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13 Honey Moon part 2

WARNING: This chapter will make you melt, I know this because it is my fantasy with Kellan Lutz. Enjoy :)

Emmett smiles at you and gets the suitcases out of the back seat and tosses them on the the patio above you guys.

You-Emmett what are you doing?

He comes over to you in .10 and picks you up bridal style.

Emmett-I'm carrying my bride to the bedroom, that what a husband is supposed to do to his brand new Bride.

You-Oh well take me away handsome.

you giggle and Emmett opens the door, and carries you upstairs, he gently places you on the bed and he goes to the patio and rings in the suitcases. He places the suitcases by the walk-in closet. He comes back to you and you start making out big time, he takes off his shirt and you rub your hands on his cold back and it makes you shiver. You kiss more passionatley, and you roll on top of him and you start kissing his chest and work your way up to his lips. He Grabs you by the hips and flips you back over so where he is on top. You break the kiss.

You-I'll be right back.

Emmett-(Kissing you again)where are you going?

You-You'll see (kissing him but holding on top him bottom lip.)

You let go and take the suitcases into the closet. You change into the hot pink corset and matching panties, your black panty hose and you hook up the garter clips. You look in the mirror and you smile.

You-(Yelling from the closet) Are you ready for me?

Emmett-Oh you know it, come out of there.

You flash one leg and then you slowly come out of the closet. Emmett sits up on the edge of the bed. You walk over to him and he pulls you on his lap where you a strattling him. He is kissing you fiercly right now and he flips over to where he is on top.

It's getting really hot and steamy and after 5 hours of fun time you fall asleep.

In the morning you wake up and you slip on one of Emmett's long T-shirts and you pull on a pair of really short shorts. You head downstairs. You see Emmett standing on the deck looking at the ocean. You go behind him and wrap your arms around him and kiss his back. He turns around and kisses you passionately.

Emmett-___, are you POSITIVE you want to be changed?

You-Emmett, of course, I need you in my life forever, and I want nothing more than to be with you for all eternity.

Emmett-I'm not going to lie to you Babe, It will hurt like hell.

You-well I look at it this way, I'll be with you in the end, your my heaven Emmett, and you go through Hell to get to Heaven.

He smiled at you.

Emmett-Are you hungry?
You-Yeah, but I'll make my own food.
Emmett-I'll help you
You-No need to, I'm just getting a bowl of cereal.
Emmett laughs.
You-But you can keep me company if you want.

Emmett-Of course I will.

You and Emmett walk into the kitchen. He sits at the table. You pour your cereal and then the milk and sit at the table. You start eating your cereal. Emmett watches you as you finish your cereal,
and he washes your bowl and spoon for you. You get in the shower and You throw on one of te sun dresses. You put on your foundation, bronzer, eyeliner, and masacara. You do your hair and then you go downstairs. Emmett was laying on the couch. You go over to him and you kiss him. He grabs you and pulls you on top of him.

Emmett-I'll change you tonight, when the sun goes down.

You-Sounds good.

He kisses you and as he does you get a sharp pain (Like a cramp on acid lol)
You-Oh my GOD!!!!
Emmett-___! Are you ok?
You-I dont know, ow, this hurts like hell!
Emmett-Do you want me to call Carlisle?
You-No, no, I'm pretty sure its just cramps fo-
You stop talking when you realize, you havent had your period. You widen your eyes and look at Emmett.
You-Emm...I havent had my period since the beginning of last month. And I'm supposed to be on it by now

Emmett-We need to get home, I'll call Carlisle, you start packing.

You-Ok. (you head to the closet and tidey up yours and Emmett's stuff.)

As you zip up the suitcases, you over hear Emmett on the phone. You go to the doorway of the bedroom and listen.

Emmett-Carlisle, you think she is? (pause) So Alice already booked our flight back home? (pause) Ok, we'll be back soon. (hangs up)

You go back to the closet and Emmett comes back in the room. He goes to the closet

Emmett-We have to get home now. (he takes the suitcases.)

You grab your purse and follow him down to the Jeep and get in, he puts the suitcases in the back seat and gets in the drivers seat in less time than a blink. He is doing at least 140 mph to the airport. You get out and He gets out and gets the suitcases. He tells the guy who takes your suitcases to leave the Jeep and that you both will be back asap. you board the plain(which alice thought you needed to get back quicker, she got you guys private jet) andsat down. Emmett sat next to you and the plain took off. You put a pillow on your stomach and you set a pillow on Emmets lap you laid down and got some sleep because Emmett wanted you to rest.
I SWEAR IF ANY OF THIS GETS STOLEN FOR SOMEONE ELSES I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN!!! I'm Not kidding, or I can easily get my computer genius friend to hack on to your computer and give it a virus....DON'T Try me, you WILL lose.
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