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Last one for today, tomorrow i have to work but i can continue writing there so the next one will be maybe tomorrow otherwise Thursday, sorry but i'll do my best :D Enjoy reading this last part for today

Bella's pov

It felt good hunting again, I could still feel the taste of that deer’s blood in my mouth. It’s been a while, last time I drank blood it was from a blood bag after I fainted.
Edward came to me and started laughing
“Why are you laughing” I said annoyed
“I guess you were pretty hungry” he still said laughing
“What” I said confused
“look at your top, it’s full of blood” he still said amused
I looked at it
“Great, another top to throw away” I said annoyed to myself
“come on, let’s get you some other clothes, our house isn’t far away. He grabbed my hand again and we started running after a few second we were home, Edward opened the door and I ran to the bedroom I was almost in the bathroom to talk a shower, when his arms grabbed me tight, I couldn’t even move my arms now.

“Edward” I said
But he started to kiss me in my neck
“No…, Edward,…. No….” I begged but he didn’t stop and I had such a hard to resist him.
He was so good, he knew I was giving in because his arms were getting looser, I was really enjoying his touch. I suddenly moved my body towards him and kissed him on his lips, long and intense, even pulling his hole body against mine. What we were doing know I can be sure we weren’t going to make it to the bed, just like the first time when I was turned into a vampire. I heard ripping but I didn’t care, we kept kissing each other without even had to stop to breath. His hands were so soft, flowing over my body. His lips moved towards my neck down to my waist, when he suddenly grabbed my hands like chains tight to the ground. I was enjoying this and he could here it on my voice. I knew I was trying to keep the volume down this time, but I couldn’t this was good, this was so passionate, this was nothing like we ever did before, we had some passionate time but never like this.

We laid there still on the floor with Edward on top of me, just looking into my eyes
“I’m so lucky” he said whispering
“I know” I said back amused and than laughing that wasn’t the answer he was expecting.
“good one” he said laughing too
“Were both lucky” I said back and gave him a quick kiss and started to escape from his grip.
“Where are you going” he said while not even giving me the chance to escape
“I’m going to take a shower and then getting dressed to see Leann and OUR SON” I said back and those 2 last word a little louder.
“Fine” he said and stood up, he grabbed me so I could get up too.
“I’ll be in the dresser” he said walking towards it
“Will you get me some clothes too” I said smiling and he smiled back
I walked in the bathroom and straight in the shower, I didn’t needed to undress myself, Edward did that part.
A few seconds later I got back out and dried myself and walked with the towel into the bedroom, my close were on the bed. Jeans with a red blouse. I kind a like it, so I got dressed, walked back in the bathroom and start brushing my hair till it was flat.

I just looked in the mirror for a long time, still not believing this was me. When I heard Edward standing at the bathroom door.
“Admiring yourself” he said amused
“No, not really, it’s just hard to see me like this now” I said back seriously
He came towards the mirror and stood behind me also looking in the mirror now but he starred not at him but at me.
“you are the most beautiful vampire that I know, I’m glad to have you as mine” he said and smiled and I smiled back.
“We should go” I said and we both left home and started running back to the cullens.
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