They break apart from their kiss, foreheads touching and then stare deep into each others eyes.
"So, um, how do you like prom?” Edward asks his ember eyes twinkle in the moon light.
"I like that I’m here with you. I just wish I wasn't so tired” Bella replies yawning

"I, um, well, kind of wanted to ask you something” Edward says as he takes Bella's hands into his own
"Just say it Edward its ok"
"Comelivewithme" Edward rambles out quietly
"Come live with me?” he says slower this time and with more confidence
"Why?” stumbles Bella taken aback with surprise. They stop dancing and look directly into each others eyes.
"Because I can't stand the agony of being without you next to me, because you intoxicate me and I want that all the time. Because I love you and I always want to be able to tell you that, any second of any minute of any day"

"Edward... I don't know" their eye contact breaks as she steps off his feet and looks out into the night sky "what about your family? I couldn’t put them through having me in the house all the time "Bella explains
"It won't matter, you've already been bitten not transformed but bitten. Your scent isn’t as strong and they all love you. Well most do. Esme and Alice can't wait. Just come live with me?”His eyes pleading at her
"I don't know"
"Just say yes"
"Ok ... then ... yes ... but my dad?" she looks deep into Edwards eyes
"We’ll decide that later” Edward says picking her up and kissing her with a fierce passion. Another song comes on and drifts down to where they are .they break apart and Bella yawns again
"Would you like to leave?" he asks
"Yes please, I think I’ve had enough prom for one night" Bella replies
They leave the stand go through the prom waving goodbye to mike, Eric and the girls. Jessica looks at her quizzically, she points to her cast on the foot and she nods in returns. When they get to the car park Edward lets go of her hand and turns to her saying “wait here, I’ll just get the car” he gives her a quick peck on the cheek and is gone.
She looks up into the night sky and the gull moon and sighs.
The car pulls up and Edward gets out picks her up and puts here in the car and looks at her with a cheeky smile.
"You didn't have to" she smiles in return as he closes her door. He hops in and starts the car, looking at Bella he says "have a good night?" but she doesn’t reply only snores a little and says “Love ”