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Hey guys. I have begun writing this book from Nessies point of veiw. I hope you enjoy. Please leave any comments. I will post the next chapter soon!

I will never age again. I can stay with my family forever. I can stay with Jacob forever, I thought to myself as I watched the stars from the huge glass wall in Esme’s beautifully design sitting room. I can end my human life now; it’s time to start my vampire one.
I hardly noticed when Jacob slid his arm over my shoulder.
“Happy Birthday,” he whispered in my ear, “why don’t you come and join in the festivities, Emmet’s made a great cocktail.”
I looked up into his eager eyes, unable to disappoint such an enthusiastic face.
“Yeah, OK.” I smiled, as he took my hand and lead me to the party in the front room.
As I looked around at the decor I couldn’t help smiling to myself. Whenever there was a celebration you can count on Alice to make a party out of it; there was an arch of balloons across the bottom of the stairway, thousands of twinkly lights wrapped around the banisters and hundreds of other various decorations draped around the room. It was perfect, like something out of a book. I was the opposite to mum when it came too celebrations and parties, I loved them!
I unlocked Jacobs grip from mine and went over to mum and dad who were standing in a corner giggling.
“Hey, thanks for the party. It’s perfect!” I squealed
“That’s OK darling, I am glad you are having fun!” mum smiled as she pulled me into a hug.
“Wow, I can’t believe you’re 16 sweetie,” Dad laughed as he squeezed my hand.
“Yes, I am 16 forever!” I said flaunting the word.
“My little nudger all grown up!” Mum cried “I can remember when she was so tiny Edward!”
Uh Oh I thought, mum is about to go all mum-ish; I gotta make my escape!
“Um...I’m going to try some of Emmet’s cocktail. I heard it was yummy.” I gabbled quickly, anxious to get away BEFORE the kissing started.
“Oh no you don’t, young lady.” Dad said sternly. “It may be your birthday but that cocktail is alcoholic and was made for the wolves. NOT you.”
“But Dad...” I moaned but he cut me off.
“No buts. You may be an adult legally but you’re not allowed to drink alcohol yet.” He answered smugly. “If you want go and ask Emmet to make you a smoothie or something then fine but tell him if he gives you anything alcoholic, then he will have ME to answer to.”
“Yes Dad.” I sighed glumly, Mum and Dad may be head over heels in love but they still go a parent-ish at times.
When I found Jacob he was happily chatting to Emmet and Jasper about some new car that was meant to reach speed of 150mph. When it came to boy stuff like cars mum and I were in exactly the same boat.
“Hey Jake,” I said squeezing his hand, “Oh Emmet please can you get me some of your punch?”
“Umm... I’m not sure what your Dad would say about that Nessie, maybe you can have some coke?”
“Oh pleeease Emmet, I promise I won’t tell and if he finds out I will tell him it was my fault.” I begged giving him my puppy dog eyes.
“Well I suppose, anyway I need a good play fight; all this sitting around is going to make me fat!” he laughed as he handed me a large cup of punch.
“You can never change, remember???” I giggled, taking a large swig of punch.
All of a sudden there was a fire in my throat. It was burning me alive.
“Nessie, Nessie, NESSIE?!” I heard mum scream.
All of a sudden the floor swirled to my face, but a pair of ice cold hands caught me before i hit the ground.
“What’s wrong with her?” I heard Jacob bellow.
“It was the punch, she drank the punch.” Edward whispered as he sat me down on the sofa gently.
I heard Carlisle take a sharp intake of breath and then everything went black.
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Twilight, the first novel as part of the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer is excruciatingly addictive as it is ubiquitous – there’s always someone buried head deep into a Twilight book either on the train, bus, beach or at the park.

Whilst the latest of the series Eclipse is now heading for our cinemas, lets go back to the first of the series Twilight to see where all the madness began. Sorry to all the Jacob Black fans out there!

(Warning: If you haven’t read Twilight there are numerous plot giveaways in this blog)

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