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Chapter 2
Bella’s bruises where healing, both Edward and Jacob were glad for the bruises reminded them of something they didn’t want to be reminded of. For Edward they reminded him of how close he had come to hurting her and for Jacob they reminded him of how he was leaving Bella in the hands of a cold monster.
Edward had gone to hunt when Bella’s doorbell rang. Bella was humming a happy tune while unpacking boxes of her and Edward’s belongings, getting settled into their new home made her feel like she and Edward were somewhat a normal couple. She hoped it was Alice but life was cruel enough to make it to be Jacob. “What are you doing here Jacob, please leave” she said softly. Jacob gave Bella a playful grin and said “Don’t worry I just wanna talk I won’t bite unlike some people or should I say vamps”. Bella couldn’t help but chuckle at Jacob’s little vampire joke, “You’re an idiot.”
Jacob suddenly grew serious and stepped closer to Bella and huskily said “He’s dangerous you know?” Bella’s breath hitched when Jacob stepped closer to her, the heat radiating from his body was almost breaking down the barriers she had built to protect herself from his werewolf charm. ‘How can he still affect me like this?’ Bella thought to herself, ‘I am hopelessly in love with Edward aren’t I?’ “Hello? Earth to Bella, are you listening to me?” Jacob half yelled rudely awakening Bella from her thoughts. “Please Jacob, I love Edward, he’s my life. He completes me, don’t do this” Bella pitifully said. Jacob almost believed her when she said that but the fact that she had not looked him in the eye told him a different story. “I won’t let you go Bella, nothing can come between us” he said stepping closer Bella.
As if on cue, Edward suddenly appeared between them letting out a blood curling hiss “Stay away from her you stinking dog!” Jacob was immediately aware of what he saw as a threat; the way his breath reeked of animal blood and his vice-like grip on Bella who was quietly wincing. “Let her go!” Jacob yelled and before he knew it Edward was attacking him, Edward knew he didn’t need his super-speed. Jacob had not yet shifted which meant he was vulnerable, Bella instinctively grabbed Edward’s hand to stop him. However, Edward’s inner demon had taken over and without thinking he pushed away whatever was holding his hand flinging it away like it was paper.
Jacob’s heart felt like his was breaking into a million pieces when he saw Bella being flung across the room like that. He was not concerned that Edward was about to attack him. He was only concerned about the precious girl he loved who was now lying very still on the cold hard floor, she wastoo still. It felt like time was frozen, he couldn’t move, seeing her like that was traumatising. Edward had not even realised what he had done as he went in for the kill, with Jacob still in his human form he was sure he would finally kill the bastard. Edward leapt for Jacob, ready to end him right then and there. Nothing would stop him now.
Bella’s P.O.V:
I gasped as Riley jumped and grabbed Edward. “Don’t let them get a hold of you…you’ll be dead in a second.” Jasper’s words flashed in my head. Edward flew back with as Riley toppled to the ground. “You shouldn’t have become like this. You’re world isn’t working for me, newbie.” Edward cocked his head as he ripped his head off. The dead vampire body lying in the white snow. Victoria looked down at her colleague. She jumped on top of Edward ready to rip his head off. My eyes were starting to water as I kneeled in the snow and began digging through the snow....
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lol i thought this was HILARIOUS!!!! i found funnier ones on so u should check them out!!!!! twi-hard 4ever!!!!
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