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Twilight Series Question

what little details did u notice in new moon

i have only seen it 3 times but ive been able to catch little things like
theres a wolf hanging from the dream catcher
when the months are passing january is missing it only goes up to dec.
one of the emails that bella is writing to alice is the begining of chapter 4
the line "jacob black can give u gifts" does not belong in that movie, its a line form eclipse
i cnt remember anymore right now, but anyways did U notice anything?
 Nef posted over a year ago
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Twilight Series Answers

sapherequeen said: amazingly gold Rosalie's eyes were, the color of Bella's birthday gifts, Jacob scowling at Edward when he hugged Bella before leaving Forks high school, Jessica's weird facial expression while watching "Romeo and Juliet", the teacher's frustrated expression when he realized Edward supposedly paid attention to the film (when Edward actually only knew this due to his intelligence as a vampire), that Jane's eyes seemed a little cross-eyed, etc.

Wow, that's more then I usually take in. Huh. :(
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posted over a year ago 
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