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posted by groovychicklisa
Chapter 8


7 weeks later.
I really didn’t want to see anyone or anyone to see me for that fact. She left 7 weeks ago, since then I attempted suicide 3 times, but every time someone found me. The first time my Mum Esme, The second time my Father Carlisle and the last time my big brother Emmet when he came home from college for a break.
I tried to remember her as the darkness took over me, I wouldn’t feel this pain anymore. I heard noises someone crying. Who is it I thought to myself. Suddenly I felt pressure on my wrists, the voices then became clearer. It was my mum, she was crying asking me what she had done to make me do this to myself. When I talked my voice was crackly (E)Mum, please leave me! It’s not your fault, just let me go (E) I practically begged. (M) Over my dead body (M) she screamed. Then everything went black.
After than they out me into rehab for two weeks. Where I slowly stopped harming myself. Everyone asked why I did it? I never told any of them the reason why. Every day I kept the letter Bella had sent me in my pocked, it had bloodstains on it from where I had been cutting myself. Mum and Dad were beginning to notice Bella wasn’t around and wondered why. I believe they knew that it was why I was so upset. Our parents always thought we were made for each other, I did to but was too weak to act on it. So this is how I ended up here in this mess. I became friends with Tyler Crowley a few weeks ago. He was the school bad boy and loved it. He had invited me to his end of term party so I decided to go along and see what it would be like. I really couldn’t be bothered with my appearance so I threw on some jeans and a grey hoodie and headed out. I jumped into my silver Volvo and drove there since I wasn’t planning on drinking. When I arrived I went in and had a look around then grabbed a coke. As I turned around I saw her in the doorway. What the hell is she doing here I asked myself, but was brought out of that question by how stunning she looked. From that moment on I made it my mission to have Bella back in my life, starting with talking to her tonight !

Hope you like comment etc! Thanks (:
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