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posted by basketballstar
Another short story, written from Edward's point of view. It's based mainly on Twilight, the first book of the saga. In comparison to "Alice" (previously posted), it's not quite as good. It's different, as the Edward - Emmett 'relationship' is difficult to explain. Please comment and tell me what you think!!

Emmett had never been, exactly, a tactful person. So my “love life”, as he referred to it, was a difficult subject for him to talk about without seeming a jerk.

I was sitting in my room, reading, when Emmett wandered in, a pained expression on his face. His thoughts were focused on Rosalie, which meant he was hiding something from me. I looked up. “What is it, Em?” I asked, in an uninterested tone. He just shook his head. Ah, it was going to be one of those conversations. I went back to reading. Sooner or later his train of thought would slip and all would be revealed. Emmett sat down; I continued to read Heaney’s poetry.
“Ok, fine!” Emmett said, in a tone that sounded like he was in pain. Emmett had very little patience, he was like a child really; if you ignored him, sooner or later the truth would come out, and it was usually sooner. I put my book down. “Alice has gone to see Bella! She told me not to tell you, but I thought you’d want to know.”
I nearly broke the couch jumping up, it flew up against the glass wall and shards of glass rained down upon Emmett's head. “She what?” I growled, my voice fierce with anger. How could she do this??? I told her she could speak to Bella when the time was right, and the time was definitely not right yet. I shoved Emmett out of the way as I went for the stairs, forgetting the window in my rage. Maybe I could still get there before Alice. When had I last seen her? Half an hour ago? She was with Jasper then, maybe I could make it. I was much faster than she. I raced out the front door.
Suddenly two trains of thought invaded my head. One a soprano, the other a base but both in unison in thought.
'Where is he going?' Alice and Jasper, sitting on the couch in the sitting room, thought in unison. I stopped dead and turned slowly. Upstairs Emmett was snickering to himself. 'Got’cha Edward!!' he laughed silently. What the hell had he been thinking??? Bella was a touchy subject for me, and for him to make entertainment out of it…..He was going to pay dearly for it.
I raced back up the stairs to my room and knocked Emmett, standing in the same place as a minute ago, out the window onto the ground below.
“Don’t ever do that again” I snarled. But Emmett just laughed.
'Sure bro!' He pushed me off and ambled back towards the kitchen.
Somehow, someway he was going to pay dearly for that little trick. To ease my anger, I went to see Bella sleep.

Note: the single inverted commas, or apostrophes show the thoughts that Edward can hear. Originally they were typed in itallics, but itallics are impossible to support in fanpop articles.
posted by princesskay4
Have you ever felt like your entire body was on fire, and there was nothing you can do about it? You're in excruciating pain and all you can do is lie there and let it happen. That's how it feels to be turned into a vampire.
I didn't ask for this. I honestly would have rather died, but I suppose that wasn't an option ever since Emmett and Rosalie found me. Rosalie must have taken pity in me, being raped, beaten, stabbed and left to die in the middle of nowhere. Right before my spirit almost left my body, I could feel bite marks all over my body. My neck, my legs, my stomach and wrists ached...
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posted by LexisFaith
If you have seen this movie before (like I have) then you know how it goes, and the ending. If you haven't, please don't run off and watch it and spoil the surprise!!! These are not my characters, and it's not my plot either ( :( ), but I'm mxing it up a bit ;)
Bella POV

I'm not sure where I am right at the moment. A.) Because I'm blindfolded, B.) I don't even remember how I got here. All I know is that there is cold glass that my head is leaning on, and a man in the drivers seat. I know this because he's singing. He has a beautiful voice, I admit,...
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