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hey! It's me again! Here is chapter 2 of Bella becomes a vampire! I hope you like it!

2. Friends

I didn't know what to say. Edward just asked me to marry him. I stared at the sparkling red dimond, not knowing what to say.
"Edward, I just became a vampire, this is something that will have a huge impact on my life. I need to think about this first." I said with shock on my face.
"Bella, I love you, and you love me. You want to be with me forever right?" Edward said smiling.
"Yes of course but, I can't comprehend all of this at one time. Becoming a vampire already is a big thing to take in. Just give me some time ok?" I said trying to sound convincing.
"Ok. But by next week I want an answer, ok?" Edward said shutting the little box.
"Ok, Edward I know your probally going to say no to this but, can I go see Jacob?" I said with hope in my voice.
"Bella. You are a vampire, Jacob is a werewolf! And a young one at that!" Edward said with frustration and anger in his voice.
"Do you want to die?!" He said sounding more sinister.
"Edward, I need to see Jacob. I haven't seen him in a while and I would like to see him just one last time!" I said trying to sound as angry as he was.
"Fine, I'll take you but this will be the last time." He said surenduring to me.
"Thanks." I said apreciative.
"Come on. I'll be hiding in the woods close by in case you need me." He said sounding defeted.
He started walking towards the window.
"Why can't we use the door?" I asked.
"Because I don't think the others will approve of this." He said climbing out the window.
I didn't reply I just climbed out the window behind him.
We ran through the woods, then we finnally reach the beach where I saw Jacob sitting on a piece of wood.
"I'll be right here." Edward said leaning against a tree.
I sped towards jacob appearing at his side in a flash.
"Hi Jacob." I said playfully.
"Bella, why do you smell so bad, when was the last time you showered?" He said as he turned around. He froze, shock on his face.
"Bella? Is that you? Why are your eyes-" he said stopping short of what he was about to say. Then it all sunk into his brain, of what I'd become.
"Yes Jacob it's true. I'm a vampire." I said trying to calm him down.
"WHO DID THIS TO YOU?!?!?! WAS IT THAT BLOODSUCKER EDWARD????? I'LL KILL HIM!!!" He said anger in his voice, he started to shiver. Automaticly I knew what was about to happen. I backed up before he could transform. Edward appeared in front of me ready to protect me.
"Jacob! Calm down I wanted him to do this. This was my choice." I said not knowing what was about to happen.
Jacob raced forward towards Edward and threw him on the ground.
"JACOB NO!" I screamed but it was to late the battle had begun.
"Bella go get the others! Hurry!" Edward said holding off Jacob.
Quickly I raced back to the house I told Carlisle and the others and we ran back to La push beach.
Edward was on the ground his shirt torn and cresant shapes all over his body. Emmet and the rest went to restrain Jacob. I was at Edward's side in less than a second.
"Edward, Edward! Edward are you ok?" I said franticly.
"Bella, Jacob isn't good for you." He said slowly pulling himself into an upright sitting position.
I looked over my shoulder, Alice and Jasper were making a fire.
"NO!" I screamed. I ran over to Alice.
"You can't! You can't do this to him!" I said anger in my voice.
"Bella, He tried to kill Edward. You need to choose. Edward or Jacob? I suggest you choose Edward, because Jacob is too dangerous." She said helpless.
"I'll never come to see him again just don't destroy him okay? Let me talk to him first." I said sadness in my voice.
"Jasper, stop theres no need for a fire now." she said, I took that as my answer.
I walked slowly over to Jacob. Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie and Emmett were holding him to the ground so he couldnt move, he was still in wolf form.
"Jacob, I love Edward, I chose for him to change me. He didn't want to do it, but I wanted to be one of them. So I could live with Edward forever." I said solemly.
"Bella, how could you do this to me? I loved you! Now everytime I get near you my throught burns." Jacob said tears forming in his big brown eyes.
"But Jacob you don't understand! I love Edward in a different way. I love him more than I love the air in my lungs. Now if I tell them to let go do you promise to let us go in peace? I don't want to fight you Jacob." I said staring into his big brown eyes.
"Yes." He said quickly.
"Let go." I said nodding towards Carlisle and the rest of them that were holding Jacob to the ground.
He let go and I ran back to Edward's side. Edward got up.
"You have to promise me to never come up here again. He will only bring you trouble." Edward said looking down into my eyes.
"Okay, I promise." I said staring back.

When we got back to the house, I thought about Jacob, the look in his eyes when I told him about Edward and me. It took all of the strength in me to run back to Edward, and ignore him. I wanted to just run back over to him and tell him that everthing was going to be alright, that everything was going to go back to normal soon. But I couldn't, because everything wasn't going to go back to normal, because it wasn't going to be alright. Nothing would ever be right. Not now, not ever. Edward was right, Jacob wasn't good for me. We are two totally different species now. My love for Edward is stronger than my love for Jacob.

Later that night, we went hunting. I went with Rosalie and the others split up into groups of two. Rosalie and me were about to snag a deer when we heard something.
"What was that?" I asked suddenly frightened that it might be a search team sent out to look for me.
"Shhhhh." Rosalie hissed.
"It sounds like people talking. What if it's a search team sent out to look for me?" I said ignoring Rosalie.
"C'mon let's go check it out." Rosalie said walking towards the voices.
We climbed up a tree trying to hear where the voices were comming from. I looked down towards a pine tree, and there were several police officers with search dogs looking for something or someone.
"Look over there." I said pointing towards the police officers.
"I think they're looking for me." I said looking back at Rosalie.
"Just don't let them see you and we should be okay." Rosalie said watching the men walk towards a big oak tree.
"Okay." I said climbing down the tree.
"Let's head back to the house." Rosalie said guesturing towards the house.
We sped off into the woods arriving back at Carlisle's house seconds later.
Alice and Jasper were on the steps talking. I thought about Charlie, what is he going to think, me disappearing all of a sudden. The last time I saw him was when he was mad at Edward, yelling at him. I cringed at the thought of that.
"Alice, what is gonna happen to Charlie?" I asked staring into her golden eyes.
"I don't know what we are going to do about that, you need to ask Carlisle about it. I'll try later to see if I can see anything new about him." Alice said standing up.
"Okay." I said looking back at Edward as he appeared beside me.
"What is it Alice?" he asked looking at her. He heard her thoughts and looked down.
"I don't know whats going to happen to Charlie." He said looking down at me.
"Edward, the vision that I had, I'm still worrying about that, could that still be a possibility?" I asked looking him in the eye.
"Are you saying you want Charlie to become one of us?" He asked me a low growl rumbling in his chest.
I opened my mouth to speak, but he interupted.
"Charlie hates me right now! If he found out about what you are now, and that I did it to you he would try to kill me!" He said furious.
"Edward, he's worrying, I know it, and I don't want him to go through the pain of worrying about where I am, that pain is worse than the pain I went through yesterday!" I said trying to match the anger in his voice.
"Bella, Charlie needs to remain human." Edward said through gritted teeth.
"Edward thats my dad, I love him, and I don't want him to suffer the pain, the pain I went through when you left and went to Italy, I worried everyday about you, hoping that you would come back and stay here in Forks." I said watching his as he cringed at what I'd said.
"Bella, I won't ever leave you, you are my life now. Charlie is different, I know he is your dad, but you both are two different species now, you are a vampire, and he is a human. The pain of becoming a vampire isn't worse than worrying about someone you love, I would know that feeling because I worried about you too. One day I came back to check on you and snuck into your bedroom and sat on you bed, wondering how much longer I could go without you. Then your alarm clock went off and I had to go because I knew a second separation from me would be even harder than the first. I know that feeling, of wondering, what's going to happen next." Edward said looking deep into my eyes.
"Edward, I need to talk to you in your room." I said trying to sound serious.
"Okay." He said starting towards the stairs.
When we arrived in his room he shut the door behind us, he slowly leaned in towards me our lips met, this kiss was more rough than the others, I reached my hands into his hair as he did mine, he threw me on the couch, then we heard a knock. He went to get the door as I fixed my hair.
"Bella, Charlie is here." Carlisle said a serious look on his face.
"What??!! What do I do?? What's he gonna say when he sees me??" I said sounding frantic.
"Don't worry Bella, maybe he won't react like you think he will." Carlisle said trying to sound calm.
We walked down stairs Charlie was standing in the doorway, when he saw me his mouth dropped open.
"ISABELLA SWAN!! WHY ARE YOU HERE?!? WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOU?? WHAT HAS EDWARD DONE TO YOU??? YOU'RE COMMING HOME WITH ME!!" He said his face turning purple, anger building into his voice.
"No dad, I'm staying here with Edward!" I said as Edward put his arm around me.
"BELLA, YOU'RE NOT STAYING HERE WITH THIS BOY, YOU'RE COMMING HOME!!" Charlie said, his voice full of anger and frustration.
"Charlie I can assure you she's fine. You shouldn't be mad at her." Edward said trying to calm him down.
"DON'T TELL ME WHO I CAN BE MAD AT!!" Charlie said drawing back his fist, I knew if he hit Edward, it would shatter his fist and then he would know something was wrong with Edward.
"Dad no!!!" I said grabbing his fist, stopping it in mid-hit. I could feel the bones in his hand smash. One bone jutted out the side of his hand. His mouth twisted in pain as he crumpled to the floor grabbing his fist.
"CARLISLE!" I yelled staring in horror at what I done to my father. The smell of blood lurched into my throught, burning, like some one had set my throught on fire. The burning was excruciating. I must fight, I can't let this get the best of me.
Carlisle appeared seconds later, by the sound of my voice he knew something was terribly wrong so he brought along his black medicine bag.
"Bella what happened?" He said getting down on both knees beside Charlie examining his hand.
"He was going to hit Edward and I grabbed his fist before it could hit him." I said franticly, still staring at the blood that oozed out of his hand where the bone had broke through Charlie's skin.
"His hand is broken in a couple of places, and the bone has broke through his skin. Edward, go get something to stablize it and I need something to stop the blood. I need to stablize it, hurry." Carlisle said looking at Charlie's hand.
"What can I do?" I said looking into Charlie's eyes.
Edward came back carrying three boards small eneough in length to fit Charlie's hand and an old gray T-shirt.
"Go find some masking tape to hold the boards in place." Carlisle said as he tied the gray shirt around Cahrlie's hand.
I went into Carlisle's study and searched through the top drawer until I found some masking tape. I ran back to Carlisle.
"Here, will he be okay?" I asked staring at the boards, in which Carlisle had made a brace out of.
"I'm not sure yet, he's still loosing alot of blood, he has broke a couple of bones in the top of his hand as well, we need to get him to the ER, Alice go get the car." He said just loud enough for Alice-who was in the other room-to hear.
A couple of seconds later, Carlisle was carrying Charlie to his car.
"What's happened? Where are we going?" Charlie asked, still in pain.
"We are going to the ER, you have broken your hand in three places, and theres a bone thats broke through your skin." Edward said as he got into the front with Alice. Carlisle and me were sitting in the back, Carlisle was holding Charlie's hand so he couldn't move it.
"Dad I'm so sorry." I said with sympathy in my voice.
"Your hand, it was" Charlie said staring into my eyes.
"Dad alot of things have happened in these two days-" I started to say, but Edward glanced at me from his seat and I knew I shouldn't say anything about me becoming a vampire, because if I did, Charlie would have to become one so he wouldn't let our secret out, because then it would be his secret too. My throught was still burning, being in a closed up space with a human, and a bleeding one at that, was not a good idea for a newborn vampire.
"And your eyes they're so different they look like melted gold, and your skin is so pale. What has that boy done to you?" He said tears forming in his eyes. I saw Edward squeeze his eyes shut, then open them again.
"Dad, Edward hasn't done anything to me that I didn't want." I said and that was the truth, and the truth I've learned, is dangerous. I wanted to just tell him about everything, about me being a vampire now, about how Edward proposed to me, and about how I wanted to say yes, yes a million times yes, when he proposed. I wanted to be a normal teenage girl again, but that would never happen again I'll never be normal, nothing will ever be normal.
"What did he do to you that you did want?" Charlie asked his face frozen in horror. I didn't know what to say I knew what he was thinking but I wasn't ready to take the leap of that action yet.
"He has loved me, the way no one else could love me." I said looking at Edward.
We arrived at the hospital, Carlisle told the nurse at the nurse's desk that Charlie had come over to our house to apoligize to Edward but he fell in the drive-way, falling on the gravel, and when he fell he landed on a big rock that may have smashed a couple of bones, and tore through his skin.
They took Charlie back to the ER and they told Edward, Alice, and me that we couldn't come back with him. the ER was full of the smell of fresh blood, but I saw no one in the halls.
"But he's my Dad I need to be back-" Edward put his hand on my shoulder. He bent down to my ear,
"He'll be okay, he's in good hands." He whispered in my ear, only a vampire could understand what he said. Alice took my arm, leading me to the waiting room. When we got back to the waiting room I had a look of sorrow and fear on my face. There was no one in the waiting room except us. Alice sat over next to me reading an issue of Fashion Magazine. Edward took my hand and I heard his thoughts.
"Your father will be okay. You didn't mean to hurt him, I know you didn't. If he had hit my face, it would have been worse. An older vampires skin is harder than a stone wall. You did the right thing. I'm proud of you for resisting him Bella, You being a newborn vampire and everything. Not alot of newborns have the strength to do that." He bent down to kiss my forehead.
"I know but I can't take the thought that I hurt him, that I caused him pain." I said pulling him closer to me, I felt like I never wanted to let him go, I layed my head against his chest. Alice was sitting next to me she put the magazine down and leaned her head back and shut her eyes, probally trying to see what was going to happen to Charlie. I layed there very still, my head on his chest, worrying about Charlie.
"I can't see anything about Charlie Bella, I don't know whats going to happen." Alice said, a look of sadness and sympathy on her face.

Leter that night, Carlisle came back into the waiting room and talked to us, bad news.
"Bella, when one of the bones broke, a chip of it flew towards a critical vein and busted it. I can't repair a vein, he's still loosing alot of blood, he might not have very long to live. But there's another option, I can change him if he gets too bad, if he looses too much blood. Would you want me to do that?" He said, I just stared back at him, a blank, hurt expression on my face, if I could cry,if that were possible, I would be sobbing uncontrolably right now.
"Do what you must, just don't let him go." I said, my voice full of sorrow and despair.
"Are your sure Bella?" He asked me, looking deep into my eyes, if I had a soul, he would be staring right through it.
"Yes." I said leaning my head onto Edward's shoulder.

We waited and waited and still no reply from Carlisle, I never knew that a couple of broken bones and torn skin could cause so much damage.

When your imortal, time is slow, and where I am right now, it's slow and painful.

2:34 AM

3:15 AM

Carlisle walked into the room.
"Bella he's not going to make it, unless I change him, he's loosing to much blood and we can't stop the vein from bleeding, I'm going to take him back to our house. I have no other choice, besides just letting him......die." Carlisle said, with sympathy in his voice.
"We are going to head on back to the house then, and wait for you." I said sadly.
"I'll meet you there." he said walking back through the double doors into the ER.
"Let's go bella." Edward said as he stood up. Alice stood up as he did.
"He's gonna be okay, don't worry, Bella." Alice said rubbing my shoulder.
"I hope so." I said staring at the ground.
Alice slid into the driver's seat of Carlisle's car and Edward and I slid into the back, I layed down and put my head in Edward lap. He stoked my hair with gentle strokes.

When we got back to the house, Alice went into the living room and sat down, Carlisle came in the door with Charlie in his arms seconds later.
"Okay Bella, I need to do this now or we might loose him. Do you want to come with me?" He said checking looking at Charlie.
"No, I don't think I could take that." I said squeezing my eyes shut, and then opening them.
"Okay." Carlisle said as he started to walk down the hall.
After a couple of minutes we heard Charlie moan, followed by some kind of inhuman sound that sounded like it came from a horror movie, I cringed, burying my face into Edward's crumpled black T-shirt.
I heard his thoughts.
"It's okay Bella, we had no choice besides to just let him die. I don't want you to go through Charlie dieing."
"I love you Edward." I said staring up into his eyes. That was true, I loved him I loved the way he protected me, even though I was stronger than him. I loved the way he traced my face with his finger tips. I loved the way he kissed the top of my head when I was worried. I loved him, no matter what will try to rip us apart, I. Love. Him. He hugged me tighter to him, I was grateful for that.

About an hour after Carlisle had taken Charlie Back to his room, they both walked out. Charlie was..... he was... beautiful. His eyes were a lovley ruby red color, and his hair was still that same old golden brown.
"Bella," Charlie said as he ran towards me and put his arms around me.
"Bella, I told him about us, about what we are, I explained everything to him. What we eat, about our strength, about our immortality, and that he is one now. I told him he couldn't tell anyone and he promised that he wouldn't tell anyone." Carlisle said looking at Charlie
"Dad, I'm so sorry that I ran away, I just.........I just need to be with Edward, I love him, and then he was refusing to turn me and I wanted to be a vampire so I could live with him forever so, I put my mortality to a vote and now, I'm a vampire." I said looking into his ruby red eyes.
"It's okay Bella, what matters now is that we are together and we always will be, you're the best daughter ever Bella, vampire or human." Charlie said looking deep into my eyes.
I looked down at his wrist, there was no bone jagging out of his skin.
"Carlisle, what happened to his wrist." I asked staring at his healed wrist.
"When someone has a wound and then they are turned, the venom heals all wounds and bones." Carlisle said looking at Charlie still.
"Where are the others?" I asked Carlisle.
"They're hunting, they all said earlier today about hunting early this morning." He answered, smiling a curious smile.
"Can get something to eat? I'm running on empty." Charlie asked rubbing his belly.
Carlisle let out a chuckle.
"Yes Charlie, come on I'll go with you, I'll teach you the proper way to hunt. We'll try to find the others as well." Carlisle said guesturing towards the door.
"Be back in a little while Bells." Charlie said heading out the door.
"I'm going up to my room if anyone needs me." Alice called as she headed up the stairs.
"So what should we do now?" Edward asked, looking at me playfully.
"Let's go up to your room." I said pulling him towards the stairs.
Edward then put his arms around me and whispered in my ear.
"Let's Be Safe." Edward said.

That was true I was going to be safe forever, and so was Edward, we had alot of people who loved us and who protected us.
As long as I was with Edward, I would be safer than ever, because he was my wall of protection, he was one of the best things that had ever happened to me, but yet still I wonder about Renee and Jacob. About what lies ahead in my new, immortal life, I will never know until tomorrow. Another day means new surprises, and new adventures.
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