in" He said. I opened his door. He looked at me and took in my red-rimmed eyes.
"Ness, what's wrong?" He asked. I sat down next to him and put my hand on his cheek to show him what happened. When it was over he hugged me and rubbed my back.
"Do you wanna stay here for tonight?" He asked me after I calmed down. I shook my head yes.
Later that night Billy left to go see a game over at my grandpa Charlie's, so Jake and I decided to watch a movie and order some take out. We where watching Werewolf vs. Vampires 2: When Zombies ATTACK!!!.
I laid on his chest. I really wasn't that interested in the movie just him. I shifted my weight so I was now sitting in his lap.
"Jake" I said
"Hmm" he said back still watching the movie.
"We should have sex." His eyes got wide and he paused the movie.
"Why?" He asked.
"Because we're in love so why not?"
"Because your parents would kill me that's why"
"They really wouldn't kill you because I love you too much."
"Ness,"he said "it's not that I don't wanna have sex with you but not now."
"Well' what are you waiting on?"I asked curiously.
"Until we get married. I want it to be special, not while we're watching a i-stab-you-and you shot me kind of movie." I was shocked by his answer because most guys would love this opportunity. I began to kiss all over him: his nose, his eyes.h is temples. I saved his lips for last.
"Ness, you know I can't resist" He said to me.
"Then DON'T" I whispered in his ear. I kissed him again and a moan escaped from him. He picked me up and carried me to his room and laid me on his bed. He began to kiss me all down my body, suddenly he stopped.
"I'm sorry Nessie, I can't do this. I promised your dad that I wouldn't do this with you until we got married."
"Well, we could cuddle." I suggested he agreed to it. That night, I went to sleep in Jacob's arms.
I woke up the next morning still in Jake's arms, but in my room. I lifted his arm off me and tip-toed out the room. I looked in the fridge, but nothing looked appetizing . I would go hunting later I thought to myself.
I closed the door and my mom was standing behind me.
"Nessie, your father means well, he just doesn't want to see you get hurt.:
"What? Like he hurt you huh." Once I said it I regretted it."Mom, I'm sor-"
"No,No don't apologize." She said and walked away.
I went hunting and drank two elks, I felt like I was getting ready to burst.
I went into my room to grab some clothes before taking a shower. Jake was still sleeping. Iwonder why my parents let him stay.
I hopped into the shower and washed my hair. The water felt so good on my skin that I decided to sit there for a couple of minutes.
When I did get out the shower, I took my time getting dressed and doing my hair. I walked in my room and threw my clothes in the hamper. I went to go lay next to Jacob, who was still sleep.
I woke up and Jake was gone. I looked around my room but the only other person in here was my dad.
"He left, his pack need him"My dad said to me. I looked at my clock. It said 7:05 a.m. Crap!!! I thought to myself I;m gonna be so late for school.
I hurried out of bed and pulled out something to wear.
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