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posted by twilight_fan_8
Before I start this chapter I must thank two people for commenting on all of the chapters of this story so far...

THANK YOU SO MUCH, princesspinkla and xXjakeloverXx !!!

Now... On with the story ;)


I walked slowly up to the door. I just did not want to be grounded. Not now. Not when everything seemed so perfect. But I did have it coming.

By this time I had gotten to the door. I opened it slowly. Charlie was standing across the room, staring me down. This is not going to go well.

"Isabella Marie Swan. Where have you been?" Charlie said in what seemed like a calm voice.

"I... was at Jacob's house," I eventually answered.

"Jacob's house?" Charlie asked, stunned.

"Um, yeah... uh Jacob and I made up," I said, realizing that Charlie thought that I hated Jacob.

"Oh, okay?" Charlie said, and it almost sounded like a question.

"So, I'm not grounded?" I blurted then suddenly realized that I should not have done that.

"Of course your grounded. For two weeks. You can only go to school and work. That means no going over Jacob's house," Charlie said.

"So I get to keep my... okay. Two weeks, I can handle that," I almost asked if I got to keep my phone. That would have been horrible.

"You get to keep your what?" Charlie asked.

"Nothing," I said quickly.

"Just.. go to your room," Charlie said.

"Okay," I said then ran up the stairs. The second that I got into my room, my phone rang. It was Alice. Of course she would know when exactly it was safe to contact me. I answered the phone.

"Alice," I whispered into the phone, although I was sure I could speak at a normal tone and Charlie wouldn't notice.

"Hey. So now can you tell me the details?" Alice said.

"Not really. I want to call Jacob," I said.

"He won't answer the phone," Alice challenged.

"You said that you can't see Jacob's future," I said right back.

"Man, how did you remember that ? I really thought you would believe that," Alice said, almost sounding like she'd given up.

"So I'm going to call him now," I said.

"No you are not. You are telling me the details," Alice said.

"Okay. He told me that he imprinted on me and that he loved me. Then we kissed. The katie barged in, screaming. That's it. Happy now?" I answered.

"That's not a good enough description," Alice said, almost sounding smug. But why would she?

"That's all I got. I'll talk to you later. Bye," I said before hanging up. I felt really bad for hanging up on Alice, but it was the only way to get out of a 'fight' with her.

So I dialed Jacob's number. No answer. I dialed again. And again, no answer.

Not this again.

"Why isn't he answering?" I said to myself.

I laid on my bed, thinking hard. He could just not be by his phone. Yes that's it.

"I'm sorry, Bella is grounded and is not aloud to see her friends," I heard Charlie say from downstairs. I didn't hear the phone ring. Did it ring? Is charlie on the phone? And if he is, which one of my friends?

I stood up from my bed and tip-toed out of my room, and halfway down the stairs. Well Charlie was not on the phone, he was talking to someone in the doorway. But who?

I walked further down the stairs then saw Katie. I wanted to scream, but I turned around to go back to my room. Talking to Katie would not help cheer me up.

"Bella!" I heard Katie say. Oh no, she saw me.

"Um, hi Katie. I'm sorry I'm grounded, and I am not aloud to see my friends. Sorry," we both knew that we weren't friends, but since Charlie was standing there, we just acted like we were.

"I'm sure that it's okay with your dad. Is it Mr. Swan?" Katie said, turning to face Charlie. He looked so torn. He wanted to say no and I wanted him to say no so badly. But I know that when Charlie is under pressure, he will just let people have what they want.

"Sure, Katie you and Bella can go up to her room," Charlie said after a moment of thought.


"Bella can you show me your room?" Katie said innocently.

"Sure," I said, sure that this night would be like hell.
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Alice closed the door to her room and began to walk to the garden of Aro's castle. She didn't like staying here, even if it was only for a few months. But she couldn't refuse the invitation. Alice walked out to the garden and took a deep breath. She closed her eyes, but quickly reopened them when she felt someone behind er. Alice turned and there stood Jane. "Hello Jane," she said as she nodded.Jane had been wondering around the castle for a few hours just to clear her head. She came through the garden to find that Alice was standing there with her back turned. Jane swiftly went up behind...
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*by Stephenie Meyer*


I told Charlie I had a lot of homework to do, and that I didn't want anything to eat. There was a basketball game on that he was excited about, though of course I had no idea what was special about it, so he wasn't aware of anything unusual in my face or tone.
Once in my room, I locked the door. I dug through my desk until I found my old headphones, and I plugged them into my little CD player. I picked up a CD that Phil had given to me for Christmas. It was one of his favorite bangs, but they used a little too much bass and shrieking for...
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Olympic Coven
From Twilight Saga Wiki
The Cullen Family Crest

The Olympic Coven, better known as the Cullen Family, is a clan of vegetarian vampires. It consists of Carlisle and Esme Cullen, Emmett and Alice Cullen, Edward, Bella and Renesmee Cullen, as well as Jasper and Rosalie Hale. They are known to be very loyal to each other (in the film they are shown each wearing a piece of jewellery featuring the 'Cullen' family crest). They currently live in Forks, Washington, which they currently have no plans of leaving. They are together, Carlisle and Esme, Edward and Bella, Emmett and Rosalie, Jasper...
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