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posted by xroylex
she sensed that something was wrong as she lifted her self of the pillow to look at me i lifted my head i needed to get my mood under control so i didn`t flip out.
"edward? what is it whats wrong?"
"you have to aske" my face maybe smooth but there was nothing i could do about my voise.
her face went blank as she thought there was many times that i had wonted to know what she was think and as her face started to crease with worrie this was defently one of thouse times sure she told me but i really did belive that she is editing it. hm.
my fingers started to smooth her fawhead.
!what are you thinking?" i hated not being able to hear what had upset her and she was pouting witch any other time i would have laughed but now. no.
"your upset i dont understand did i"- she couldn`t finish. i was going to have to explain.
i felt my eyes tighten "how bad are you hert bella? the truth dot try to downplay it"
her face was confused again.
" hert?" she repeated.
i raise an eyebrow and i felt my lips into a hard line. she was going to tell me the truth if it killed me.
she was deep in thought again and all i could do was to stare at her eyess and see if i could figure out what she was thinking. this was going to be hell. all i could see is that she was gettin angrier and angrier at me. that was good.
"why would you jump to that conclution i have never been better" yes it was there in her voise she was mad but why?
i closed my eyes "stop that"
"stop what?" like she didnt know
"acting like im not a moster to have agried to this"
"edward" she whispered she sounded upset for some reason "dont ever say that"
i kept my eyes closed i couldn`t look at her at what i had done to her.
!"look at yourself bella then tell me im not a monster"
she gasped and my eyes snapped open she did what i had said and she had a peice of dawn in her fingers
"what happened to me?"
i exhales shaply "i bit a pillow or two but thats not what i am talking about"
"you bit a pillow?" i was starting to get inpateint.
"look bella" i snatched her arm making sure i was carefull and stretched her arm out "look at that"
she finaly got it she just stared at it for a while so very very gentaly i placed my hand on the bruses up her arm they matched my fingers.
"oh" was all she said why didn`t she shout at me? i desired it.
"i`m so sorry bella" i whispered "i knew better then this"_ i couldn`t finish so instead i made a sound of revolt at the back of my throut. "i`am more sorry then i can tell you"
she just stared at her arm.

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