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What song is it that Lizzie Pattinson(Robert's sister) sings in on the soundtrack? Cathrine Hardwicke said that she sang and I cant figure it out.

Please help me!
it's the one where jessica tells her who the cullens are but i don't now what song...sorry:D
Evka26-vampire posted over a year ago
 ilovetwilight13 posted over a year ago
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Twilight Series Answers

mcclare34 said:
It's called "Who Are They?" on Twilight:The Score.
The Score is the musical compositions in twilight by Carter Burtwell, no lyrics, just music. It's very good. I recommend buying it
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posted over a year ago 
rani82 said:
She is heard on the Carter Burwell track "Who Are They" when Edward Cullen enters the cafeteria.

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posted over a year ago 
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