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In New Moon did u think Edward and Bella seemed to h8 eachother?

In Twilight Edward and Bella were like i love but in New Moon they seemed to wanna get the scene over with
 awesomebrowny posted over a year ago
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ScottishChic said:
I don't know what part gave you that impression but I don't think Bella and Edward hated each other, ever.
I think Edward pretended to hate her when he told her he was leaving because of that, he was leaving and he didn't want her to go with him because he wasn't safe for her to be with and so he pretended to hate her, so hopefully she would move on easier... needlessly, i say, it failed.

Bella was just so hurt by the fact that he was gone but she never ever hated him, she loved him till the end
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posted over a year ago 
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