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posted by dinosteph
Want an explanation? I've been busy, and bored. I got a little lost in my story, and all the other stories being posted on here. There are some people who can write and write and write, and get so much accomplished, and it takes me forever. I guess I get a little discouraged when I see some people are already on chapter 30 and I barely have 10 chapters.I also started writing other things, which got in the way. I'll try to force myself to stick with this, and continue to write.

PS - Thank you to everyone who bothered to write to me, asking me when I was going to update. It's you guys that remind me why I want to write in the first place.


From the beginning:

Let's get everyone caught up:
“I'll make sure you're safe, alright?” He whispered, as he brought his nose against mine.

“Sounds good.” He said as he glanced back at Carlisle. He reached down for my hand again and led me back to his room.

I made my way to the bed, laying on my back to not upset the stitch I was felt penetrating into the right side of my abdomen. I watched as Edward stopped mid pace and glanced towards my stomach, cocking his head to the side slightly, his eyes slightly widening.

“Bella....” He sounded worried as he slowly crossed the room, kneeling on the floor beside me. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah.” I mumbled, turning my head to face him, following his eyes to my stomach.

“No, no.” H mumbled shaking his head. “Carlisle.” He said, barely above a whisper and seconds later Carlisle was entering the room. I glanced back and forth between the two of them.

“What?” I asked. “What is it?”


I watched as both of them hovered over me.

“Carlisle?” I asked, interrupting their silent conversation.

“Strange…”Carlisle said to himself. “I was waiting for some sort of reaction before it went to another level and clearly it’s not going to happen that way.” I watched as he made his was past Edward. “Bella…how are you feeling?” He asked, averting his attention to my stomach.

“I feel fine.” I answered. A little sore but not big deal.” I glanced up to see Edwards’s worried face.

“She’ll be fine Edward. I’ll give her something for the….pain….that she’s not feeling.” He said as he turned to head back to his study.

I tugged down on the hem of my shirt, noticing that Edward was staring. “Really, I’m fine.” I assured him as he walked towards me. I reached out, taking his hand in mine, pulling him to sit beside me on the bed.

“Bella.” He said slowly, watching me cautiously as he brought his hand up to my face, leaving a cool sensation where he placed his fingers. “You shouldn’t be able to be having this conversation right now.”

“Alright, what would you like me to be doing?” I asked.

“Crying out in pain? Bella how can you not feel that.”He asked, staring at my side again.

All of a sudden there was a sharp piercing noise and I lost my breath. At first it was just intense pressure and slowly turned to burning, and then I heard nothing. I watched Edwards eyes widen, his lips moving rapidly but no sound escaping. The pain extending out from my stomach as I clutched my side. Edwards’s voice broke through the silence, barely audible. I saw Carlisle rush past the door in a blur. Edwards’s voice calling my name over and over again. The edge of my vision started getting hazy as I tried to focus on my surroundings. I heard someone say Alice’s name and then it was over. As quickly as it started it was done. The burning drifting back to the center, dim once again. I caught my breath as I noticed everyone surrounding me.

A look of panic was etched across every face. Carlisle paused in front of me, holding a needle tight in his grip. I glanced around to find Esme standing behind him, her arms wrapped around herself. Behind her I saw Emmett, Jasper, and Rosalie crowding the doorway.

“What. Was. That?” Emmett finally broke through the silence. Everyone glanced from Emmett to me, to Edward, and finally to Carlisle.

“Carlisle…give it to her.” Edward persisted.

I backed away farther onto the bed away from Carlisle. “I’m Fine.” I said sternly and slightly confused.

“How’s she doing that?” Emmett asked, clearly amused.

“Doing what?” I asked, backing away slowly to put more distance between me and the needle.

“The pain.” Edward answered, his eyes confused as they searched mine.

“I told you, it doesn’t hurt.” I watched as a wave of confusion washed over everyone including myself.

“Bella, a minute ago you were screaming in paint.”Edward said, taking my hand in his. Everything had happened so fast. I closed my eyes tightly trying to remember. For a brief second it felt as if someone kicked me in the stomach. The memory of the pain hit me again, only it was very dim. I replayed it over and over again, barely picking up the missing pieces. Alice. I opened my eyes to find eager ones staring back.

“Can I speak to Carlisle, alone?” I said, fully aware that with 5 other vampires around, we could never really be alone. I watched as the rest of the family filed out of the room. Edward
hesitated by my side and then quickly kissed the top of my head before following the others.

Neither one of us said anything for what seemed forever as I kept replaying what happened in my head. The pain. I rubbed my stomach, taking note that it did hurt. It seemed to hurt when it was brought to my attention. If my thoughts were somewhere else, so was the pain. I looked up to see Carlisle hadn’t moved from his place, the needle still clutched in his right hand. I drew in a quick breath.

“Is it possible…” I hesitated, chewing slightly on my bottom lip. “…to control pain?” I asked, watching his unchanging expression closely.

“To an extent, yes.” He paused to set the needle down before coming closer. “but the amount of pain you should be feeling is not something that can easily be ignored.”

I felt a slight tug in my stomach. “I think…that I can control this though.” I paused, waiting for a reaction. “I mean, if it’s brought to my attention then obviously I can feel it but a distraction, as easily as denying it, saying no, or something more important, like Alice for instance, can make it all go away.” I waited quietly for him to tell me I was being ridiculous, that I was wrong. He didn’t say anything for several minutes as he stared past me, as if in thought, or possibly talking to Edward. I knew he wasn’t far.

“You may be right.” He said hesitantly. “and this may sound like a good thing to you, but if you can’t feel the pain how are you supposed to know when something bad has happened.”

“Has something bad happened?” I asked.

He pursed his lips in a tight line, stepping backwards as he reached for the needle on the dresser. My body tensed as his fingers wrapped around the body of the needle.

“Bella, there appears to be an infection which is what is causing the pain that you claim to be pushing away. You’re lucky that Edward and I know what’s happening to your body better than you do.” He said, squeezing the end of the needle to release the air from the tip. I took a deep breath, trying to relax as the needle pressed against my skin. Carlisle watched my reaction closely. I figured that I would test out my theory, sending my thoughts towards Alice. Within seconds the needle broke through my skin, along with my thoughts. My arm flexed against the needle as I bit into my bottom lip, forcing my eyes closed.

“Guess I was wrong.” I mumbled as I pulled my sleeve down as if to cover the pain. Carlisle mumbled something to himself as he turned and opened the door to reveal Edward on the other side. He stood there, one arm holding himself up against the frame, his other hand pressed against the bridge of his nose.

“Alright, I know you heard everything and you think it’s stupid.” I said quietly, dropping my eyes to my lap.

“What’s stupid, Bella is the fact that you so freely wanted to test it out with the needle.” Edward said, voicing his opinion. I glanced up to worried eyes. “What if it wasn’t a needle? What if it was something that could seriously hurt you?” He said, raising his voice.

“I’m sorry.” I mumbled, feeling the affects of whatever drug Carlisle had given me.

“You don’t always have to be so brave.” His voice trailing off as I begun to feel lighter, my head slightly spinning. “I would never let anything happen to you.” It sounded like he was talking more to himself than to me. He pulled the blanket around me as I slowly slid onto my good side. I watched through half closed eyes as he ran his hands through his hair, closing his eyes tightly.

I woke up to find Rosalie sitting in the chair in the corner, arms crossed as she stared out the window into the dark forest.

“Where’s Edward?” I muttered my voice hoarse. She didn’t answer. I shifted around under the blankets, twisting my legs free as I sat up. Aware of the pain in my right side I stretched as best as I could while swinging my feet over the bed. He had to be around here somewhere. My feet barely touched the cool floor before she finally spoke.

“Hunting.” She said firmly, keeping her gaze locked on the forest. I pulled my feet back onto the bed and tucked them back under the blanket. I glanced over at the clock to see it was almost midnight.

“So she’s still with us.” I glanced up at the open door to see Emmett taking up the entire entrance. “Here we go.” He said, handing me a glass of water as he sat at the edge of my bed.
“So I hear you have some magical power where you can control pain?” He said smiling.

“I’ll give her some pain to control.” Rose muttered from the corner.

I closed my eyes, resting my head against the head board as I took another sip of water before placing the glass on the table beside me. I was getting tired of the way Rose was always threatening me.

“Why do you have to be so mean?” I asked, ready to defend myself as much as I could. The only thing I had was this notion that I could control pain and Emmet between us. I knew if Edward were here, he wouldn’t let this conversation get very far. I decided to take the time I had to try to fix things.

“Why do you have to create so many problems?” She hissed back, finally turning her head to face me. He eyes were dark.

“Rose.” Emmett warned quietly.

“No. Edward’s not here. Don’t tell me what to do.” She hissed at Emmett and then stared back out the window.

I suddenly felt like this was a mistake. Rose could hate me. I really didn’t mind.

“Did you know that everyone is all packed and ready to go?” Rose said from the corner. “And then you happened.” Emmett just sat there shaking his head

“Ignore her. She’s just upset about missing some big sale at some designer store up north.” He said laughing. I could almost hear Rose grinding her teeth. I glanced back to the clock wondering when Edward would be back.
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