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[b]Bella's POV

I knew I was dreaming, this could never happen. I couldn't be sure though it all looked so vivid.
I wasn't at home anymore, I was in a meadow, my meadow, his meadow. And there he was, leaning agaist a tree, looking as perfect as usual. He was smiling my favourite smile, his eyes shining with... laughter?
"Edward," I asked, "something funny?"
Edward just shook his head, his shoulders moving with silent laughter. Great now I'd have to hope Alice knew what was humouring him. Edward wouldn't like it if I found out before he told me, but maybe this time he'd learn to tell me quicker.
I slowly turned around to walk away when the laughter became no longer silent. Now this was annoying.
"Bella," Edward chocked, "I can't get my head around you believing it. I mean come on vampires?"
No I'd had this dream too many times before, he was going to tell me that vampires don't exist and that it was all some big joke. That the whole town was in on it and I was the only one gullible enough to believe it. Then I would wake up screaming and Edward would rush in to comfort me. I always had this dream when the weather was nice and Edward and his family went hunting.
"You're not dreaming this time Bella!" He said, his perfect voice turning sly and evil. This wasn't my Edward. "Seriously Bella, there's no such thing as vampires."
It wasn't this that woke me up, something was cutting into the ring finger on my left hand.
Back in the darkness of my room I looked down to see the glistening engagement ring on my finger. For once I'd missed the bad part of the dream.
There was a crinkling under my pillow as I moved onto my back. It was a crumpled note. How long had it been there?
"I will be back soon Miss Cullen. Apparently Alice has a surprise for you. Don't worry I'll be there. Love, Edward."
Suddenly my whole world brightened.
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