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Twilight Series Question

-er- if you ... like twilight...CLICK! :))

This might sound a creepy lame commercial.
But in the spot "Twilight vs. Harrypotter"
There are some problems regarding the hate between the 2 fandoms.
if you feel you want to 'defend' xD
twilight from being highly critiziced, feel free to say it.
in 1000 reasons why Twilight is better than HP

The problem is... that the spot is dominated by HP fans(thats not a problem :) )
the only problem is that its criticized and everyone stands up for HP expressing they're opinions on why they hate twilight:

link for 1000 reasons why Twilight is better than HP:


and a link on an article that made me pissed off

"Lets Face it Twi-Fans. Twilight Sucks. Harry Potter wins"

and if you want people to know you are a twilight fan:


In here Im not trying to make a war between the two fandoms.
Im just trying to know everyone's opinion about the controversy that happens between the 2 fandoms.


ahh lol I forgot to give you the link to that article!! :(( sorry if you want to know it just ermm...send me a message or a prop or simply go to the HP vs Twilight spot and go to the most popular and search for the title I already have written :))
nessienjake posted over a year ago
 nessienjake posted over a year ago
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Twilight Series Answers

lauracullen66 said:
i know what you mean!

i made that forum just for a bit of fun but the HP just continue to post rude and offensive comments and bring twilight down that i dont even bother to check it anymore!

I didnt make it for them to intrude on- it was meant to be a fun page for twilight fans to enjoy, but their childish behaviour sort of ruined it- there are really horrible comments (such as "HP wins! Go drown yourself!") ive tried to sick up for twilight myself but i cant do it alone as the HP fans just come crashing down on me. Hopefully lots of twi-fans will now go there and try to salvage the situation :)
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posted over a year ago 
yeah I know... :(
nessienjake posted over a year ago
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